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Justin Bieber Snubs Fans

Posted by on May 16, 2011 at 11:56 AM EST

justin bieber chinaJustin Bieber snubs fans in Hong Kong!

Teen sensation Justin Bieber visited Hong Kong recently, where the pop star received treatment that he wasn’t used to. In Western countries, Bieber is wildly successful, and attracts quite a crowd. But according to the Sunday Morning Post, only 7 fans were present when Justin Bieber arrived at the Hong Kong airport.

It was also reported that he had “three times” more bodyguards than fans. Furthermore, Justin Bieber was said to be “looking grumpy and walking straight past the small group of fans as they yelled out his name.” You would think that Bieber would be able to greet this group, albeit small, since they had taken the trouble of missing school to see him (which is a big deal in Hong Kong).

However one fan (15-year-old Ruth Boon) defends Bieber’s behavior, saying, “He didn’t acknowledge us but that was probably because he saw more of the photographers.” Still, Justin Bieber’s Friday Hong Kong concert was successful, with the show being nearly sold out. Hopefully this cheered Justin up from what the Sunday Morning Post called an “embarrassingly low-key reception.”

What do you think? Did Justin Bieber act immature by ignoring fans? Or did he just wake up on the wrong side of bed?



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  1. He did that too when he visited Philippines. Soooooo grumpy! He won’t be successful without his fans.

  2. What is so frustrating is that he hasn’t even tweeted about it!
    Is this how he is going to act about things when he doesn’t get enough attention?

    🙁 sad…

  3. Seven fans too many for a crumply faggot.

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