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American Idol 2011 – Judges Pick Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina

Posted by on May 19, 2011 at 7:43 PM EST

american idol judges pickThe American Idol 2011 judges seem to love Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina.

It is a big question when it comes to American Idol. How much do the judges (Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez) really influence the voting? I don’t mean they tweak the numbers or anything like that. Moreover I wonder if what they say about the contestants has much influence on who people vote for. I would say in the past it has in one way, and now with the current collection of judges it does as well, but for a different reason.

Clearly there are fans of certain singers who will vote for them no matter how good or bad they do on American Idol. There are also those who will vote for different reason including the fact that they like how someone looks or the style of music they sing or their background etc. However, I think there are some out there who do vote for who they think did best each week. In those cases the American Idol judges can influence them under certain circumstances. Back when Simon Cowell was still on the show a lot of people loved to hate him, but even more respected his opinion and felt he was fair and honest. If he liked your performance his saying so could sway votes in your favor and his words/opinions could influence the voters.

However, now that honesty is mostly gone. The current American Idol judges primarily focus on the positive and have nice things to say about just about everyone. To me this takes away some of their credibility. When they do single someone out and it comes off as especially harsh because it doesn’t happen very often. I think it actually has the effect of mobilizing the fans of that singer. These fans are watching the show and see the judges heap praise on everyone then all of a sudden they slam a contestant and it angers that contestant’s fans and mobilizes them to vote for that contestant in an effort to come to their defense. I look at Haley Reinhart as a perfect example of that. When she was just another person in the crowd she was consistently in the bottom three. Then she started taking some chances and that sometimes found her on the bad side of the judges. Suddenly the trips to the bottom three stopped. It almost seems as if the more Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson criticized her the more votes she would get. I think a lot of people feel like the judges are picking on her and they rush to her defense.

If the American Idol judges want to influence the voting in a positive way they need to be more consistent with their criticism. They can’t tell a singer to take a risk then bash them when they do while praising another contestant for not taking risks. At this point they aren’t helping lead the voters towards making good choices and voting for the best singers, they are just causing people to rush to the defense of their favorites.

American Idol’s results show airs tonight at 8PM on Fox. Tune in to find out how the voting turns out and who ends up being the final two.



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  1. They are both good; but Haley is one of a kind and deserved to be the next American idol!!!!

    • haley was not any good, she had a bad attitude, roared like a lion, messed up every song she sang by forgetting words asnd just butching good songs with her lousy singing style. They pretty much just used her as a wild card. A wild card you don’t have to sing good they just put you there to shake up the contest.

      • Agree!

      • Totally agree…. Haley also wouldn’t have lasted that long if J.Lo didn’t beg a few weeks back, “please don’t vote off the girls”. James should have been in the top three not Haley!!!

    • Actually she is not one of a kind, she is just another spoiled rotten kid who thinks she is IT. I am glad her and her self centered self will not be the next American Idol.


  2. It’s not rigged, just easily fooled. If you listened carefully, you would have heard Lauren’s brother say, “I’ve been texting for hours.” That’s what’s happening, kids are spending hours voting. It’s going to be a shame for Scotty to win as he has the least talent of the bunch. His voice is weak and his harmonies, well, they were awful. The day Pia was cut, was the day it went south. People are outraged. Everyone I know that is an Idol fan won’t watch again. Steven Tyler isn’t very good at keeping stone faced when good people are cut, he knows there’s something up.

    • Take the cotton out of your ears, Scotty is great, as is Lauren. Now Haley on the other hand….Well all I can say is BYEBYE Haley


    • Lauren will win next week if he rumor of the last few weeks are true, Lauren fan base is about 50% under 18 while Scotty’s is about 35%. But the real problem is autodial apps now, with the IdolVoter iPhone app at 8K votes per hour or Ribbit app at 11K votes per hour.

      AI is only obligated to discount 50% of power block votes. 8k per hour minus 50%=4K votes per hour per person.


  3. Scotty is not why better than lauren. Lauren should be the next american Idols. Scotty sucks, i dont know how he made to the final

    • Lauren for the win! We need a Girl to win this season!!!Scotty is boring!!!



  4. Wahhhh!!!!scotty is the best of the three,,,,i cant believe that layren is still on the final lists,,,,,she is just like a kid & almost all of her fans are kids,,,,,,bye,,,lauren
    im sure that scotty will win the title
    if he wont get the title,,im certainly not watch the american idol2012.
    best of wishes to my scotty

  5. Scotty should win, Lauren is not that great I dont understand what is the big deal is with her. Shes good but shes not great, This finale should have been Pia & James, this show is not a singing competition its a popularity competition. Think of the talent that was in this year, Pia, James, Stefano, Casey…all beat by 2 country singers! Im not saying these 2 are not good, but compared to who they beat out..they both should have been sent home a long time ago. Just goes to show that American Idol needs to change their voting system, all your teenie boppers sit on the computer for the whole 2 hours and just vote vote vote for the “cutest” or “nicest” person to win…its a SINGING competition!

