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American Idol 2011: Most Marketable Finalist Wins

Posted by on May 19, 2011 at 3:37 PM EST

american idol 2011 winnerWho is the most marketable out of the final three on American Idol?

Being that American Idol is allegedly rigged, who is the most marketable finalist remaining? I think the answer is clear to everyone as Lauren Alaina can swing both the country crowd as well as the pop genre. She may not be the most talented contestant remaining but at the end of the day, it’s about selling records and making money…right? If we were looking for the best “musician” then Pia Toscano and Casey Abrams would not have been eliminated. What do you all think about this? Is Idol just one big popularity contest, overlooking raw talent for marketability?

Out of the final three American Idol contestants left, Haley Reinhart is the best as far as musical talent goes. While Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez bash the poor girl for reasons that don’t even make sense, they praise acts such as Stefano Langone who has marketability but lacks any sort of talent. It’s still unclear as to whether or not the show is rigged but after tonight’s live results show, we will definitely find out. IF Haley Reinhart is eliminated, leaving Scotty McCreery [who is good but ONLY at country music] and Lauren Alaina [shes young and decent but highly marketable] then we will know the judges were out to get Haley and if the show is rigged or not.

What do you all think? Do you think the American Idol producers and judges favor the marketable contestants over the ones with raw talent? Do you even think the judges are credible enough to tell some of these contestants they are bad? Comment below!



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  1. To be quite truthful, I didn’t watch the show last night, and I’m not interested in watching it tonight. If Simon Cowell was still a judge, the country boy and girl wouldn’t be there still. I lost heart when Pia was voted off, then Casey and then James! What was that all about? Hundreds of 12-year old girls voting hundreds of times. I now watch The Voice and long for the X-Factor. Sorry, American Idol, something has gone really wrong this year!

  2. I have been following this year’s Amercian Idol every week. Yes, the good talented singers had been voted out. Every week Jackson and Jennifier had some unfavourable comments about the song or the style Haley sang her song. She is a good singer and versatile in her selection. Look at Scotty, the same low husky voice and it was boring for country and western songs. Lauren is young and talented but not on the same level as Haley. If Haley was dejected this week, then we know that the Amercian Idol is rigged and not worth watching in future. I believe the judges should stand neutral and their comments should not be used to influence the voting audience. In my opinion, Scotty shouldn’t be in the final three!

  3. American Idol is rigged; Jennifer Lopez and Randy wanted Haley gone! They were extremely nasty to her- the best singer in the compettition. I dont get it? I will never watch this rigged show again! They need to replace the judges except Steven he was fair.

  4. The judges were so bad – they offered nothing constructive, just flowery praise … except to Haley. Why don’t they like her? The audience and the contestants needed judges who were willing to tell it like it is but they got three big zeros instead. What a joke – it’s unlikely the winner will become a star. My last season to watch.

  5. America loves Scotty for several reasons. His beautiful voice, his humor, he is cute and he seldom growls!

  6. I’m 58 not 12 and think Scotty is with no dought the best!

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