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Who Won The Celebrity Apprentice?

Posted by on May 23, 2011 at 9:04 AM EST

john rich celebrity apprenticeWho did Donald Trump hire on The Celebrity Apprentice last night?

Who won Celebrity Apprentice 2011? The Celebrity Apprentice Finale was more filler than killer, but after two hours Donald Trump chose a winner and they were awarded the $250,000 price for their charity.

The Celebrity Apprentice started off with about a ten minute long recap that included some of the confrontations and the challenges from throughout the season. The show is airing live with Trump his son Don and daughter Ivanka Trump sitting at the boardroom table in front of the live studio audience. He takes a minute to announce that Ivanka is pregnant with her first child and Don’s wife is pregnant with her third. After Trump talks about the two finalists, John Rich and Marlee Matlin, we fade back to the regular episode and catch up with the teams as the scramble to put together their large marketing event for 7-UP Retro. It is a little strange because you can hear the studio audience as the show airs so from time to time you will hear gasps or laughs as things happen.

When last we left John Rich was having trouble getting on the same page and Def Leppard’s road manager and Marlee Matlin was having issues getting Geoffrey Holder to sign the waiver to be in her commercial. She gets him to sign and he does a great job, even wearing the same white suit he made famous in the 70’s. John meets with the band, they work through some things and while he doesn’t get what he wants, they come up with a good alternative.

As the events get started Marlee Matlin goes first. She has Meat Loaf at the door greeting everyone and she makes sure that she greets Trump and the 7-UP execs herself. She gives a heartfelt speech about her charity and the campaign she put together. Her commercial goes over very well and the Harlem Globetrotters kill.

As John Rich’s Celebrity Apprentice event Trump and the execs notice that nobody greeted them. John takes the stage and talks for a few minutes. After showing their commercial he gets everyone pumped then introduces the band, but they are nowhere to be seen. It turns out it is 6:45 and the band isn’t scheduled to be there until 7:00. John grabs his guitar, goes out and makes a joke then sings a few songs including one about not getting fired by Trump that goes over well. His commercial brings the house down and then Def Leppard blows the roof off the place. Backstage as the band plays LiL Jon embraced John and tells him how proud he is of him. The two have clearly forged a strong friendship during the season.

Prior to the show John Rich collected another $225,000 in donations for his charity which put him up over the million dollar mark for the Celebrity Apprentice finale.

The 7-UP execs then tell trump what they liked and disliked. They liked both cans so much that both are being used in production. They also liked both commercials and will use them both. Before Trump makes his decision he brings in all of this season’s contestants minus Richard Hatch who is now in jail for violating his probation on his tax evasion case. Right away Trump brings that up and asks David Cassidy, who Hatch had pushed around, how he felt and Cassidy said he felt Hatch was right where he belonged. Trump spent a little time with each person, reignited the fight between Star Jones and NeNe Leakes and helping prove once and for all that Gary Busey is crazy.

Finally John Rich and Marlee Matlin are brought in and argue why they should win. When John mentions he raised another $225,000 Marlee is shocked and claimed that if she knew they could do that she would have raised twice that much. Trump asks the other contestants who they thought should win. Some refused to pick, but most picked John with a few exceptions. In the end it was pretty clear who the winner was and Mark McGrath said it best when he said that Marlee Matlin had the best night in the history of Celebrity Apprentice when she raised $1 million with her art sale, but John Rich had the best season in the history of Celebrity Apprentice. Trump agreed and awarded John Rich the winner. With the $250,000 prize John Rich raised $1.25 million for his charity.

While he didn’t outright say it, Donald Trump hinted that there will be more Celebrity Apprentice down the road. Now that he is no longer running for president, I won’t be shocked to see another season coming in the fall or at the beginning of next year.



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