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American Idol Elimination (May 19, 2011)

Posted by on May 19, 2011 at 8:59 PM EST

haley reinhart voted offThe results are in and it’s time to see who was voted off American Idol.

Who was voted off American Idol tonight? (May 19, 2011) After all of the filler during the hour long results show, Ryan Seacrest finally forked over the results. A staggering 95 million people called in last night to vote for their Idol hopeful and it’s time to reveal which two contestants are headed to the finale.

Haley Reinhart has been eliminated from the American Idol top 3. It’s been a long journey and while it’s sad to Haley go, she will surely have an amazing career in the music industry. With Haley Reinhart gone, it now comes down to Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina in next weeks finale.

Again, Haley Reinhart has been voted off of American Idol Season 10, we wish them the best of luck with their future!

Are you happy with the American Idol 2011 results from tonight? Who did you want to see in the finale? Who do you predict as the winner?



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  1. i Am sooo sad to see Haley go ! she was a very talented singer and had a great voice! i feel like she could have won the whole thing because she had something different ABOUT HER unlike lauren and scotty who have country … BLEH! i guess whatever happened, happened and im glad she made it this far! i think there is something wrong with tyhe show this year because pia,casey, and james, and now haley left… apparently theres a lot of people in Georgia (Laurens hometown) and NC (scottys hometown) that are rigging the vote! i hate this show now.. i am not gonna even watch the next performance show.. and im oonly gonna watch the finale because Haley will be theree..

  2. Go Scotty and Lauren – 2 great voices and so GOOD for Country – am so pleased. We get the final results the day after America so can not wait to see the final on TV Saturday night Christchurch, New Zealand. I won’t cheat on Google, shall wait for the results.

  3. She sucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • learn more about music, then comment, idiot

  4. lauren and scotty are THE best(:

  5. If you sayy soo 😉

  6. They are..

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