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Survivor 2011 – Boston Rob Wins?

Posted by on May 15, 2011 at 7:41 PM EST

survivor boston robIt is a little difficult to predict who will in Survivor: Redemption Island tonight simply because going into tonight’s finale it seems like half the cast is still alive and in the mix.

While that might be a little bit of an exaggeration it isn’t too far from the truth. Tonight we have eight people still alive on the Survivor Redemption Island finale, including Boston Rob. I would assume that there will be one winner take all duel on Redemption Island with the winner of the duel going back into the game and the other three contestants leaving the game. That will narrow it down to the final five which would consist of Rob, Phillip, Natalie, Ashley and whoever wins the duel. There will likely then be two immunity challenges to narrow that field down to three and those three will sit in front of the jury.

So how do I go about picking a Survivor 2011 winner? I would start by saying that the odds are in the favor of one of the four who are still in the tribe. The reason is that they might have alliances built there and they aren’t the odd one out reentering the game. They also don’t have to beat three other people in a four-way duel. From there I would narrow it down to control aspects. Boston Rob still holds an immunity idol. So even if he loses the immunity challenge he can play the idol and guarantee himself a spot in the final four. If he wins the immunity challenge he could use the idol to buy some loyalty.

At this point it seems like Boston Rob is pretty much hell bent on taking Phillip to the finals and banking on people’s dislike for him to play against him. I would guess that he might also want to take Natalie with him as well simply because she seems like someone people don’t really care for and has done very little this season to distinguish herself. However, this might be inaccurate. One of my huge criticisms of this season of Survivor is that they have spent so much time on the gimmicks that we have barely gotten to know half the people still left in the game. It is sad when we are heading into the finale and I still have trouble remembering people’s names.

So I would guess that Rob will want to Natalie and Phillip to the final and the only thing that can keep that from happening is one of them to not win immunity. In the end I think Rob and Phillip will likely sit in the Survivor Redemption Island final three. Who the other person is I have no real clue. If that person is Matt he would have a legit shot at winning the money. If it isn’t I see very little in between Boston Rob and the money. He will be able to make one hell of an argument that he has run the game since day one and orchestrated every move. Phillip claims that he has an argument ready that will convince the jury to give him the money. It better be impressive because short of it being a great speech I don’t see any reason why Rob won’t win it all.

That is my prediction. Tonight Boston Rob realizes a dream 10 years in the making and wins Survivor: Redemption Island. However, with so many people in play you never know what will happen so tune in tonight at 8PM on CBS to see it all unfold.



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  1. Sooo incredibly disappointed that Rob won. Boo. He never should have been on there that many times anyway.Oh well, hopefully next time new people will get a chance!!

  2. Boston Rob played a brilliant game and totally deserved to win, no one else came even close to deserving it. So happy that the right person won.

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