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American Idol 2011 – Randy Jackson Hates Haley Reinhart?

Posted by on May 18, 2011 at 9:04 AM EST

randy jackson american idolIf you have been watching American Idol 2011 this season, it’s clear two of the judges are out to get Haley Reinhart.

Who hates Haley Reinhart on American Idol? If you’ve been watching this season, it’s clear that two of the judges are out to get Haley. Both Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson have been nothing but disapproving week in and week out; yet they praised the musical reject, Stefano Langone. Now, some people will say that Haley is stuck up or has a bad attitude but I completely disagree. The kid is probably the most talented musician left [not saying Scotty and Lauren aren’t talented] and she has a right to get pissed off when the judges hate on her.

Last week it seemed like Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez were out to crucify Haley Reinhart after she performed her first track. Of course, Haley came back at them with a vengeance with “I (Who Have Nothing)” and delivered what was quite possibly the best performance of the 2011 American Idol competition. [I looked at that performance as a big “F**k you” to Randy and JLo] I realize that since I’m a supporter of Haley and have been all season, maybe I’m overlooking the behavior everyone claims she portrays. [bratty, stuck-up]

That being said, I’d like to hear your thoughts on Haley Reinhart and the American Idol judges. Do you think Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez are too harsh on her? Why would they praise Stefano Langone and hate on Haley? Does she have a shot at winning American Idol Season 10? Comment below!



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  1. Yes, I believe that Randy and Jennifer are very hard on Haley. Why? They might tell you it is because they want to help her. I don’t think so. I believe they have never met someone who basically tells them that she is who she is and she will sing what she believe is good for her and they can like it or lump it. She has a look on her face when they criticize that says – “F… you”. Way to go girl. Randy wants “loud” and “high” all the time . Jennifer wants “feeling”. Haley does what she does with the voice that she has and it comes out fantastic all the time. She cannot reach the “high” notes Randy wants and the feeling, she sells it. I believe she will have a fantastic career. If she doesn’t win then she can come out first with a CD that we can all listen to and buy. Keep trucking Haley, you know who you are and what you can sing. Being labelled as a single type of singer can keep you back. Sing it all I say, just like Barbara Streisand.

  2. I fully agree with Betty. I think that Haley has the most beautiful voice this season. James Durbin went wild after the public voted him out of America Idol. The reaction was the result of the judges giving him superlative praises for almost all of the songs he performed on stage. His screamings were so irritating & Adam Lambert is a lot better than him. Lambert was or is never pitchy. There’s no comparison between Haley and James. His voice is not at par with Haley. I understand Haley’s irritation. Randy’s lack of tact and poor judgement showed unfairness on his part. I think that there should a new set of judges next season except for Steven who showed intelligence in his comments.

    • I agree with all you said…except for the last phrase. Stephen’s comments are always the same!: “It was beautiful” or “loved it” or “nice job.”

      He’s a horrible judge (like the rest), and not the brightest pea in the pod. LOL

      Get all new judges, because these jamokes are horrible!

  3. The judges were extremely critical of Haley. Their criticism was not constructive and it was obvious they wanted to sway the audience to not vote for Haley.
    Healy has by far the BEST vocals. She brings a unique sound that is not found often today: bluesy, raspy, edgy & soulful. Country crooners are a dime a dozen. Scotty will go far but not versatile enough to garner the pop crown. Haley will dominate despite what Randy/JLo say. Tyler is right > they got it wrong. ALL wrong. Haley to win !!

  4. Anyone who thinks otherwise is crazy. J-Lo and especially Randy have treated Haley unfairly all season. Has every performance of hers been perfect or even great? By far no. She stunk up “Call Me” and “I’m Your Baby Tonight.” However, to be universally criticized for just about every performance, while James is pitchy on every song, Lauren sings dull with no risks, and Scotty sounds like a monotone bass, is outrageous. James, Lauren, and Scotty are not even CLOSE to being able to do the things that Haley can do with her voice, yet every week its universal praise for them across the board. Jimmy, who actually gives credit to Haley, said it best when he said that America needs to stop comparing these people to themselves and start comparing the contestants to EACH other. Who care if Lauren is a little better this week than she was last week? She still is WAY below Haley’s level as far as style, uniqueness and voice quality.

