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DWTS 2011 – Top Three Reasons Ralph Macchio Should Win

Posted by on May 17, 2011 at 5:14 PM EST

ralph macchio karate kidDo you think Ralph Macchio should win Dancing With The Stars 2011?

Should Ralph Macchio win DWTS Season 12? While I am rooting for either Hines Ward or Chelsea Kane, Ralph has a tremendous following of fans on the show that have supported him from the beginning.  Taking a look back at the season, I can actually see why so many people want Ralph Macchio to win, despite him being on the bottom of the leader board a few times.

Tonight we will find out if Ralph Macchio’s fans have kept him alive for the final three on Dancing With The Stars. Right out of the gates, Ralph was the man to be on the show but sadly his old age has caught up with him and its becoming increasingly difficult for him to perform the routines. That being said, let’s take a look at my top 3 reasons I have on why Ralph Macchio should win Dancing With The Stars: (if we count factors other than his dancing)

#3 – Ralph is probably one of the humblest guys on the show and that definitely comes out every week.

#2 – Despite being 49-years-old, Ralph Macchio is doing dance routines on Dancing With The Stars that people half his age could only imagine being able to do.

#1 – He’s the freaking Karate Kid!

Like I mentioned above, I am cheering Hines Ward and Chelsea Kane on but it would definitely not be upsetting if Ralph won. These are MY three reasons I think he should win and I’m curious to hear yours. Comment below. Tune in tonight at 9|8c on ABC to watch the live results!



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  1. well probably the main reason is how well a person dances. I like Ralph but like Hines even more, he deserves the win.
    Just hope it’s not rigged and the Disney chick doesnt win, since Disney owns ABC.

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