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Billboard Awards 2011: Taylor Swift Wins Top Female Artist?

Posted by on May 22, 2011 at 7:56 PM EST

taylor swift billboard music awardsIs there any doubt that Taylor Swift will win Top Female Artist at tonight’s Billboard Music Awards?

There are some big names in the Billboard Music Awards category with Taylor Swift so let’s take a quick look at the competition. Ke$ha has had a good year and I see her getting nominated in a lot award shows and she never seems to win. It is like they are adding her just because they need to fill out the list. Katy Perry had a great year with a huge record that spawned some big hits, a marriage to Russell Brand and now headlining her own tour. Rihanna also did well, but not as well as you might think. She had some hits and guested on Eminem’s massive “Love the Way You Lie”, but also had cancellations and other issues on her tour due to poor ticket sales.

Probably Taylor Swift’s biggest competition for Top Female Artist at the Billboard Music Awards is Lady Gaga. She continued to roll along and had hit after hit while also selling out shows all over the world. Add in the massive amount of press she got as well as the huge following she has on twitter and online and her involvement in some political issues and Gaga was everywhere. She even recently knocked Oprah off the top spot on the Forbes “Celebrity 100” most powerful celebrities in the world. That is a lot to accomplish and makes her formidable choice.

But the Billboard Music Awards are about music and not politics or power. It is hard to argue with Taylor Swift’s resume. In 2010 she sold a ton of records early in the year and spent much of the year touring the world, playing to packed stadiums that sold out in minutes. When her new album came towards the end of 2010 it sold 1 million copies in the first week and has spawned a number of hits. She is back on the road with a tour that sold out the minute the tickets went on sale.

The two women couldn’t be more opposite and while I think Lady Gaga will likely win several awards tonight (she is nominated for 12) I think Top Female Artist has Taylor Swift written all over it.



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