    J-lo and Randy are making themselves look really foolish. America is getting it right so far by leaving Haley in the Final 3.

    • I think Haley sucks and is immature and not even good.

      • Well, then you’re clearly a dope.

  5. I’m sorry but I do not agree, this is maybe the second or third time they’ve given Haley CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and it wasn’t even harsh all they told her was that they didn’t agree with the song choice and that she needed to stop growling which I completely agree, this is a singing competition and her standing up there every week screaming and growling her way through a song is hardly singing it seems as if shes trying too hard, they criticized Casey for growling (he did it tastefully!) but never Haley and I think it’s about time, she sounds like a druggy. You think James’ screams were irritating well at least he hit notes when he screamed, Haley has no sense of melody when she gets up there and growls like a dog. She doesn’t deserve to be an “American Idol” if she’s going to stand up there and act like a spoiled, disrespectful brat and talk back to the Judges who are only trying to help her, that’s what they’re there for not to praise them every week and everyone else has received criticism too but because they didn’t throw a fit about it nobody accused the judges of hating them. I don’t want someone who acts like that to be my Idol, If she can’t take criticism then maybe she shouldn’t be in this business at all because she’s in for a reality check once the show is over. The ONLY reason she made it into the top 3 rather than James is because of the sympathy votes given to her because of her little fit, I don’t think it’s a slap in the face to the judges at all since they aren’t out to get her in the first place. These people have been in the business for years, I think they know what they’re talking about.

    • I’ll explain this again to you dingleberries that don’t have a clue:

      Haley has been vehemently criticized all season long!! No other contenstant has, despite awful performances!! James has been off-pitch all season long, Lauren has no confidence and it shows in her lackluster performances, and Scott has no range whatsoever and doesn’t sing anything out of his comfort zone. I would be pissed off too if the judges only gave constructive criticism to me and not everyone else!

      Get a f’in clue.

      And by the way, Haley’s “growl” is awesome when it’s not overused.

    • She’s in for a reality check when the show is over? What the heck do you know about it? Are you in showbusiness. Sheeesh.

  6. My husband and I have been saying this for weeks. Actually, after Pia was voted off, we didn’t really have a front runner and kind of thought that James would take it all. Then I realized every week that the only songs I sang for days after the show were Haley’s. When the judges aren’t throwing out trite phrases like “in it to win it,” and “we have a hot one tonight,” and “you might have missed your notes, but you were emotionally perfect,” they have to acknowledge that Haley’s performances are the ones that have the best display of actual talent.

    Primarily because of her excellent vocal skills, we are now solid Haley fans, but especially when the judges were so obviously unfair to her in favor of the others and ignoring James’ huge vocal problems (seriously, letting James open AND close the show, what was that about?), we became not just fans, but also power voters. :0)

  7. Wait a second…has everyone already forgotten about Simon?? He was infamous for his critisim!! Do we forget how critical he would be of a contestant in order to push them to sing their best only to get slammed for doing it. However, every time he would get it right and get respected in the end for “calling it like it is”. We cherished Simon’s directness and he made the show what it is today! Let’s not favor a contestant just because they go against what a contestant is supposed to do in a show; which is listen, learn and take the advice for what it is……..advice!!!! Haley is young and extremely immature when it comes to handling the critisim that comes with singing on a show known for producing talented singers. Randy, J-Lo and Steven are ALL very gifted artists that have been around long enough to know how to address the up-and-coming. Haley needs to get her head out of her stuck up ass and realize she’s not yet God’s gift to singing, she’s just a girl on a show at the mercy of the millions of poeple watching…and believe me Haley we’re watching!

    • You’re an idiot.

      • Oh shocker, a Haley fan that can’t accept critism without being rude.

        • Another shocker…a Haley basher making bold comments about a girl that he/she doesn’t even know.

