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American Idol 2011 Top 3 Performance Ratings

Posted by on May 19, 2011 at 8:53 AM EST

american idol top 3 ratingsLet’s recap last night’s Top 3 performances on American Idol with the song choices thrown at them and the results of my personal ratings.

Last night, Haley Reinhart was definitely in it to win it as all three of her performances were pretty amazing, yes including the on where she kinda fell. If you didn’t watch the American Idol top 3 performances, the final three hopefuls had to sing three songs. Their first song was their choice, the second was chosen by Jimmy Iovine and the third was picked by one of the Idol judges. It was an amazing night as all three of the contestants poured their heart and soul into their performances to win America’s vote. What did the American Idol top 3 sing? Who did amazing and who did poorly?

The American Idol finale is next week and the competition is at its peak. Last night the Idol hopefuls were tasked with singing three songs, a personal choice, Jimmy Iovine’s choice and the Idol judge’s choice. Here are my personal ratings on the songs that they sang for the first, second, and third round: (ratings based from 1-10, 10 being best)

Scotty McCreery –

“Amazed” by Lonestar – Someone call up Jay-Z because I think Beyonce has a crush on Scotty the Body! Scotty kicked off the show with a pretty damn good performance. The crowd went absolutely ballistic. Personally it started off a little slow to me but he killed the ending. 7/10

“Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not” by Thompson Square – Let’s call this performance Scotty’s panty dropper. [No not mine] I’m pretty sure J Lo’s seat was wet after this one. Scotty will definitely get the votes of all the female American Idol voters with this performance. I thought was okay…nothing special. 8/10

“She Believes in Me” by Kenny Rogers – Scotty McCreery just nailed this song and to me this one the best I’ve ever heard him sing. He proved that he can tackle songs outside of his comfort zone. 9/10

Lauren Alaina –

“Wild One” by Faith Hill – Between Lauren looking like Santa Claus and Randy looking like a preppy school boy, it was an odd night for fashion on American Idol. This was a good, energetic performance by Lauren and you can tell she had fun with it. 8/10

“If I Die Young” by The Band Perry – Amazing. Lauren was made to sing this song, hands down. I have to give it to Jimmy Iovine for picking a perfect song for her. Couple faults which is why she got an 8 but it was really good. 8/10

“I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack – Lauren Alaina sang her third American Idol song and it was brilliant. The voting results will be intersting to see tonight. 9/10

Haley Reinhart –

“What Is And What Should Never Be” by Led Zeppelin – Haley rocked the hell out of this song and I enjoyed it. There really wasn’t a lot of growling going on but her voice is so damn sexy! How awesome is it that her dad was there playing guitar!? 9/10 (watch video now)

“Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac – Haley channeled her inner Stevie Nicks with this one and delivered a great, albeit windy performance. I don’t think it was as good as the Led Zeppelin performance but it was still good. 8/10

“You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morissette – Go Haley Go! A lot of people were worried that Haley Reinhart couldn’t pull this song off. Oh how they were wrong as she killed it. Great performance and I think after last night, Haley might be headed to the finale. 9/10

What do you all think about my American Idol performance ratings? Do you agree with them? Comment below with your thoughts and remember to tune in to the live American Idol results show tonight at 8|7c on FOX.



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  1. im sorry lauren nailed it last night!! i think lauren and sctotty deserve to be in the top.. hlaey i never liked i just think she screamed out alanis morrisettes you oughta know and the second song she sang was boring and terrible wasnt the song choice for her.. i think lauren sang all of her songs brilliantly.. i think american should give her a chance cause she is amazing.. so what she screwed up and so did haley..lauren never has been in the bottom excet oncebut haley has many times.. how could u vote hlaey into the finale over somebody whos voice overpowers hwers and only been in the bottom once while haley was in it many times.. laure has the looks and star quality and we wil hear again after the show haley we will not think about it..haleys voice irratats me.. i hope its an all girl competion and scotty gets voted out i dont like haley but id like to see both girls in the finale come on american vote for the girls!!

    • Comparing Haley with Lauren is like comparing riding the Cyclone rollercoaster with riding the Log Flume… Face it, Lauren is BORING !!! GOOD MUSIC = EXCITEMENT = HALEY = ROCKS !!!

      • Lauren and Scotty will go to the finale! Haley is not even in the same league with them, and after James Durbin left the show, it is really dull, but I can’t see Haley as marketable after AI. She doesn’t have the right qualities for an American Idol.

  2. I think SCOTTY should win. He is consistant, amazing, humble, handles everything with maturity way beyond his years. LAUREN is great, but seems a bit fragile and fearful. HALEY seems cocky to me and carries a “diva” attitude that does not work in her favor. Hope HALEY gets the boot and SCOTTY gets the prize next week.

  3. After following closely American Idol Season 10, I honestly feel that Lauren possesses all the qualities and flair of what American Idol is all about. Listening and watching again and again, I have no doubt that she is the next American Idol 2011.
    Haley is good, Scotty is better but Lauren is the Best. I bet with bottom dollar Lauren would be one of the two who would be in the finale next week.
    All the Best and Keep it up Lauren.

    • I completely agree with you and could not have said it better! America needs another Kelly Clarkson, and Lauren is IT.

  4. Wow Scotty just killed it,love his pipes.Laurian not bad Hailey no way. Can’t wait to see if he takes it all.

  5. Sorry Haley after last weeks results when Jame’s voted out, I found the show very boring and not exiting at all. But having Lauren at the show revives my soul and continue watching. And now having her at the finals makes it more exiting!. Scotty is good but Lauren is the best!!!!!!

  6. AMY is right we need another Kelly Clarkson!!!! LAUREN ALAINA <———– SONGBIRD

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