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Survivor Redemption Island Winner Poll (May 15, 2011)

Posted by on May 15, 2011 at 9:32 AM EST

boston robWho will win Survivor Redemption Island tonight? (May 15, 2011)

Which Survivor Redemption Island contestant will be crowned the winner tonight? It’s been a long season to CBS’s hit show that seems like it’s been around forever. Going into tonight’s finale, fans have several predictions that all boil down to one question: Who will be the 2011 Survivor winner? Can Ashley Underwood beat Boston Rob?

I’ve put together a Survivor Redemption Island poll to see if we can predict tonight’s season finale winner. From what I have heard, Boston Rob is favored to win and Andrea Boehlke is the underdog.  On tonight’s final showdown, we will see the remaining 8 contestants battle it out in a duel. From there the final three will be chosen and then Jeff Probst will announce the winner of Survivor Redemption Island. Who will walk away with the $1 million prize? I’m rooting for Ashley Underwood to win it all. How about you?

Tune in tonight at 8|7c on CBS to see which Survivor Redemption Island contestant has been deemed as the winner and be sure to catch out the live reunion show immediately following.

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  1. this season of survivor has been weak. i for one am tired of has beens coming back to the game. give me fresh people. the best part of survivor is new characters learning as they go. people who are “re runs” have a huge advantage. come on mark and jeff stay original.

    • I agree. I found this season kind of weak myself. There was so much going on between Rob, Russell and Redemption Island that the barely spent time letting us get to know the players. We are going into the finale tonight and even having watched every episode there are people I have trouble identifying.

      Hopefully next season will be all new people and less gimmicks.

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