    • Although I’m a BIG Haley fan, I do agree with your comments about her lack of ability to see the advice for what it is. I’ve been a huge Haley supporter and after seeing her very disrespectful reaction to the judges remarks it made me reconsider my voting choice. Every singer has had to deal with this type of criticism in their career and the way they react to it says a lot about their character. BUT then I realized how many singers out there have amazing voices and suck as a person. I like Haley’s voice but so far not her character, maybe she can prove me wrong. She still has my vote for now.

      I will say this, I’m beginning to see a trend in the rude replies to every person’s comments on this site that happen to be against Haley. EVERYONE has the right to their own opinion whether we agree or not.

      • Agreed, very well said.

        • True, everyone is entitled to their opinions…as off-base as they may be:)

  8. You don’t have to be in show business to know that celebrities are constantly being criticized, idiot.

    And by the way, Haley is the only contestant that the judges have ever given a standing ovation for so quit crying that she’s never been favored.

    • I believe the argument was that nobody else receives criticism when it is deserved (not about her being favored or not).

      And that argument is correct.

      • I can’t believe how much they kissed Stefano’s butt and then they rip apart Haley week after week. Something is very wrong here!!

  9. ANOTHER SHOCKER. No one knows any of these contestants. Its getting BEYOND sickening how many people are such god danm pushovers and BITCHES! Life is about critism learn to live and learn people!! Haley is the perfect example of this. People sound so retarded with all this ohhh poor haley crap blah blah blah grow a fucking pair i can’t imagine how many people walk all over you people with attitudes like this! Sorry to say life isnt all about god danm unicorns and bunny rabits. She acted like a complete little BRAT on national television. NOT ONE CONTESTANT IN THE HISTORY OF IDOL has ever acted like that towards a judge. A judge whom is not only the most experianced judge on the show but one of the most accomplished producers in the INDUSTRY! Simon would have never taken her little attitude. I do not hate haley because of her vocals i hate her because of her attitude, and is she really better then everyone else on the show?? James elimination has buzzed not only fans of america but countless celebrities, Alyssa Milano, Cheryl Burke, Chris Jerico, Sinbad, Chris Daughtry, THE ENITRE Manchester United Soccer team along their captain rooney, Jimmy Fallon, Mtv anchors and many others. Yes he may seem pitchy at times but he had the greatest preformance quality on the show and proved he was an artist going above and beyond pushing the limits to grow as a singer, there is no doubt in anyone minds that guy can Sing. Now lauren? She has one of the best voices idol has seen. Let’s remember shes only 16 so all you pathetic 30 year olds cutting her down GROW UP shes 16 and has a voice like that? Quite impressive I’d say. Of course she may not be the most confident shes young she has time to grow up and learn how to be a confident a quality preformer. Scotty well…….hes already A STAR. Country singers and CMT have been following him since the Idol season start. As we all remember Sheryl Crow said she would kill to work with Scotty and Knew she would see him in Nashville soon. Haley yes she does have a good voice and Yes when her growl is on she sounds reallyyy good and has a very interesting and distince style to her voice. But somtimes she pushes it way beyond and it seems as if shes trying to hard. The fact of the matter is Haley’s attitude has ruined my opinion of her. The way she acted showed a lack of maturity, class, and respectfulness and that’s what i will remember about her when the show is over.

    • This comment shows a lack of maturity, class and respect of others’ opinions. Grow up.

      • Agreed, very hypocritical.

        Everyone: Calm down. It’s just a show.

    • Actually… I totally agree with you. I may not have said i as crudely, but still… you’re 100% right. Haley’s bad attitude has turned me off. I don’t have a problem with he vocals – she’s just an arrogant entitled brat.

  10. if you’ve been watching the show from the beginning then you know that to start with Haley really wasn’t all that great. In all reality she probably should’ve gone home in the first few weeks. But since the she has really made an amazing transformation and in my mind is now the clear cut cream of the crop on this years idol. I think that the judges are harsh on her but they have a reason to be. especially since they started doing the multiple songs she comes out the first time and really doesn’t impress much but after the judges criticism she comes right back and kicks major a**. Haley can do things with her voice that most have never even thought about and the judges know that and expect to see it every time she performs.

