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PSN Online, Xbox 360 Hacks Itself

Posted by on May 18, 2011 at 11:13 AM EST

PSN is back online and now Xbox 360 users are battling a killer firmware.

PS3 owners who just got over the whole PSN debacle are getting their laughs in at this latest news. Some people updating their Xbox 360 with the latest firmware update will have nice surprise in store for them. Of course it depends on your definition of “nice” considering the surprise will be in the form of their console not working anymore. It’s sorta like the lottery but instead of winning a million dollars you just keel over and die.

“Following a recent update to our system software, we have become aware of an issue that is preventing a very small number of Xbox 360 owners from playing retail game discs,” Translation: You are not going to be playing Xbox for a few weeks if your console happens to be one of the models affected by the latest update. Luckily you can have your Xbox replaced if you are one of the “customers that may be impacted”.

What kinda sucks is if you bought your console second hand you might be out of luck. Still it is pretty nice that Microsoft is willing to replace the consoles. It just seems kinda hilarious that an update allegedly made for “anti-piracy measures” is bricking the consoles of people who actually paid good money for their hardware. The irony continues when you think of how much DRM Sony put into protecting their Blu-Ray discs while leaving the PSN vulnerable to identity theft.

On the bright side there is a 1gb increase in storage space but considering it came at the cost of making certain versions of the consoles DVD drives unusable. Just when they had Playstation on the ropes Microsoft pulls the old “your stuff might be broken” card. The only person that is left to have problems is Nintendo and they have been pretty stable since the whole blow in the NES catridgegate.   At least Microsoft is offering replacement that doesn’t involve hyperventilating into your console.



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  1. To all who traded in their PS3s for XBOX 360s due to the PSN disaster and are affected by this firmware crash:


    • Your an idiot. First off, to all those that switched would have went out and gotten newer systems that this issue doesn’t apply too. This is for early generation systems, to which I am getting a free upgrade from a 20GB old system to a 250GB slim version at no cost to me. Ya… I’m real sad about that. What a bummer (insert sarcasm).

      • First off, don’t call someone an idiot if you can’t be grammatically correct while doing it. You should have said “You’re”, not “Your”.

        Second, don’t you think it is possible that some people might have traded their USED PS3 for a USED Xbox?

  2. PSN was just reportedly hacked again. LMAO

  3. TOTAL B.S!!!!!!!!!
    The Xbox 360 is up and running…………. IT NEVER CRASHED….. I’m online now!

  4. This article is complete bullshit. The console won’t die on you. It just wont play new games that launch later this year. It will still work and it will be replaced with a new one before the new games are even in store. simple as that..

    The writer of this article is a complete idiot.

  5. ^


    these fanboys make me laugh so hard

    • *those

  6. Some instances of the older xboxes (that don’t match the kinect) seem to have this problem with certain games: Reach, Black Ops, Viva Pinata, that started in December. So I’d beleive this could be true.
    Sony’s never been that reliable to me, as I hated there only being 2 controller slots, and all the other little things they seemed to do in a funny way ( like how they announced to the world that PS3 wasn’t going to be backwards compatible at all, and then when people didn’t like that, they silently changed their minds. – I found out at Sam’s Club where all the PS2 games had “Works on PS3” stickers. So, I’m not surpised at all.)

    I’ve been sitting back & relaxing on the internet, watching the drama about anonymous unfold, as I was lucky that I didn’t have credit card information to put into PSN. (Also, playing on Steam & Minecraft) So for once, I don’t really care to be mad at sony. I just got to know what to expect from companies, none of this surpises me at all. ( I mean the biggest surpises I’ve had all month wasn’t that it was an anonymous sub-group, but that Microsoft is going to make it’s products work with chrome. Nintendo laying claim to anything you enter to your 3DS. And facebook paying people to exaggerate & extra frame google. -Because THAT’s unexpected.)

  7. Laughing at those who traded in their ps3 for xbox—um, if they got the Elite s (the new one), then there isn’t a problem. do some research. I know it’s been hard with your network down to think straight but seriously, it’s only affecting a small number of consoles….not everyone.

  8. Fuck ps3 and xbox 360 it’s all about the Wii!!!!!!!!!!! 😛 It’s fully modable and working perfect till this day!

    also PC rapes EVERYTHING!!!

  9. Gotta love the fanboys. I never said anything about Xbox Live being down and Last time I checked if your Xbox ain’t playing game discs then you can pretty much consider it broken. You also have to wait WEEKS in order to get the console back so regardless of whether it will only not play the new discs you will still have some downtime. I don’t know about you but that’s like a boredom death sentence for serious gamers without a backup console.