  6. i miss simon….he is definitely an honest judge though mean most of time but….he’s still the best! Luv Scotty…Lauren too alike Carrie Underwood. Scotty…go..go…go

  7. I really feel that Haley has a MAGNIFICENT VOICE, but, a mature audience could see that as a contestant you should never contradict, disagree, with 3 PROFESSIONAL judges!!! ITS CALLED respect your ELDERS especially when they are the professionals. I feel as if she got a little chip on her shoulder as she progressed and it obviously had shown through on the AIR! GO LAUREN, she has the utmost beautiful voice ever, and a very sincere, respectful, adorable personality………………..YEH, YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

  8. Lauren will win.

  9. Haley… I just loved her voice. I loved watching her perform too. My personal favorite performer of the bunch for sure! Although I must say, I did get a kick out of someones comment the other day saying… ‘Please, no more stomping horses’ .. LOL!! Funny stuff!! But I really do think if she had a better personality then she might still be in the running. Hard to vote or support someone who comes across like that… even if she was my favorite talent. I am proud of all of them though! Good luck to Scotty and Lauren!

  10. The judges are confusing the voters, honestly!!! Simon is the most credible person..All the goods singers were voted off because the judges were not good enough!!

    • I agree with you completely that Simon should be a judge, he would keep the judges on the same page every week. Instead the judges are jumping to opinions every week, taking flying leaps from one thoiught to another. Randy screw things up the most, with his the same things he says weekly. Like “Yo, Yo, Yo, dog, you slayed it”. This is the best performance on A.I. stage ever, ever, ever!!!” etc. he says just about all the same things weekly! Steven seems to be the best out of the 3. But I have seen on a t.v. comercial saying Simon will be back!

  11. my opinion is the shows rigged! For some reason the judges are too scared to criticize lauren in case it upsets her. She is so blah when she sings, shes boring, can’t move, her dress style is so daggy. her voice is okay but there’s nothing about it thats going to sell cd’s. she’ll be a one cd wonder if she wins. Jlo & randy thinks she’s wonderful! I don’t get it, there was so much more better talent on the show. Don’t get me started on her mother! she gets as much air time as her daughter! I’ve always loved american idol but the way things have gone this year, i don’t know if i could be bothered with it anymore. People should only be allowed to vote once,because it really isn’t a true result of who the most deserving contestant is.

  12. I LOVE SM

  13. I like Scotty and Lauren – very pleasant voices and nice young kids. But I never got a “Wow” moment from either of them the way I did at least three times from Haley. I honestly believe whoever it was who said that the show was geared all along for Scotty to win and that he would have had a more difficult time going against Haley in the final than he would against Lauren. If I were Haley, I’d have a hard time keeping my cool if I were the only one receiving the harsh criticism. JLo never liked her (could be jealous?) and last night she looked at Haley with a look that I could best describe as “Ha, ha you’re gone!” I was happy to see Steven run up and grab Haley at the end of the show and whisper something in her ear. Believe me – we’ll be hearing from Haley long after the sweet prom queen is but a distant memory.


  15. Talent-wise and music-wise, im a fan of Haley..but I hate her personality with a passion! Instead of showing a good example to the younger kids in the competition and to her fans, she acts like an ungrateful, spoiled brat. She doesnt even act like a mature 20 yr old, she acts younger than Scotty and Lauren! I’m glad that she didnt win! She’s waay too much of a diva to be a good role model. Notice how she got that way after Pia was voted off?

  16. I have been a fan of Scotty since the audition!!
    Scotty you really have been doing it well!! You play the guitar so well also, being up on stage so relaxed, not tightened up like Lauren is. I really like you singing “Letters From Home” and “The River”, and “The man” and “Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not” I couldn’t pick one for a favorite, you do so well!!
    I can’t wait to buy a C.D, and if I could I would like to see a concert, but I am in Canada. It is already like I see concerts when watching you perform on American idol, on t.v. I love country, you doing great!!!!!!!
    You are great entertainment! I love to listen/watch you singing your American idol songs, on the internet!
    I believe you will beat Lauren. You have proven to be more mature, as so many people have said on the internet. Maybe try wear a cowboy hat at the finals, tonight. Just continue being yourself, you do great!!

  17. I have been a fan of scotty since audition!!
    I really like Scotty he should win i can’t wait to see him.

    • I thought Scotty was awesome since the audition too!! He and Lauren are both really talented so I am thrilled that one of them will win! Though Scotty has always been my favorite, Lauren did an excellent job last night and they both deserve it. I am sure they will both have successful futures!

  18. i am soooo happy Scotty won! hes been my fave since auditions!!!!!! he’s cute, he can play the guitar, he has 1 of the BEST voices ive ever heard, and he just seems like a genuinely good person!

  19. Lauren is way better then haley.
    Pia was also better then haley.
    haley should of been gone awhile ago.!
    I was so happy when haley went home.
    And I wanted to knock that grin off her face when pia went home.
    Haley didnt deserve too win. Lauren did, And Scotty. They deserved too make it that far. but so did pia and james. James is incredible.
    And im happy they did. Theyre great singers. And Im really excited for the american idol tour(: But not looking forward too listening too haley. Unless she actually sings good this time.
    Although, haley is beautiful. Just Not As Good As Others. Her voice was too shaky.
    Like people have said, they think its popularity, if it was then haley would have won(maybe if her attitude didnt ruin it). but she went home, so clearly its singing(: just get over the fact that she went home. american spoke. and its not rigged.
    Just stating my opinion. Alot of people actually agree.
    and lauren and scotty need too date(:
    Very good singers for the most part this yearr. <3

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