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Vote Now Harold Camping Rapture Poll (May 21, 2011)

Posted by on May 21, 2011 at 8:55 PM EST

the rapture 2011Were you amongst the believers that the end of the world (rapture) would happen today?

Mr. Family Radio, Harold Camping, said that today (May 21, 2011) would mark the end of the world. What time was this alleged apocalypse supposed to happen? According to Camping, the Rapture 2011 is set to go down tonight at 9PM EST. By the time this article is set live, the world, according to Harold Camping would have ended. I thought I’d make a quick poll to see how many people believed in these crazy thoughts.

By now, we all know that Harold Camping was wrong as the end of the world (Rapture) did not happen today. (May 21, 2011) As I wrote earlier, I look at this as one of the biggest PR stunts since the whole Y2K craze back in 2000. Having voiced my opinion, I’d love to hear what you all have to say about this whole ordeal. Did you believe that the end of the world would happen today? Are Camping’s predictions crazy as hell?

Answer the poll below and Happy False Rapture 2011 everyone; we survived Harold Camping’s end of the world!

Did You Believe In The Rapture 2011?

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  1. omg… ok so anybody who knows what the rapture is, also should know that the Bible says it cannot be predicted and that even the Angels in Heaven don’t know when it will happen. This guy is crazy. Even if God wanted to rapture to happen today, I don’t think He would have gone through with it because He has this issue with pride and if the rapture had occured, then the pride of this guy would be HORENDOUS! lol, nut-jobs make the world interesting for the rest of us I guess. 😉

    • excuse me…. *Even if God wanted THE rapture to happen today…*
      sorry 🙂

    • Not to mention the fact that he said the Rapture would be today, and then the end of the world would occure in October. What ever happened to the seven years of tribulation that’s supposed to happen after the Rapture? Or did he just thumb past those parts while studying the Bible for his next ‘prophesy’?
      Herp derp.

  2. Massive Volcano Erupts In Iceland And Feeds End Of The World Fears Exclusive

    Read more: http://www.gossip.currentblips.com/2011/05/massive-volcano-erupts-in-iceland-and.html#ixzz1N2XYr5zL

    • The valcano had nothing to do with the WORLD ENDING!!!!!!! harold camping said that an earthquake will happen and everyone in the entire world will feel it!!!! Not a volcano!!!!!!!!!! So shut up!! Dumbass!!!

      • not that I’m supporting it but….there was a (small) earthquake in New Zealand as well.

  3. How do you KNOW that the Rapture didn’t happen? Maybe YOU just weren’t worthy!

    • Are we dead yet?

    • I think that we would aware if 3000000 people went missing from the Earth. Also, so far, these hours of post rapture torture have SO excruciating.

  4. It is idiots like this guy that are crazy & stupid as hell that makes Christians look crazy & gets others to buy into his scheme and make a boatload of money off of victims. Check his financials & the millions he raised this last year to supposedly get his revelation out. Also check out how he has over 100Million in assets like stocks, bonds, ect. He is a disgrace and should be prosecuted for fraud. I am a Christian & a minister and people like him are scum!!!

  5. its funny, Harold predicted that the world was going to end before, but he was wrong. I don’t know why anybody would take him seriously. In the bible it says that nobody knows when Rapture will happen, so I don’t think some random guy will predict it.

  6. Massive Volcano Erupts In Iceland And Feeds End Of The World Fears Exclusive

    Read more: http://www.gossip.currentblips.com/2011/05/massive-volcano-erupts-in-iceland-and.html#ixzz1N35k3xD7

  7. I just wonder why no one pointed out that up until May 20th he was still taking donations on his website.

  8. Here is the link that didnt make it in my other post:

  9. The best story I heard about this is a friend whose neighbor swore that the rapture was coming today and the end was here. She had even phoned all her friends and said her goodbyes. My friend said if she were so sure why not write him a check for $10,000 and post date it May 23rd. She will be long gone by then. . . oddly enough she didn’t do it.

  10. as far as the volcano and the small earthquakes are concerned… IN THAT AREA IT IS NOT UNCOMMON!!! those things happen. i called my mom 5 minutes after it should have happened (of anyone i know shw would be gone) and low and behold she’s still here and laughing about it. even she didn’t think i would happen.

  11. There’s a great short film that addresses this “end of the world” neurosis, it’s called “Take Me 2012” and it’s pretty hilarious:


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