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Miley Cyrus Prison Tat Paradise

Posted by on May 13, 2011 at 5:42 PM EST

miley cyrus bikiniMiley Cyrus and her mother show off what could be considered prison tats while in paradise.

When you see the picture you expect Dog the Bounty Hunter and his crew to come storming up over the dunes, decend down on the group and start handcuffing people while calling everyone “Brah.” It’s not that the people in the pics are committing a crime; it is just the fact that there are so many jailhouse looking tattoos that you would think someone in that group did some time. You might never guess it was Miley Cyrus, her mom and other members of inner circle out at the beach for a little relaxation in Brazil while Miley tours South America. Has Miley or her mom ever done a stint in Sing Sing or up in San Quentin because some of the tats this crew is sporting look like they might have been done by a guy doing 3-5 for B&E?

Miley Cyrus and her mom Tish Cyrus hit the beach with a few other people, quickly stripped down to their bikinis and – judging by the pics – seemed to have a good time soaking up some sun and playing around on the beach. Miley looks fit and her mom is in pretty good shape too, but the tattoos are a little alarming. Tish Cyrus has a full back tattoo of angle wings. I guess you never fully expect a mom to have a full back tattoo, but there is no missing these. Miley has the words ‘Just Breathe’ under her left breast (a tribute to a friend who had cystic fibrosis) and a dream catcher on her ribs. She reportedly has five different tattoos, but these two were the most visible as Miley Cyrus and mom had bikini time in the warm Brazilian sun.

So Dog can call off the pack. It isn’t an escaped fugitive covered in jailhouse tats who had jumped bail and was hanging on the beaches of Rio. It’s just one of the biggest pop stars in the world and her mom showing off their ink.

Enjoy the Miley Cyrus and Tish Cyrus bikini and ink show pics at EGOTASTIC.



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