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Harold Camping Dreams Death, Fakes Rapture (May 21, 2011)

Posted by on May 21, 2011 at 5:55 PM EST

harold camping family radioI thought the end of the world (rapture) was supposed to happen today, I guess not.

According to Harold Camping of Family Radio, today (May 21, 2011) was supposed to be the end of the world. (Rapture) Obviously, since I am here writing this post, Camping was wrong and the whole apocalypse now mumbo jumbo was a bunch of lies. Talk about a marketing genius! (allegedly) Camping should get some kind of award for making the entire world believe in his alleged death dreams and actually discuss the end of the world.

I wish I would have thought of something as brilliant as Harold Camping’s alleged promotional campaign. I mean what better way to promote his Family Radio than to get everyone talking about the end of the world. PR companies around the globe are probably kicking themselves right now, wishing they had thought of this idea. Of course Harold Camping (allegedly) made up this whole end of the world on May 21, crap. (Rapture 2011) For those of you that actually believed it, I feel sorry for you.

As you can see, the world has not ended, Harold Camping just pulled one of the biggest alleged PR moves in the world and now Family Radio is on everyone’s radar. GOOD JOB for being so gullible everyone. I hope you all enjoy your Saturday, post Rapture 2011.



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  1. this guy is full of sh**


  2. Yep 100% full of B.S.

  3. Know what I say? I say lock the fucker up. He is delusional.

    • Couldn’t agree more!!

  4. Yeah this guys bullshit


    • Fuck yeah- just DO IT!!

  6. lololol

  7. Wrong, Tim! Everyone gullible? I’ve never listened to Camping’s radio station and never will. Enjoying good comedy does not necessarily equal gullibility. Your condescending tone is just dumb. Everyone was fooled but you, right? If you really believe that, you’re obviously a fool.

    • Never listened to it either….what radio station??

    • Quite. It wasn’t even the PR coup claimed. I’ve spent the day enjoying the fun online and explaining to a lot of people what it’s all about – in global terms, probably even in US terms, very few are even aware of it.

      Very patronising rant: it’s not just Camping who needs the Kool Aid.

    • Too right, Ragnar – pretty sure nobody really believed him, but enjoyed the comedy of it.
      Dennis is also right with his scripture quoting – anyone who thinks they know when the world will end (especially if they are Christian) not getting their facts straight!!

  8. Here’s to wishing the rapture happened – all the crazies would go into the clouds and we would be left with a much more compassionate world. Of course, then on 10/21 we would see the end but oh what a glorious time it would be without all the coocoo christians telling us how to live.

    • not all christians are crazy, just the ones the forsook the truth of the bible and believed this guy.

    • All the crazies? DO you not fear God? What are you going to do in agony when you are burning alive in the lake of fire with all your so called “friends” who is living it up right now..

      • I never got the “burning in a lake of fire” thing. I am a practicing Christian, doing my best every day to love, to help ever and hurt never. But, you know, unless souls are somehow flammable or at least have a nerve system, that fire lake isn’t much of a worry. I can’t be scared into a loving Creator’s graces. That’s where faith comes in.

      • HAHAHA If you believe in God…Why are you still here? I thought all the bible humpers were supposed to fly away into the clouds!

  9. The whole gullible thing is a reference to the best PR move ever made (minus the whole Y2K bug) and I have fallen victim to it as well because I wrote the article, thus promoted this madness!!!

  10. I don’t believe what he has to say as it isn’t scripturally sound, however, he has said that it will happen at 6pm in his time zone, so meaning 9pm EST. However, it’s not going to happen anyway.

  11. ah crap, no wonder…theres still 2 hours and 15 minutes left!!!

  12. Hi tim

    Thanks for that post,i so hope that he Herold will read this.Nobody and I mean nobody knows when is the end of the world.

    Thank you

    Stefan Botha

  13. I am from South africa tim and you wont belive the people that actually belived in him lol .And there is another one in December 2012 i think,some kind of end of the world.

    They must stop there bullshit.

    Enjoy your day


    • That one was according to Ancient Mayan culture – their calendar ends on 21 December 2012; however, their people got wiped out a lot earlier than this! I think some people who did studies on their culture must’ve spread this to conspiracy theorists, who are trying to further publicise it as the end of the world…
      But like others say, nobody can predict it…

  14. Damnit I have to do my homework

  15. PR stunts are only good when you’re not shooting yourself in the foot. It got people talking, but now it’ll get them talking for the wrong reasons. The old saying no publicity is bad publicity is a lie. People don’t take kindly to false prophets, and even moreover when they fool thousands of gullible people out of their money, homes, and even livelihoods. People might know his name now, but he’s lost any sort of credibility he ever had. Maybe the IRS will even take a look at what happened to all those donations from people who gave up everything cause Jesus was just around the corner.

    • well said.

    • He pulled this same stunt in 1994. Never bet against the gullibility of shitheads. You’ll lose.

  16. I don’t know, personally I think the best (and by best, I mean most effective not most ideal) PR stunt in recent history was the terrorist attack led by Osama Bin Laden on 9/11. His religious message ripped through the minds of nearly the entire world population within a matter of hours and his name will likely never be forgotten to the American public. I can’t remember the last time in several centuries that a single individual (i.e. a non government institution or military entity) had that kind of emotional impact and power on the entire world in order to successfully command the unquestioning and authoritative recognition and attention and fear of hundreds of millions of people.


    • You can’t think of any individual who left people talking? I’ll give you two:
      And they used pretty low tech methods.
      But we’re still talking.
      WE, the whole world, not just America.

      • You missed the part where he said “recent” history. And you can’t count Jesus… You don’t even know if he was even an actual person. That’s like counting Zeus or Poseidon.

        • Factually incorrect statement equating a historical Jesus to a mythical Poseidon. Of course there was a real person named Jesus, who lived and died under the Roman crucifixion. We have more than enough evidence from writings and history about that.

          What evidence do you offer to make that claim that Jesus didn’t exist? I submit you have none. If your “evidence” is that we have no video or audio of his existence, then the reality is that you can’t “prove” that Louis XVI, Charlemagne, Ceasar, or any other historical figure existed.

          Note that I separate his existence from whether he was God, if the rapture is real, etc. Just lasering in on your statement, and encouraging you to take a step back and use your brain before you make such an idiotic statement about the historicity of someone like Jesus Christ.

  17. Tim you said, “GOOD JOB for being so gullible EVERYONE.”

    • ah crap I did, didn’t I. Dammit, the booze from my end of the world party have acted quicker than expected…my apologies!

  18. This man is a tottal idiot, a scam artist and a fear monger..pretty much sums up a lot of religious whackjobs.

  19. I’m not sure how many people have heard but because of this camping guy a mother killed her 3 yr old
    So I believe he needs to be shot

  20. I don’t think he was making it up. I think he truly genuinely believed it was going to happen. sure, he probably loved the attention and publicity and benefits he received in the process but I think he really believed it too

  21. New Zealand Earthquake Occurs Has End Of The World Almost Begun?

    Read more: http://www.gossip.currentblips.com/2011/05/new-zealand-earthquake-occurs-has-end.html#ixzz1N2SWcSmH

  22. Mr. Camping’s bible must should have Matthew 24 vs.36 which says “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” We will know when it happens, not before.

  23. Epic Fail! hahaha

  24. Harold Camping was an idiot in 1994, and again in 2011. “No man knows the day, or the hour…” All Harold had to do was actually read his bible, not use it like an abacus.


  25. The guy in the picture looks like he is dead or not long to go (grin)
    I seem to have missed this rapture thing so maybe next time around.

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