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American Idol Results: Haley Reinhart Voted Off?

Posted by on May 19, 2011 at 7:37 PM EST

haley reinhart eliminatedThe top 3 becomes the final 2 on American Idol tonight.

Tonight is a huge night on American Idol. At the end of the night we will know who the last two singers standing will be. It is not an easy choice because not only are the three remaining singers good, but they have different in styles, looks and appeal. I have a feeling it is going to be a very close vote. Will Haley Reinhart be eliminated?

Who will it be that gets sent home? Here is my prediction on who will be eliminated tonight on the American Idol results show.

I think Scotty McCreery will be safe. He has a huge fan base and he killed it last night. He has pretty much cruised all season long and is clearly one of the most popular singers of this season. After Scotty it gets a lot tougher. When it comes to Lauren and Haley Reinhart it is a tale of two totally different paths. Haley has flirted with elimination several times this season while Lauren has mostly moved on from week to week without incident. Haley is a little more of a rocker while Lauren is a little more country. One is a cute 16 year old girl and the other in a 20-year-old potential sex symbol. Lauren has been a judge’s favorite most of the season while Haley has often felt the brunt of their criticism.

At this point much of that doesn’t matter because American Idol really a popularity contest. The question is who has more fans? I think in the end it will be close, but it will be Lauren Alaina that is selected to join Scotty in the finals. I think this because it seems like there are a lot of people who like Lauren, but when it comes to Haley Reinhart people seem to love or hate her. That is the kind of reaction you want as an artist because if people are passionate about you one way or the other you know you are doing something right, but when it comes to popularity contests, having that love hate thing could cost her votes. Because of this I think it will be Lauren that is sent to the final with Scotty.

You heard it here first. Tonight Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina will move on to the American Idol finals and Haley Reinhart will be eliminated. Of course you never know what will happen so make sure to tune in tonight at 8PM at Fox to see how it all shakes down.



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  1. Haley should of not been voted off by American, I do feel the judges have an influence on how people vote. Even though last night they were positive with her. I think most of what was said to her with exception of Steve Tyler was negative; esp from Jennifer. I think she is just jealous of Haley. Country singers come and go but a voice like Haleys does not!!!!

  2. Youre da roksda!

  3. Somebody had to go home! Why not Haley! She was acting like a spoiled brat when the judges didn’t say what she wanted to hear. Scotty and Lauren both are more mature then Haley and they both have great voices to be so young.. Haley had such a big smile on her face when Pia was eliminated. I wish her luck but she has to be more professional if she wants to make it in the music world..

  4. I think Haley needed to go home. Im glad she did. her voice was to rocky and shaky, and didnt seem like she was on tune alot of the time. She was not as mature as the others and should have went home a long time ago. Pia should have gone farther then her. I wanted to knock that grin off her face when pia left. I love country music and who cares if thats what scotty and lauren sing. theyre both amazing singers. even though lauren was always my favorite… Scotty was good
    And they should date(:
    Its not just popularity… they were better then haley!

  5. i agree with oneilyy scotty and lauren are great singers. Haley was okay and i didnt get to see pia sing so i cant say anything about that . I also agree with her on lauren and scotty datin cause i think they would be a very cute couple. when she gave him a smooch last night i thought to myself and said right away they should date cause they would be so cute!

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