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Dancing With The Stars Season 11 Recap: Dance Fever Is Back In Full Force on ABC

Posted by on September 21, 2010 at 12:09 PM EST

dancing with the stars recapAfter much anticipation of Dancing With The Stars Season 11 kicked off on ABC last night with a few bangs, a few fizzles and a lot of nerves.

We covered Dancing With The Stars all day yesterday, leading up to the premiere last night on ABC. While Dancing With The Stars Season 11 had some falters, there were many triumphs and I found myself entertained throughout the entire DWTS red carpet premiere event. In case you missed last nights premiere event, strap on your dancing shoes and dance your way through last nights performances with the Dancing With the Stars recap.

The dreaded opening slot went to resident hottie from The Hills, Audrina Patridge, who was a little nervous at first, but seemed to relax as her performance went on. Her outfit did not disappoint. It was very revealing and sexy. Carrie-Ann Inaba even suggested she get more sexy in future episodes so it looks like there is plenty more hotness coming on Dancing With The Stars. The judges seemed to like Audrina Patridge and the crowd gave her props. Her score was only average, but they felt she had plenty of room to improve.

Kurt Warner went next. While he was decent, he too showed some first-performance jitters and was a little stiff. As he said himself, there have been plenty of NFL players on the show, but he is the first quarterback and quarterbacks tend to be a little stiffer than players in other positions on the football field. Kurt Warner seemed happy to have his first performance done and said he was looking forward to the following weeks on Dancing With The Stars Season 11.

Up third was the surprise of the night. The little known Kyle Massey took the room by storm. While he seemed to be funny and a little awkward in the rehearsal footage, he was a beast on the dance floor. His dance electrified the crowd and the judges loved him. If he brings that fire week in and week out he will be hard to beat on this season of DWTS.

Rick Fox followed Kyle Massey and for the first time in his life found his height to be a problem. His partner had to have special four-inch heels made so that she could be taller and much of their rehearsal time was spent figuring out how to do the moves without him having to bend and stoop too far. When they hit the dance floor any worries they may have had were gone. Rick Fox killed it and impressed the judges last night on Dancing With The Stars.

The room was electric after two stellar performances, but that came to an end when Margaret Cho performed. At first it appeared she was going to pull it off. She had some moves and looked rehearsed, but then her routine took a weird turn as she did some (presumably) choreographed comic flubs. Cho turned her dance into a Stooges act and the judges were not impressed.

Brandy brought the level of dancing back to a high standard with her very pretty, effective Waltz. She seemed happy and comfortable and the judges really liked her.

Bristol Palin was up after Brandy. She is the dark horse in this season of DWTS, claiming that she will only wear conservative outfits and she won’t do anything too sexy. There was much drama about the security needed for her mom to be in the audience that night. And nobody knew if she could dance. Ten seconds into the dance the conservative outfits were gone. She started wearing a business suit, which tore away to reveal a very sexy, very short 1920’s era inspired go-go dress. She showed plenty of leg and ended her somewhat awkward performance with her partner grabbing her ass. The judges gave her marks for trying and think she could blossom during the show. After all the drama, Bristol Palin said her mom (Sarah Palin) wasn’t there that night, but there is no way of knowing if that is true, or just another security measure.

America’s Mom Florence Henderson followed Bristol Palin and while she looked confident and was enthusiastic, her dance was a little off. It was great for a 76-year-old woman, but not up to par with some of the other contenders of Dancing With The Stars Season 11. We hope Flo can pull through, she has some spunk, and we like to see that.

Following her was Michael Bolton who seemed stiff, nervous and even a little bored. He was even chastised by the judges for letting his partner lead. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino was a let down and didn’t do well at all. He said he only had five days worth of rehearsals instead of the three weeks the others had. Maybe that extra time would have helped, maybe not.

The behind the scenes footage of Jennifer Grey’s rehearsals was very emotional. When they selected the song “These Arms of Mine” from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack she broke down crying with the memories of her good friend Patrick Swayze. She did Swayze proud on the dance floor, nailing her dance and bringing the crowd to their feet. The crowd and judges love her. It is clear why she is favored to win this season of Dancing With The Stars.

Last to go was David Hasselhoff. While he had energy and a good spirit about himself he seemed a little confused and a little lost. The judges didn’t seem too impressed.

Overall most of the contestants were average. They did decent and got through their first routine. As the nerves fade in coming weeks it looks like this season could turn into a very good competition.

One thing that bugged me is the show’s insistence on using a live band to perform the songs. That wouldn’t normally be a problem, but they are playing popular, if not sometimes iconic songs, and they come off like cheesy lounge versions of the song. It is annoying and distracting. The show is a huge hit and makes plenty of money, they should just pay the fee and license the actual songs performed by the actual artists

Tune in for the Dancing With The Stars Season 11 Live results show tonight at 8|7c on ABC.



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