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American Idol 2011: Lauren Alaina Wins, Haley Reinhart Eliminated

Posted by on May 19, 2011 at 7:41 PM EST

scotty mccreery lauren alainaWill Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina advance into the American Idol finale?

Last night the Top 3 contestants took the stage on American Idol and made their best case for surviving tonight’s elimination and getting into next week’s final. Each singer sang three songs: one that they picked, one that the judges picked and one that Jimmy Iovine picked. For the most part all three singers all did well, but in my mind there were some moments that were better (Lauren Alaina) than others (Haley Reinhart). Based on what we saw last night here is how I rank the Top 3 going into tonight’s elimination.

Scotty McCreery was last night’s big winner. His first song, “Amazed” by Lonestar was the perfect mix of emotion, romance and power. His second song Thompson Square’s “Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not” really showed that he has what it takes to be a country star. It was high energy, angry and fun all at once and the girls in the audience including Jennifer Lopez lost their minds. Jennifer seemed like she was crushing on him and even asked him to cut his hair. His last song, “She Believes in Me” was very good. He was back in his deep toned element and hit all the notes. It was clearly Scotty’s night.

Lauren Alaina was not far behind. I actually thought her first song “Wild One” by Faith Hill was her weakest of the night, but it was still very good. “If I Die young” by Perry was her second song and it was spot on. It was almost as if the song was written for her. By the time she took the stage in the last round for “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack she had hit her stride and clearly was feeling good. She had a few funny moments including her pantyhose ripping so she got some last minute leg make-up while Seacrest stood next to her showing the world the behind the scenes goings on. I think Beyonce’s advice on how to deal with her nerves really helped her and could help her down the road.

It is hard to say Haley Reinhart came in last because she took some serious risks and had a big hurdle to jump, but in the end her last song didn’t work. She started out strong with Led Zeppelin’s “What is And What Should Never Be.” Accompanied by her dad on the guitar she did a great version. She took a fall, but recovered fast and had everyone on their feet. Her second song Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon” was all wind and drama and Haley at her all time sexiest on American Idol. Had it all ended there she might have taken the night, but then Randy Jackson sabotaged her with the judge’s choice. He chose for her the impossible to sing “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morissette. Haley started off strong and hit the choruses, but she got lost in the frantic vocal gymnastics that the song requires. You could tell the judges felt for her and tried to focus on the positive, but it was clear she was over her head on that song.

There you have it, my power rankings for the final three contestants. I felt it was Scotty’s night and it should solidify his spot in the finals, but you never know what might happen so tune in tonight at 8PM on Fox for the results show and see which two of these three good singers (Lauren Alaina) move on to the American Idol Finals.



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  1. WOO HOO there is justice!!!! Bye Bye Haley!

  2. Haley should have gone home weeks ago. James should be one of the final two. Something is wrong with the voting. New rule: You vote for a singer you have to buy their cd. Trust me, we would never see the likes of Lauren or Haley with this rule. James new cd? Would pre-order and cannot wait!

  3. Haley is fantastic. She is sexy, talented and a great talent. She is also very comfortable in front of the camera. I am sure she will have a great career singing. I will miss seeing her next week.

  4. thank heavens for that,haleys facial expressions at times shows us what shes thinking and its not nice,go back watch her expressions when some one else gets a better judgeing than her she dosnt like been told what she should do,not super star material with that nasty nature,i coudnt be happier with the decision,now we have to vote off boring scotty…..yeh go Lauren not only can she sing shes so sweet and has a great nature love her

  5. With Scotty and Lauren, looks like this will be an american idol finale that will be so difficult to watch. Prediction – too boring for words!!

    • Then don’t watch it. Fact is Haley should have been long gone before James and right after her attitude stated to shine through. Go Scotty & Lauren

      • You’re right. No use wasting my time on boring American country music sung by teen agers.

  6. Way to go Scotty & Lauren

    Sorry Haley but your attitude stinks, If you can’t take the judging then get off the stage. I jumped for joy when they called Laurens name and was able to say BYEBYE Haley.

    Hope Scotty wins but will be just as happy for Lauren.

    • The judging stinks as well.

  7. Haley was my favourite BECAUSE of her attitude, her sexy looks, her talent and because her musical background prepared her for a musical career. The other two are undeniably talented too. Tough one for America, but it looks as though Scotty is going to be the winner. Sigh…

  8. If you look back at the top 24 show, the first two on the sofa in the top 10 were Scotty & Lauren. AI has pushed these two from the beginning as Jlo commented at Scotty’s audition, “we discovered him”, Tyler commenting on Lauren’s audition “I think we found the One”. At least Carrie Underwood sang other genre when she was a contestant, because Simon would not have tolerated one contestant singing country every week, but now we have a finale of two high school kids singing a genre that most of the world finds strange. It’s like the Twilight Zone meets the Beverly Hillbillies…how much corn pone can one digest. I never downloaded any Idol performance songs before this season. Now I have a great first album of Haley Reinhart on my iPod. What a voice, what a presence!

    • I love how everyone wants to blame AI for haley being kicked off, maybe just maybe it was her attitude. She come from a bigger city then either Scotty or Lauren and she still could not get the votes to keep her in.Yes she is a great singer and will go places but don’t take away from the 2 that have worked thier butts off and have made it to the top 2. All the Idols have been great and will go places..Congrats to them all!!

      • That is true. But I dont Think haley was all that great at all.

  9. I hated Haley she sucked

  10. Haley has more class and ability than Scooty or Lauren. Period. Even Lauren sais that Haley had the best voice of the top four finishers! Haley will make tons more money than Scotty or Lauren ever will.

  11. I think Haley needed to go home. Im glad she did. her voice was to rocky and shaky, and didnt seem like she was on tune alot of the time. She was not as mature as the others and should have went home a long time ago. Pia should have gone farther then her. I wanted to knock that grin off her face when pia left. I love country music and who cares if thats what scotty and lauren sing. theyre both amazing singers. even though lauren was always my favorite… Scotty was good
    And they should date(:
    Its not just popularity… they were better then haley!

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