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Celebrity Apprentice Winner Poll (May 22, 2011)

Posted by on May 22, 2011 at 10:48 AM EST

celebrity apprentice pollWho will the Celebrity Apprentice winner be tonight? (May 22, 2011)

It is Marlee Matlin versus John Rich. I’ve made a little poll to see who you predict will win in the John VS Marlee battle to the finish. The winner of The Celebrity Apprentice gets $250,000 for their charity. It’s not celebrity boxing I’m talking about, but Celebrity Apprentice 2011 and this Sunday is the season finale where the winner will be crowned and awarded the cash.

It has been an interesting, action packed, drama filled and just plain old damn good season of Celebrity Apprentice. From Meatloaf’s crying to Gary Busey being. . . well. . . Gary Busy to Star Jones and NeNe Leakes facing off, Richard Hatch shoving David Cassidy and Dionne Warwick being a diva there has never been a dull moment. Now it all comes down to one event and one winner.

Through the entire season John Rich has been the symbol of cool. He has performed very well when he was project managers and has shined just as brightly when it came to being a productive member of the team. More often than not it was him (or he and Lil Jon working as a nearly unstoppable team) holding his team together and coming up with great ideas to get them the win. He brought in a ton of money on Celebrity Apprentice and has had a single minded attitude about being here. He is here to raise money for his charity and he is not letting anything stand in the way of that. I knew who he was before this show, but knew nothing about him. Now I am impressed as hell with him he had made me a fan.

Marlee Matlin has taken a different approach. When she has needed to lead she has done so and done so very well. As part of the teams she has often stayed back and focused herself on whatever she was asked to do. She is clearly very smart and set the all-time record for money raised in the show (not to mention that she is a babe), but at times it almost seems like she let her team do the heavy lifting. Maybe that was a conscious choice and it is her management style or maybe things just got away from her and she decided to let it slide instead of getting involved in a confrontation. Either way, it worked and here she is.

The final project has Marlee and John creating new ad campaigns around the launch of 7-UP Retro. Both got to choose members from this season to join their team and have them help out. Both teams seem to have pretty interesting ideas so I think it will come down to who is able to better put it all together. Both Marlee Matlin and John Rich are worthy of winning this season of Celebrity Apprentice. But there can be only one so tune in Sunday night at 9PM on NBC to find out who wins it all and takes home that bundle of cash for their charity.

Check out the Celebrity Apprentice winner poll below and comment below with your predictions!

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