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American Idol Elimination Poll (May 19, 2011)

Posted by on May 19, 2011 at 9:24 AM EST

lauren alaina idol 2011Who will be eliminated from American Idol tonight? (May 19, 2011)

Which American Idol finalist will be voted off tonight? For those of us that watched the top 3 performances last night, the results are definitely tough to predict. I love each one of the final three but I think Lauren Alaina is going home. I know you will think I’m crazy but I just think she needs to grow up a little more and she will be amazing. Her performances last night were good but I think the other two contestants’ were better. Was Lauren good enough last night? Who did America vote for?

I’ve created an American Idol poll below to see if we can predict tonight’s elimination results. Last week the votes came pouring in and Haley Reinhart lead it going into the results show. In a shocker, James Durbin was eliminated! (he had the least amount of votes on poll) Remember, this poll is just for fun and it’s purely for prediction purposes, it may not be correct. Tonight, I predict Lauren Alaina will be sent home, sending Haley and Scotty McCreery to the Idol finale. As always, you never know what is going to happen on the live Idol results show!

Tune in tonight at 8|7c on FOX to see which American Idol 2011 contestant has been eliminated and who will be headed to season finale next week!

Vote on the poll below and be sure to check out the Robot Celeb Facebook Page poll too!

Who Will Be Voted Off American Idol Tonight? (May 19, 2011)

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  1. ithink lauren will go

    • i think lauren will go

    • Oh Ye of little faith. Help him oh Lord !!

    • Do J.Lo and Randy REALIZE how they are coming across the T.V.?? Have they NOT watched themselves?? It’s one thing to have a favorite…But does it have to be IN THE FACE of a contestant that seems not to be their favorite?..GET REAL! Had Haily crappd like Lorenn did last night, she would have heard from Randy and J,lo.But was there any Negative for Lorenn? No..Maybe because she’s young and they don’t want to hurt her feelings?..But judging needs to be equal…AND THIS YEAR, RANDY AND J.LO HAVE MISSED THE MARK ON JUDGING!

      • haley has no tone to her voice and no substance to her voice. haley sounds like she has a popsicle stick stuck in her throat on every song and should not be in the finals when so many other talented people like James and Pia were liminated. Haley is a hot mess

        • I totally agreed 100 percent , haley is not a good singer her voice is like always choking with no somthing . very bad

  2. Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking

  3. I think Haley will be going home tonight. She needed to pick better songs
    and try a little harder. So Scotty and Lauren did better songs, they will
    be going to the FINALE!!!

    • Another Wise man speaks. Bless you my child !!

    • @David.. BETTER SONGS? What… those country songs were single dimensional, limited range karaoke tunes that Haley would have belted out of the park.. Haley’s songchoices were not comparable, all 3 of which were highly more difficult and more technical… Lauren and especially Scotty could in no way cover those selections that Haley belted out. Lets see Scotty cover Robert Plant/Jimmy Paige… LMAO…. and the timid child Lauren would not have had the courage to tackle any of the 3 that Haley covered! Get Real Dude!

      • I agree 100% Scotty is a great singer…but last nights song choices…well same thing over and over and over…bla bla bla

    • Ahh No Haley will not be going home tonight! She was the BEST one on there! She picked challenging songs! Unlike Lauren and Scotty BORING!! We can’t have 2 country singers! Haley is the best! She rocks it every night and sings her heart out. Lauren is too young yet and she is too scared to hit the high notes which she needs to do!

      • Haley only got to pick one song, not all three. So nobody can say anything about scotty and lauren being boring, they didn’t pick all of their songs. Duh. Haley was just plain terrible, i couldn’t even finish listening to her both times. Scotty and Lauren have been consistent and so entertaining since the very beginning. Haley SUCKS!!!

        • Either way, whether the judges picked 2 of her songs or not, she has consistently chosen very hard songs to sing week after week. Sometimes she stumbles but most of the time she shines. Can we say this about Scotty? HELL NO. Lauren? She was terribly bland at first, but I give her credit for stepping up her game.

    • i agree with you Haley will go home tonight..

