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American Idol Final Three Poll (May 18, 2011)

Posted by on May 18, 2011 at 8:39 AM EST

scotty mccreery american idol season 10Who will be the winner of American Idol 2011?

Three American Idol contestants remain and tomorrow night another will be eliminated. With the season 10 finale just one week away, I want to know who you are rooting for to win. While I’ve expressed how much I love Haley Reinhart and her voice, I highly doubt she is going to win. I’m predicting that Lauren Alaina will walk away as the champion. Who do you think will be the American Idol winner?

I’ve thrown together an American Idol poll to see if we can’t predict the winner. It’s down to the wire and tonight the final three head home to perform live. With three songs in their lineup tonight, it’s definitely time to see who’s “in it to win it” as Randy Jackson says. Like I said above, I’d love for Haley Reinhart to win it but I don’t think that will happen. Scotty McCreery is an amazing country singer but he’s a little too country to win American Idol. That being said, Lauren Alaina is country but she has this poppy deal going on as well; similar to Carrie Underwood. I predict Lauren will win.

Tune in tonight at 8|7c on FOX to watch the American Idol Top 3 perform three songs in hopes of making it to next week’s finale.

Vote on the poll below and feel free to comment on your winner predictions and thoughts on the American Idol final three.

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  1. Haley For IDOL….

    • Hailey is a huge brat, Lauren is great, Scotty is the best by far!

      • I’m sorry, I thought this was a “talent” show, which should be be based on a singers skill. If you have not noticed Haley has sung just about every genre of music with skill and style (another important ingredient for pop stardom). Lauren and especially Scotty could not cover those songs to save their lives! And you know it. It gets a bit boring the same old same old week after week. At least Haley brings something new and refreshing. And people should get off this immature “brat” label. Haley has to stand up for herself against the lame judges every week. She was not rude–she just stood up for herself and rightly so. Judges should be ashamed of themselves. But ya know–all that fawning over James didn’t really serve him after all, did it? He thought he had it in the bag, at least is he was listening to those judges…so maybe she’s just tough enough to make it through and be a star. Cause you can’t let people roll you under the bus in the music biz, cause they will if it serves their own interests. I know the business and it ain’t pretty! Lauren would crack–too young…


  2. Lauren Alaina has the best chops of the remaining three. Her vocal tone is absolutely beautiful and pure. She exemplifies exactly what an American Idol is and I believe she is deserving of the title.

    • Hey Sarah,

      I totally agree with you – Lauren Alaina has it ALL – She can SING, has a great personality and is Beautiful!

    • Yeah, she fits right in the mold of all the other past winners (mostly guys) who are basically boring. You never hear much about them anymore…but she is nice–too nice for this biz.

  3. I think it should be between Scotty and Lauren. Hailey should have left last week. James should have never left. I really think this show is rigged. Cause he was a great performer and could out sing anyone there. They just don’t want anyone that is a real singer to make it on this show. Now it’s back to being a dull and boring show, at least when James was on here he made it entertaining!!!!
    Hailey can’t sing! There is NO WAY she should have made it this far.

    • Totally agree with Michelle. James had the chops to win this whole thing! Haley should have left weeks and weeks ago. All she does is growl and try to look sexy. The last two weeks she has sucked for one number and done well (according to the judges) on the other. Would you want to go to a concert where half of it sucks and half of it is tolerable? No way!

      Between Scotty and Lauren, I think Scotty is more mature and more comfortable on stage. He truly is a performer (more subtle than James, but a performer nonetheless). I think he deserves to win, but I hope Lauren gets a contract too. Hopefully James all ready has one – he truly is an inspirational man who loves his family more than anything in the world.

      • your right

    • Michelle says: “Hailey can’t sing! There is NO WAY she should have made it this far.” Michelle, you just let it be known to all the readers on this internet site that you are musically illiterate!
      Talk to real, pro players and say that out loud and you will be laughed out of the room. I’m sorry, but for anyone to say such a thing obviously is not capable of determining what makes a good singer or you are simply unwilling to admit that she IS a good singer. Which is it?