  11. It is just a show but I find it quite funny that Randy picked a song like that for Haley to sing tonight. Wow! That hatred is complete lol. Maybe something happened that we don’t know about behind the scenes because he is hating on her worst then I’ve hated some of my worst ex-girlfriends.

  12. Also, one24 or whatever your name is it isn’t that people can’t stand criticism it’s just you want to see it given the same way to everyone. I can tell you it hasn’t been. Are you telling me that Lauren and Scotty haven’t had one bad performance yet since we’ve gone live? Idol wants Lauren to win I”m guessing since she fits the idol mold the best.

  13. Vocal ability: 1) Haley, 2) Lauren, 2) Scotty
    Stage Presence: 1) Haley, 2) Scotty, 3) Lauren
    iTunes Recording Quality: 1) Haley, 2) Lauren, 3) Scotty
    Giving 110% Effort on Stage: 1) Haley, 2) Scotty, 3) Lauren
    Marketable “Looks”: 1) Haley, 2) Lauren, 3) Scotty
    Distinctive Sound: 1) Haley, 2) Scotty, 3) Lauren
    Artistic Expression: 1) Haley, 2) Lauren, 3) Scotty

    where Haley wins in all cases, except:

    Popularity with Southern AT&T Text Messengers: 1) Scotty, 2) Lauren, 3) Haley
    Who the Producers Want to Win: 1) Lauren, 2) Scotty, 3) Haley

    Of course, I could be completely wrong, but that is how I see it!

    • HAHA marketable “looks”? Haley looks like a possum!!!!

    • You got this exactly right, Austin. No doubt, Scotty will have a successful career in Nashville. That was clear after just a few weeks. But Haley emerged as a legitimately solid recording artist with star potential. The real shocker is chubby little 16 year old amateur Lauren. She’s be called every amateur name in the book if Simon was still judging the show from kareoke to lounge singer to simply boring. Lauren will likely win, but she will have no career. The child needs weight watchers and a reality check. The judges love her, and young teen girls vote for her and THAT is the reality. Haley “can” make it in music, but it’s a challenge ahead. We’ll see what she does. For sure, it hurt that she didn’t make it to the final two. But listen, this is nothing new. Daughtry was clearly the best of his year, and he didn’t make it to the finals. The TV viewing audience in America is NOT the predominant population of people who purchase music. That’s why the voting is screwed up. As for the judge’s bias, I have no explanation other than ratings. And they know those 10 – 15 year old girls are tuning in for Lauren.

  14. Haley is a C***! What a lousy attitude

  15. Haley was the only one of the three who gave me a “Wow” moment. Lauren and Scotty (who WILL win – it’s all been worked out) are cute and sweet and I’d love to have them for my niece and nephew. But it’s Haley who should be the Idol. We’ll be hearing more for this gal!!!!

  16. Yes, they HAVE been rediculous to her… it’s nothing short of BULLYING. Randy and J-Lo are the Mean Girls Club and need to be more professional! I don’t think I’m going to watch it anymore. I don’t understand why Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery are still in it, did Country Idol, Nashville Star or whatever it was flop!? I’m sorry, but although very kind and warm ‘n fuzzy, they’re NOT idol material. Lauren Alaina isn’t even a good singer yet gets Praise, Praise, Praise after shockingly bad pitches, embarassing clothing, dorky responses, and very cloddy awkward perfomances, even for a karoake bar. Was it the tears for the flood victims that boosted her score? It’s not a pity pagent. I guess we have to wait to see what Haley may have done that turned Randy and J-Lo into immature bullies, but I would like to leave that type of behavior back in elementary school!

  17. The judges are NOT BULLIES they were just being honest, telling it like it is. If Simon were a judge this season, then I would have sympathy for Haley

  18. Somebody needs to bring that girl down to earth and take her head out of her ass. N im glad that Randy attempted to do so!

  19. There really is a burning brand of hatred when it comes to Haley. For the first and only time ever the Idol production released Haley’s Vote Total from last week. An obvious move to put her down, put her in her place. There really has to be some kind of backstory here. Sooner or later it will be outed.

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