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American Idol 2011: Lucky Ladies Comeback

Posted by on May 14, 2011 at 8:37 AM EST

american idol final 3L.L. Cool J once famously rapped, “Don’t call it a comeback/I’ve been here for years.” You might say the same about the girls of American Idol.

Once the Top 13 finalists of Season 10 of American Idol were announced it was like open season was declared on the girls. Clearly the female heavy audience didn’t have a lot of love for the ladies on the show. Five of the first six people eliminated were girls (Casey Abrams was the only guy in that group and the judges saved him).  Even after most of the girls were gone Haley Reinhart was a regular visitor to the bottom three and it looked like she was soon to be gone as well.

At one point it was so bad judge Jennifer Lopez actually pleaded with the viewers to not vote the girls off American Idol. Maybe it was her pleas or maybe it that the voters felt guilty after ousting Pia Toscano. Whatever it was, things changed. When the group was narrowed down to the Top 8 Lauren Alaina and Haley Reinhart were the only girls left. As of this week with the group down to the Top 3, both girls are still standing and at least one of them is guaranteed a spot in the final two.

So what happened? Was it just that the other girls were not that good? In some cases you could make that argument, but I think most people would agree that Pia Toscano is a pretty good singer and I would argue that there were at least a few of the guys who were just as bad as any of the girls who were voted out.  I think it might have been a combination of things. I think people just like Lauren Alaina. She seems like a nice person and has a good personality. Plus she is a good singer and I think the heavily teen/tween girl audience has a sisterly kinship with her where they like her instead of seeing her as threat to their crush on any one of the guys.  When it comes to Haley Reinhart I think she was just better than Jacob Lusk so she lasted longer than him and I think that her ability to pull it out when she needs to leaves people with a good impression. Think of it like going to a concert. If 80% of it was bad and boring, then the band cranks it up and blows you away for the last few songs you tend to remember those songs. As the last few episodes of American Idol have ended, Haley had left the crowd with a pleasant taste in their mouth and her big notes fresh on their minds.

Whatever it is we have seen something that I would have never thought was going to happen. Had you asked me when we were down to the top 8 I would have said the last 3-4 people left standing would all be guys, but while the girls of Season 10 of American Idol may have taken some hard shots early on, they have held strong and are now in a very good place to win this competition. For Lauren Alaina and Haley Reinhart it hasn’t been a comeback, they have just persevered.



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