    • And Haley didn’t even pick 2 of the songs! You can’t say she should go home for song selection if it wasn’t her selection!

    • Haley chose the first one only…and she won the round with 3 solid votes? The other 2 songs which I think she did better not hating but it wasnt boring and she showed range

    • FYI, Lauren can ONLY SING COUNTRY SONGS. Haley Reinhart, is a versatile singer. She can sing all types of genres UNLIKE Lauren. Can Lauren sing Haley’s Songs? No! Can Haley sing Lauren’s songs? Yup! Haley NEVER missed lyrics, notes, and her wonderful range. Even if Haley fell last night, she stood up right away with Confidence. And, she even made it more perfect. That’s a complete package, for an American Idol.

  4. haley going home i hope

  5. Haley give poor performance last night 5/18 so she is going home.

  6. I think Scotty should win American Idol

    • WHY??? A reason would be nice.

      • I want to ask WHYYY too. I cannot understand this craze over Scotty. Yes, nice voice (not hard to find nowadays). Having great range and versatility? Nope.

  7. They will have have profitable careers for sure. The most marketable is probably Lauren because she can do country / pop… Scotty is more country and Haley is a great musical talent but I’m not sure how marketable she would be.

  8. Lauren will pull a big upset over Haley tonight based mostly on likability . Haley is just an old fashion rocker from being raised by one of the same.

  9. i hate haleys attitude! she is a big time brat. lol i hope she goes home and i hope lauren wins!

    • @Blake, “BRAT”? What for standing up for herself in a respectful way? Were she your daughter, wouldn’t you have been proud of her backbone? She just told Jackson that “she heard him”… as he hammered her unmercifully and repeatedly while calling the round a 3 way tie with the others.
      That whole Jackson/Lopez rant was a setup to influence the FIX that’s on in this show!

    • I agree that though Haley can be sweet and nice, I feel Scotty and Lauren are more like real all-american teenagers!

  10. Haley rocked the house last night… she should be a sure thing for the Final unless it’s been pre determined otherwise, which I solidly believe is actually what is going on. Lopez and Jackson struggled to give Haley her props when her performances rocked the house!
    Just imagine either of those country kids being able to cover what Haley did last night? Not a chance! Neither of them have the range or talent to step on Haley’s stage! You didn’t see Zep offering their songbook to the others did you? Same with Gaga a couple of weeks ago!
    Blindfold yourselves and listen to each of their performances… The country kids are simply Nashville’s typical “same ol same ol”…. Haley is distinctive, soulful and incredibly diverse!
    Oh and all of you females that shun Haley… Not being too overly jealous are ys? LOL…
    I see Idol (19inc) drooling over Lauren’s (in my humble opinion not going to happen) projected future (probably why it’s fixed) to become a crossover country/pop idolette like Underwood, I see Scotty being a one trick pony that is actually vocally thin and will fizzle out.. Haley will become an iconically unique soulful, rock legend through time..
    Check the I-Tunes downloads… Haley is blowing those two bumpkins off of the charts.. duh!
    So, if it’s on the up and up (which I doubt) Haley should win the whole thing!

    • Im not sure if you are listening to the same person as I am or not, because Haley is just plain terrible. And what you said about her standing up for herself in a respectful way? Seriously. Not at all. Big ol baby. I’ve never in my life seen someone so rude on this show. She got her dad to play on stage with her and then got a wind machine. That’s a big ol crock of shit if u ask me. IF haley wins, and that’s a big if…i will then begin believing that this show is fixed, because the REAL singers on this show are by far Lauren and Scotty. I would never in my life buy a Haley Rinehart cd, but i would buy a scotty or lauren cd. I just cant get over how terrible she is.

      • I would never buy a Scotty cd. Worst singer in the competition. I would rather go def than sit through one song. Haley is the best. I like Lauren, but she is just too immature to win. She’s not ready for it, and shown it every week. Her song choices are so juvenile and she is just NOW starting to gain some confidence and show us her true talent. Haley has been bringing it every week despite the fact that Jlo is trying to persuade the audience otherwise. It’s just really pathetic.

