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Billboard Music Awards 2011: Eminem Wins Top Male Artist?

Posted by on May 22, 2011 at 7:55 PM EST

eminem billboard music awardsCan Eminem’s magical comeback continue tonight or will the new guys overtake the veteran rapper at the Billboard Music Awards?

Eminem leads all artists with 16 different nominations including Top Male Artist. In past years he may have been a shoe in to win this category at the Billboard Music Awards, but the competition this year is strong. The four other nominees in this category are Justin Bieber,  Drake, Buno Mars and Usher.

While Usher had a pretty good year, I think he didn’t have as good of a year as the other nominees. Justin Beiber continued to sell a lot of records and also had his life story in theaters with his box office hit movie “Never Say Never.” He as a large very loyal and aggressive fan base and has recently been in the news a lot for his relationship with Selena Gomez.  Drake had one of those years where he seemed to be everywhere. He had a hit record of his own and seemed to guest on an endless number of hits. Bruno Mars started off the year guesting on some huge hit songs then releasing his own album that had a few hits of its own. He had a little bump in the road with a drug bust in Las Vegas, but otherwise the talented singer song writer has been on tear.

But will these feats be enough to overcome one of the great comebacks in music? Eminem was considered washed up and done by a lot of people. His last record got pretty poor reviews and while it sold 2 million copies it didn’t have any real hits and many critics said it signaled the beginning of the end for his career. But Recovery proved them all wrong. With the huge hits “Love the Way You Lie” and “Not Afraid” Eminem was back to doing what he does best which is tear himself apart and the album has been a smash hit selling more than 6 million copies.

In my eyes this is a tough category with some great competition, but in the end the Beiber Believers will have to wait for another category see their hero takes the stage because Billboard Music Award will go to Eminem.



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  1. eminem will always be da best rapper in da history and for ever…so bieber u will never have a chance against him

  2. aint dat da truth

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