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Sienna Miller Brings Down British Government

Posted by on May 13, 2011 at 6:22 PM EST

sienna millerDon’t mess with Sienna Miller or she will take you down, collapse the government and squash you beneath her pretty little fingers.

Sienna Miller just accepted a payout of $162,000 from Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp as a settlement for their role in a snooping scandal in England that has reached all the way to the Prime Minister’s office.

If you thought the world of tabloid journalism was competitive in the U.S., it is nothing compared to what it is in the U.K. The tabloids there all but go to war with each other to break stories and uncover dirt. News Corp owns one of the large tabloids, News of the World, and they allegedly hired a private investigator to hack into the voicemail and mobile phone accounts of as many as 20 different well-known British celebrities. (Sienna Miller)

When Miller found out she was one of New Corp’s targets she took legal action.  Her actions have led the paper to admit liability and set aside around $32 million dollars in a fund to pay for damages to the victims. The list of celebrities seeking settlements with the paper could be very long.

Sienna Miller’s attorney has said this case was never about money for her, but more about wanting to find out how in-depth this hacking went and what kind of information the tabloid had on her.

This story has reached to the halls of the highest chambers of power within the British government as reports show that they may have hacked the mobile phones of the two crown Princes William and Harry. Current Prime Minister David Cameron’s head of communications Andy Coulson has resigned in the wake of the scandal. Coulson was the editor of News of the World when this Sienna Miller scandal first erupted. He denies any wrongdoing, but says the controversy surrounding the story was distracting him from his job. If it turns out that the princes did have their phones hacked, all hell could break loose.

If Sienna Miller won $162,000 and the company has put aside more than $32 million for future damages that seems to indicate that there are either far more than 20 other potential victims or the level of damage done to those victims was far larger than that which was done to Miller. It will be interesting to see how this all plays itself out. We will keep you posted.



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