      • Big ol Cassie hunny… Unstrap that country farmin plow, wash that udder milksplash offn’ yer muddy boots, then go to the well and draw out some fresh well water and wash out them ears..cuz ya jus didn’t hear what went onstage last night. While yer at the well sweet dumplin’s… wash out that country bumpkin foul spewing mouth o yurrin..cuz ‘n yer not supposed ta curse on these here newfangled internet discussion threads…
        So big ol sweetcheeks Cassie hunny..get real! Them adolescent bumpkins may have AI handed to them becuse of the pre determination, but the farmboy is a one trick Josh Turner knockoff and chubby on the other hand will be needed to plow the back 40 instead of choking a karaoke mic where the songs only play in one register! Yahooooooo!

        • Your crazy! Ol is as far as I went with the country slang…seems to me like u have a little more country in you than ud like to admit! But it doesn’t matter anymore because Scotty and lauren are in the final 2 and guess who’s not?? Haley!!

  11. I think Lauren should go home. Hailey has the all around stage presence of the three. She rocked last night. She performs much better than the other two. I agree with Beyonce she at least comes out of the box and trys different things instead of being safe like the other two just always singing country cause that is all they know. Say goodbye to Lauren.

  12. I agree with you both, Gill and Sandy…well said.

  13. I agree with the Haley bashing posts.. so, so so! obvious what the two judges are doing. And just throwing it out there when the judge’s are very mean to contestants Americans vote even more for that contestant! I think Haley is the total package.. looks, style, talent, stage presence, knows her own voice well – she feels comfortable on stage and know’s music from being raised with it. I think Lauren is going home tonight – and agree her outfits were UGLY – and even imagined Simon telling her she is not 50 years old but a vibrant young teen and should pick songs and dress accordingly. All three are talented and I enjoy watching them sing.. but hoping that Scotty and Haley advance to the finale tonight.

  14. Scotty is awesome and deserves to win!!!

  15. Scotty is what I called great country music!!!

  16. Personally, Haley is not my favorite, but I think a lot of america will vote for her because her father playing and the fall she had. Haley would have gotten votes for sure even if the fall did not happen, because I think she was pretty good. I love Lauren, she has the most beautiful tone, but she is too young and was sadly last night inconsistent. I also think she and Scotty will split some votes because they are both country. Scotty is my favorite. He is always consistent, even making me smile on the pick by the judges. [I did not like the song choice] I have not seen Scotty mess up once yet and I hope he wins. I hope that Lauren can stick it out tonight, but I am a little worried. I hope Scotty makes it threw though! Best of luck to all of them!

    • Well the reason why you haven’t seen Scotty mess up could very well be because he hasn’t chosen (or been given) any challenging songs. Now if there’s no challenge, why would he mess up? He needs to go.

      • Country isnt easy! Oh my gosh! Scotty and lauren sound GREAT! haley didnt, and if she sang country she wouldnt sound like them at all. theyre better! and just because she sings harder songs doesnt mean anything. Because She didnt sound good doing them except for one or two!

  17. I think Haley will go home tonight

  18. Haley is and has always been terrible! Her voice sounds like rocks are being turned on in a blender with a squealing cat next to it. Just plain awful. She has a terrible attitude, extremely rude and cant even take criticism. She’s a big baby. Lauren and scotty are only 16 and act wayy more mature than she could ever think about being. I hope and pray that she goes home tonight. Scotty and lauren are much much better singers and definitely deserve to be in the top 2. Haley SUCKSSS!!!!!

    • I think it should be Haley who goes home tonight! With the way she dress’s and acts she would do better in a strip club or a bar. I really like Lauren she has a great voice…she is a little young but I think she has a shot. I think Scotty will come out on top at the end …I have said that since the first time I heard him sing.

    • Hey big momma gassy cassie! That above posted ignorance was probably created by the same half of your brain that probably voted for obongo also…. Just flat out poor judgement… Now get back on yer plow big girl and get that back 40 ready for the summer squash and alphalfa crops! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

      • I have no idea what that post said. I couldn’t read for your lack of spelling. Seems like u dont have a brain at all.

