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Arnold Cheats, Skynet Kills Ps3, Xbox 360

Posted by on May 19, 2011 at 10:41 AM EST

Arnold Schwarzenegger cheats and Skynet sets PS3 on fire, bricks Xbox 360, breaches PSN Online.

On news of Arnold Schwarzenegger getting caught cheating Skynet has moved into the profit phase of it’s world domination and started overheating their PS3’s, killing the Xbox 360 DVD drive, and stealing your lunch money. The ultimate goal is for Skynet to come out with a new Nintendo console like the one that could be announced at the E3 convention in June.

People who wanted to get all Dick Tracy and play some LA Noire on their PS3 will be delighted to know that the burning smell isn’t the pot roast in the oven. Nope. Reports are saying it could be their PS3! Apparently the new 3.61 firmware update. Gamers are reporting their PS3’s beeping and turning off after installing the update which was supposed to fix the identity theft problems of the PSN.

Just when Xbox 360 was starting look bad again PS3 goes the “any attention is good attention” route. Meanwhile PC gamers reportedly sit and laugh at all the console owners while drinking a juice box in their mom’s basement. This day and age you need to buy as many video game  machines as possible if you wanna keep the habit up and running.

In the meantime the exposing of the InfidelityBot 5000, also known as Arnold Schwarzenegger, has thrown a serious monkeywrench in Skynet’s Terminator Baby Apocalypse program. It was gonna replace the human race with robot look alikes but some nosy newspapers had to come in and ruin all the fun. Instead of going all Dr. Evil maybe Skynet could take the #2 route and make a video game system that doesn’t overheat, clear out your bank account, and punch you in the face in a dark alley. Till then be on the lookout for Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s other robot kids and get both systems so you don’t have to worry about Sony or Microsoft firmware updates going all Skynet scorched earth on that console.



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  1. Surprise surprise the Xbox’s are heating up now too.

  2. Yeah, Nintendo and PCs are now dominating the game console market. No firmware updates to brick any Wiis or PCs. WiiConnect and Windows Live don’t get outages that last for weeks. HA HA 😛

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