    • Hey Greg Jones, why don’t you keep up with the news before spewing this idiocy? Read this http://www.zdnet.com/blog/gamification/playstation-network-down-again-sony-get-your-act-together/399

      PSN is back down and now people’s passwords and PSN accounts are at stake. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Laugh for the PS3 owners? I think not. To all the PS3 fanboys, tuck your manhood between your legs once again while X-Box users enjoy their high quality service. Whatever the problem that a few people have with the X-Box firmware update, trust me, it’ll be corrected faster than it took PSN to fix their worldwide problem.

  10. obviously the writer is a ps3 fanboy.

  11. i love the title LuLz

  12. I own both systems, so this is no fanboy response. The X-Box 360 is fine. If you want to compare a 1 in a million to a world wide PSN outage and security breach, be my guest. PSN fanboys have no room to laugh at anything on X-Box except maybe it’s sometimes faulty hardware. This article is a joke. X-Box Live is up, running, and will continue to be that way without the major security breaches. No idea why anyone owns a Playstation if online gaming is priority. The PSN charity is garbage when it works, and whenever they feel like shutting it down or whenever someone really wants to hack them, it’s more “Downtime” for PSN.

  13. HAHAHA I love these console wars, and even better are the PC gamers who try to claim console gaming sucks. You are all poverty stricken losers, half of you still living at home with your parents. If any of you were actually adults or anything more than complete wastes of life, you would have a job and be able to afford a nice gaming pc, and all 3 systems.

    Too bad you would rather enter console wars to try to justify your purchase to yourselves. While you ps3 fanboys are offline, ill continue playing my modded xbox, got LA noire up right now. Enjoy your one console day, trailer trash.

  14. @Jose read that article again it’s just been updated there was no hack. smh way to look foolish

    • I never said anything about X-Box being hacked, you halfwit.

  15. My $1400 gaming PC pwns y’alls gaystation 3s and gaybox 360s any day. i7 processor and DirectX 11 graphics FTW 😛

    • @ pc > consoles

      hahaha you don’t even name what graphics card you have, you noob. Protip: Most of us have gaming pc’s, the only difference between you and me is ALL you can afford is a gaming PC. Enjoy missing out on all the great first person console titles. How you enjoying LA noire? OH WAIT

      LOLOLOLOL, its cute watching someone as obviously poverty striken as you, try to troll the comments with nothing more than a gaming PC.

      Step your game up, broke bitch HAHAHAHAHAHA

      • My graphics card is an ATI Radeon HD 5770. I have 12 GB DDR3 tri-channel RAM and Windows 7. I get 65-70 FPS in 1080p HD on Dirt 2 with maxed-out graphics settings. And Windows Live never goes down. And I don’t need firmware updates to brick my PC, just Windows security updates. And my PC is five times more expensive than a PS3. So go play your broken gaybox, or gaystation, or cheap-ass Wii, whichever you have, you low-income pussy ass bitch!!!!

        • Oh, and yeah, Intel Core i7-950 pwns AMD Phenom II x6 and most Intel Sandy Bridge processors. I don’t need consoles that get RRoD or broken networks to play awesome games.

          • HAHAH @ your rant PC>consoles. Again you are missing the point. I have a gaming pc capable of running any game I want on max, plus the systems so I dont have to miss out on a whole laundry list of amazing games that you won’t get to play. Keep trying to justify to yourself that you don’t need a console. The truth is, the decision was made for you when your trailer trash mother dropped out of school and started working at mcdonalds. No wonder you are so proud of your lackluster PC. She must have saved up for eons to be able to buy that for you.

            Us adults who don’t live at home can afford to have choices. Maybe one day, if you spend more time achieving something and less time exposing your envy online, you might be able to get on my level. Meanwhile, enjoy missing out on great games, neckbeard.

  16. i think ps3 is good there got blue ray games that last an long time unlike the xbox an hackers console for all the cheating you need for example halo reach an guy had rocket that was shooting out fuel rods

    • Fallin agel: Thank you for bringing up another good point. People who are fan boys for one console over another, are not only losers, but many of them can’t spell or construct proper sentences either. I am ashamed to share the internet with people this stupid.

  17. I can rest assure to that the PSN is indeed NOT down… For the only that IS down is the site… NOT playstation network… Your passwords are fine if you reset them using your email or ps3… So, Xbox lovers, lay off Sony.. After all, ps3 can still play the game even though there wasn’t online… Fanboys, and trolls… Gotta love em

  18. this sums up what PSN users are thinking: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yhQcDgMon8

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