  19. And comments like this are mature? Whoa on those.. “sounds like rocks are being turned on in a blender with a squealing cat next to it.” and/or would do better in a “a strip club or a bar..” those are uncalled for comments. All three kids, all under 21, are talented and wholesome entertainers. I wish the best to the one who wins AI and also my best to the other contestants.. with the attention the show radiates throughout the viewing audience, each talent is most likely being considered for a singing career before the show is over. Good luck to all three!!

    • Not uncalled for at all…simply my opinion. Cant stand her, would never buy her album!

  20. Haley thinks she’s got it wrapped up with her arrogant attitude. All she ever does is scream and try to sound like the judges told her she sounded way back. Can’t stand the attitude most of all. She thinks she’s got it wrapped it! Hopefully she’ll see how wrong she has been tonight.

  21. I guess we will see tonight.. I think they are all great singers, never have seen any arrogance in Haley, and her rendition of House of the Rising Son blew us away.. think Scotty is wonderful, love his voice and Lauren so talented for 16 years of age!! Let the reality television begin… lol

  22. I don’t have a favorite, but the more Haley gets into that rocker stuff the more likely she is to go home…..America has proven many times, they just don’t like hard rock as much as they like country or easy listening….For that reason I think Haley will go home

  23. Scotty will go home tonight. personally he fell short last night. Three boring songs…pick it up a bit will you???Anyhow, love the kid but the way Idol has been this season all the ones I thought were going to stay on were all voted off..James I would have thought would still be in the running. Haley took over quite a number of votes after he left. The rockers are not voting for country…are they? Yikes!!!! Maybe I’m off a bit here..who knows. Have a feeling bye bye Country Boy!

  24. 45 minutes till showtime!!!

  25. Pia should have won. Better than all of them. I’ll just be happy as long as that no talent ass clown scotty doesn’t win. WORST SINGER EVER. He is everything that’s wrong with country music. I mean could he be MORE stereotypical if he tried? There’s a reason why no one sings like that anymore in country…

    • Actually scotty is great. So, Him and lauren are great country siingers, And if you like george strait(sp?) Then You should like scotty cause they are really similar!

    • um jen i guess thats your name…. scotty is one of the best country singers.he sounds great! he sounds exactly like george straight! and if you dont like him then you dont like george straight if you do like him……
      if anyone doesnt like scotty and likes country music then you dont know what country music is then…… haley went home cause she needed to scotty and lauren went to the finals cause they deserved to scotty won cause he deserved to! im not saying that you have to like him but im saying that he is NOT a bad singer at all!! if you dont lke the way he sings then dont listen to him! give him a chance atleast then maybe you just might start liking hes music. but if you dont then fine thats alright with me!

  26. Seriously, Haley sounds like she’s screamed the entire day because her voice is so raspy. Lauren butchered “If I Die Young,” which is a great song. It was the worst cover I’ve ever heard. I would be real angry if either of those two won.

    • Umm excuse me. She didnt butcher any songs. she actually sounded really good on that one(:

  27. Haley is so freakin rude! And how she referenced the show as a “shin dig” was making fun of the top two. She should be grateful for making it into the top 3. Does she even realize how lucky she is to get a jump start on her career like this? And you can so tell that Haley & Lauren HATE each other. Haley needs to get a freaking grip & start appreciating the opportunity she’s been given! What a SORE LOSER!

  28. Oh my gosh lauren is a great singer so is scotty. I know I’ve been rude about haley but I’m not going to anymore. Seriously lauren didn’t butcher anysongs. You all say haley sang harder songs, well she didn’t do to hot on them. So don’t say she did the best cause of that. She wouldn’t sing good country. Country really isn’t easy. You guys try to sound as good as them. Yea you couldn’t. So shuttup and haley did go home. Deal with it! Lauren has always been my favorite but no problem with scotty. Never liked haley’s singing.

  29. Get over the fact that theyre country, they deserved too make it to the finale, way more then haley! Just because theyre country doesnt mean anything. Theyre great singers and its still music! james and pia should have been farther then haley! and Country is a great style of music! so get over it! I’d li,e too see you guys sing country, yea you couldnt!

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