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Dancing With The Stars 2011 – Hines Ward Conquers

Posted by on May 16, 2011 at 7:43 PM EST

hines ward dwts season 12Hines Ward will conquer tonight’s semifinals round of Dancing With The Stars 2011.

I think of Chelsea Kane and Hines Ward as the two dancers most likely to make the finals of Season 12 of Dancing with the Stars. They have both been consistent and danced very well for much of the season. It is also fair to say that they have earned their success through hard work.

I have been saying for the last few weeks that the only thing I felt that could keep Hines Ward out of the finals was an injury. Well, that might have happened, but not to him. During rehearsals this week Hines Ward and his partner Kym Johnson took a fall. She ended up being taken to the hospital by ambulance on a stretcher. As it turns out she fell on her head and likely sprained her neck. She has been seen wearing a neck brace, but claims she will be okay to dance tonight. This could affect Hines in a few ways. First, the mental stress of not wanting to fall again and being overly cautious. Second, clearly this cut into their rehearsal time in a week where they will have to do three dances. It might be a tough week for Hines.

Chelsea Kane has had a few bad weeks mixed in among her success, but mostly those weeks were not criticisms of her dancing, but more the choreography that her partner Mark Ballas put together. It looks like these two have to sometimes pay extra attention to stick to some of the rules and not go too far out there. I think Ballas is incredibly talented and comes up with some very cool stuff and I think much of the audience does as well, but the judges are a little more traditional so they have to walk that line and make both happy. Choreography aside, I think the only thing keeping Chelsea Kane from the finals is a major mistake, misstep or injury. Short of that I will be shocked if she isn’t there.

Tonight all the contestants on DWTS will dance three times. It will be interesting to see how Hines Ward reacts to Kym’s fall and what kind of interesting stuff Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas have in store for us. Tune in tonight at 8PM on ABC to watch it all go down.



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  1. I think Kelsie paid for those points tonight on that first dance. All she did was walk through those steps with no feeling at all. She is no dancer.

  2. I meant Chelsea. I wasn’t impressed.

    • Yea, that definitely wasn’t her best performance at all.

  3. What’s the deal with Hines…he’s awful…stands around as she dances does a few lifts…and 9’s and 10’s i’ve seen…he’s his partner dance pole. If he wins the show is a joke.

  4. What are the judges looking at? Hines missed steps in all dances tonight, hip movements awkward at times and arms just not there. He ain’t that good and all this praise makes me again feel the show is rigged

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