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Donald Trump Fires Himself

Posted by on May 16, 2011 at 1:29 PM EST

donald trump presidentDonald Trump announces his plans to back out of the race for President.

Donald Trump basically fired himself today. Trump officially announced that he will willfully surrender and back out of the upcoming presidential election even though he never confirmed that he was running. Despite all of his shenanigans with President Obama’s birth certificate and education, Donald Trump will continue to fire people on The Apprentice, just not as President of the United States. Do you think Trump could have been elected as President?

Donald Trump seems to think that IF he in fact ran, he would definitely win the election and become the new president of the United States. You know, I don’t follow politics too much but something tells me that The Donald might not be wrong in saying that he could win. It doesn’t matter anyways as we will never know because Trump has officially pulled out of the next presidential race. What do you all think? Should Donald Trump have run for president? Is he full of himself or did he have a chance of winning? Comment Below!

Also, remember to catch the season finale of The Celebrity Apprentice next Sunday night on NBC.



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