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Dancing With The Stars 2011: Hines Ward, Chelsea Kane Mirrorball Madness!

Posted by on May 23, 2011 at 7:39 PM EST

hines ward dwts winnerHines Ward battles Chelsea Kane for the Mirrorball Trophy on DWTS 2011.

When the final three dancers hit the floor tonight in the Dancing with the Stars finale there are two of the three that really stand out in my mind as having a real chance of winning this competition.  For me those two dancers are Chelsea Kane and Hines Ward.

When it comes down to it I think that Kirstie Alley is this season’s Bristol Palin. There wasn’t as much controversy, but the judges seemed to go easier on her and her popularity took her to the final where she was clearly out classed on the dance floor. The same can be said here with Kirstie. If she wins will be an enormous upset.

To me this is a two person race. Chelsea Kane verses Hines Ward. It is America’s Sweetheart verses the Silent Assassin (Wards football nickname). The real question here is: Does Chelsea stand a chance? I would argue that she does.

Hines Ward has been nearly unstoppable this season on Dancing With The Stars. He has been in first or second place on the leaderboard every week this season except for week one where he was in third. Realistically he has never been in any real danger of going home and has used the same intensity and work ethic that has made him a Super Bowl MVP to learn the dances. After last week’s terrible fall where he landed with all his weight on his partner Kym Johnson’s neck and sent her to the hospital we also saw Hine Ward’s emotional side. Call it sympathy votes, call it raw emotion, whatever it was Hines got back-to-back perfect scores last week while he showed a different side of himself. He has a ton of momentum going into tonight’s show.

What she might lack in experience, Chelsea Kane makes up for with energy, enthusiasm and charm. There is no questioning that she has pulled off the improbable this season. She has simultaneously become a fan favorite, while developing into a very good dancer and becoming this season’s babe without alienating anyone. The DWTS nation has a crush on Chelsea. Girls like her personality and her spunky attitude, guys like her amazing abs and great smile and everyone likes that she seems to really be having fun and comes off like a real genuine and nice person.

I think the scores between Chelsea Kane and Hines Ward will be very close tonight on Dancing With The Stars which will put it into the hands of the voters. At that point the question will be which will prevail in the popularity contests? Will it be Hines and his NFL following or will it be Chelsea and newly found broad fan base of guys and girls?

We will have to watch to find out. The Dancing with the Stars performance finale airs tonight at 8PM on ABC.



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  1. Great job Hines! You go get ’em!

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