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Dancing With The Stars 2011 – Hines Ward Cries, Chelsea Kane Flies

Posted by on May 17, 2011 at 8:37 PM EST

hines ward week 9Hines Ward sets his emotions aside and joins Chelsea Kane atop the Dancing With The Stars leader board.

Last night was an exhausting, emotional night on Dancing with the Stars that saw each contestant perform three dances including a winner take all instant cha cha cha dance at the end of the night. With only four dancers left last night was a big night where the dancers had to give it their all if they wanted to move into the finals. Two dancers in particular seized the moment and did all they could to move forward. My two picks for this week’s DWTS winners are Hines Ward and Chelsea Kane.

Hines Ward had a rough week. As he and partner Kym Johnson rehearsed they were practicing some pretty wild lifts when he fell on top of her. She basically landed with all of his and her weight on her neck. It is a pretty ugly crash and as she lay on the floor she said she couldn’t feel her arms. She was taken by ambulance and Hines was beside himself with grief. After getting checked out she was released, sore but with no permanent damage. Kym stepped up last night and danced when it was unsure if she would even be able to and together they were amazing. Their first dance brought the Dancing With The Stars crowd and judges to their feet and brought Hines to tears. They got the season’s first perfect 30. Hines Ward’s second dance got another perfect 30. You could argue that the judges were easy on him because of what had happened this past week, but still, back-to-back 30’s is impressive.

Chelsea Kane was firecracker. She got a tongue lashing from the judges on the first dance for not being technically sound, but I thought she did the dance pretty well. They still gave her good scores and her second dance blew them away and netted her a perfect 30. During the DWTS winner take all cha cha cha. Each couple danced for 45 seconds then two finalists were chosen. They had 3 minutes to rehearse and then went back out for another 45 seconds. The winner got an additional 15 points added to their score which would all bout guarantee them a spot in the finals. Hines and Chelsea faced off in the finals and it was clear from the start that it was Chelsea Kane who was in control of this. She did some cool lifts and was focused. She was not going to be denied and got all three judges votes. Her winning the extra 15 points pretty much assures that she will be safe tonight and will be in the finals.

Hines Ward and Chelsea Kane stepped up at the right moments and saved their best for last. I would be extremely shocked if either one of these two were sent home tonight. Tune into the DWTS results show starting tonight at 8PM on ABC to find out who is sent home and who your final three dancers are.



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