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Survivor Redemption Island – Final 8 Castaway Predictions

Posted by on May 15, 2011 at 7:43 PM EST

survivor redemption islandIt has been an interesting and different season of Survivor and it all comes to an end tonight in what promises to be a pretty action packed finale.

Who won Survivor Redemption Island? Normally, the Survivor formula would have there be 4-5 people left going into the finale. They would have a couple of immunity challenges and that would whittle it down to the final two or three depending on how many people they want in front of the jury for the finale. This season, with the addition of Redemption Island there are actually eight people left all battling for the money. Which of the final castaways have what it takes to win?

Here is a rundown of everyone still left vying for the million dollar Survivor winner prize:

Boston Rob: All Survivor fans know who he is. He is the veteran who came in as one of two surprise “celebrity” contestants and he has basically run the show from day one. At times his tribe has been so heavily influenced by him he told them when to sleep, when to eat and even who to go with to pee.

Phillip: Is Phillip really crazy or is he just crazy like a fox? He drops hints that it has all been an act and swears he has an argument that will convince the jury to give him the money. Crazy or not, he has been entertaining as hell to watch.

Ashley: She has been Rob’s loyal sidekick and done as he has said all season until last week when she won immunity and flexed some muscle convincing Rob to vote off Grant. She has been kind of a quiet player and in the background most of the season. Can Ashley Underwood win Survivor?

Natalie: Speaking of being in the background, Natalie, like it seems most of the girls this season, has also been out of sight and out of mind. For that matter nearly anyone not named Rob or Phillip has not been featured much. I have watched the entire season and still know next to nothing about her.

Andrea: She made the mistake first of becoming close to Matt and that eventually cost her. Now she sits on Survivor Redemption Island where Matt is angry with her. If she wins the duel and returns to the game she could be tough to stop because she is good at challenges.

Matt: Matt has pretty much spent the entire season on Redemption Island. He seems like he is near his breaking point, but still continues to win the duels and hold on. If he can hold on and make it to the finale the jury might give him the money just because of how well he did in the Redemption Island duels.

Grant: The former NFL player has been Silvio to Rob’s Tony Soprano. He has excelled in challenges and has helped Rob orchestrate things from early on. And it cost him last week as the girls convinced Rob to take him out and send him to Redemption Island.

Mike: Mike is the former Marine and Iraq war veteran who showed his heart a few episodes back. After winning a duel on Redemption Island he had to choose between letting himself and the others on Redemption see their family member or letting the rest of the players see theirs and he sacrificed himself so everyone else could see their family member. He seems like a good guy who could make a run in the challenges and find himself in the final.

There you have it. Rob, Phillip, Ashley and Natalie remain in the tribe at camp while Matt, Grant, Mike and Andrea wait on Redemption Island to battle it out to see who will get to rejoin the game and have their shot at the $1million dollar prize. Tune in tonight at 8PM on CBS for the 2-hour Survivor Redemption Island season finale followed by the 1-hour reunion show.



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