  4. Well IMHO, Haley is the best of the three hands down. I love everything about this girl, her voice, moves, the way she keeps fighting harder harder to win AI. But as you said, I don’t think she will win, cause its well known this is a popularity contest and NOT A MUSIC TALENT SHOW. My prediction: boring Lauren “I can’t hit those notes” Alaina goes home this week, and Scotty McCreepy will win the the finale (no doubt about this, because of his enormous fanbase.. all 12 yo gals and single 60 yo women)

    • Hailey is the least talented. She can’t take any criticism well and she talks back to the judges (pretty sure they know a little more than her),how will she react if she becomes a real star?! anytime a tabloid says something bad about her, she’ll throw a fit, she’s a brat. Lauren can obviously sing or she wouldn’t have made it this far. Scotty is amazing, people like him because of his amazing voice, its country. How many 17 year olds can sing like that

  5. You jealous females! LOL>>>
    Haley is the polished diamond in the rough… Leaps and bounds above those two country bumpkin teenyboppers.
    Poise, stage command and the most individually unique and soulful voice of them all.
    Haley deserves the win but imho this contest has been pre determined by the production co.

    • I doubt so many people dislike Hailey because she is pretty. Lauren is a lot prettier and people seem to love her,maybe it’s because she has a great personality, unlike Hailey.

  6. Nothing is rigged. I hope Scotty wins and when he does it will be because of his talent. He definitely has a HUGE fan base – very much needed to succeed. He is humble, Christian, mature and grateful…and looks good,too. I would buy his records, but not anyone else’s.

    • Is being Christian part of a requirement to be a success? I didn’t realize that. Being a Christian or not has no bearing of what should determine musical talent and star power. That’s not much different than playing the race card. It makes it sound like anyone who is not a Christian does not deserve to win in life. I respectfully disagree.

      • I think you are over analyzing her comment. She’s just stating that he’s a good christian, that’s not the reason she’s voting for him.

  7. I hope Scotty wins!!!

  8. HALEY NEEDS TO GO! No more screaming and growling and backtalking the judges! Lauren Alaina for the win!

  9. Lauren is my first choice, but I like Scotty too!

    • They both are amazing!

  10. Wow, quit acting like you know what your talking about. Haley is AMAZING! She is not a brat, I am sick of everyone saying she is. She hasn’t done anything wrong or bratty, just give her some slack. Y’all are just saying that because you don’t like her.

    • Well, Anony–By the Haley bashers’ comments, you can see that we are very fortunate that the record labels don’t listen to them–why? Because their criticisms of Haley have no musical merit whatsoever–it’s more of a petty, uninformed state of mind that is devoid of any real ability to make realistic judgments about “talent.” Haley will do fine. Heck, they all will do fine at this stage of things. Plus, Haley has a lot of musically educated and successful stars and producers backing her–Gaga, Zeppelin, Iovine, etc… people who know what sells. Just sayin’…

  11. Scotty or Haley!

  12. First and foremost all 3 are talented and can sing.I do hope Scotty or Haley win though. Scotty Is our next George strait! He’s sweet and very mature. I like haley because she’s different and can sing anything. Her performances are always “wow”,even when she sings a slow song like tonight when she sang rhiannon. She was gorgeous! I loved the way they had the wind blowing and how she shined. She looked like a star! This is a talent contest, meaning u should be able to sing anything and put on a performance, not just stand there! Sry but lauren alaina is boring!! Yes she can sing but MOST of the time she just stands there or prances here and there. At least haley dances or something.Haley Is just naturally a better performer. Haley can sing! Ya know there are different types of voices hers just so happens to be raspy. lauren acts very uncomfortable especially when she’s being Interviewed and very immature and I dont want to hear oh she’s only 16 cause Scotty Is barely a yr older and look how mature he is. She will crack under pressure she gets so emotional over the smallest things. The 1st time the tabloids say something negative she’ll break down. Mommy can’t always be there. She needs to suck it up, you have to stick up for yourself in the music business or you’ll get ran over and used. Haley Isnt brat. She stuck up for herself. I get the vibe that lauren can be a little stuck up. When she came to town she snubbed A LOT of people! Lauren reminds me of Carrie underwood. we Need something new and different not another Carrie underwood. Honestly they’ve all made it this far,they’re all going to get signed. At this point american Idol is just a popularity contest.

  13. go lauren i hope you win you are the best singer i love your voice 🙂

  14. Steven Tyler, Lady GaGa, Madonna, Janis Joplin, The Beatles…What do these artists have in common?
    They took their own paths despite any crticism. What else? They’re iconic and in a class all their own.
    Haley has that same spark and I just don’t see that in the other two. So for all you naysayers and
    pouty people who want to see a talented clone, I leave you with a paraphrased quote from Wayne’s
    World, “The Bee Gees were created so that Zeppelin could do the real sh..”

  15. Scotty: You are a breath of fresh air. Hope you win and if you don’t you will do great anyway.

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