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PSN Online for Modern Warfare 3

Posted by on May 13, 2011 at 5:15 PM EST

modern warfare 3Will the PSN (Playstation Network) be back online for the release of Modern Warfare 3?

Here is a question. Which will happen first: will  PSN come back online or will Modern Warfare 3 be released? That might seem like an easy question, but after the leaks today that show all kinds of information about Modern Warfare 3 it might be a little closer to being released than we think and as we all know PlayStation doesn’t seem to be in all that much of a hurry to get their network back up and running. There are some gaming retail outlets that have reported that PlayStation 3 trade-ins are up over 200 % in the last week with some people taking cash while others are switching to the Xbox 360.

While PlayStation (Sony) drags their feet (never mind the potential expose of customer information) developers have been hard at work on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and if the information leaks from today are to be believed it will reshape the Call of Duty franchise and redefine  first person shooter style games.

If you don’t want to know any more and don’t want any potential spoilers, don’t read on past this sentence.

Among the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 leaked information are details about characters, pictures, sounds and maps. The game allegedly opens right after Modern Warfare 2 ends. The single player campaign will take the player all over the world. You will be a Russian FPS agent, a SAS Operative, a tank gunner and an AC-130 gunner.  There should be around 15 different missions. These missions start with a bang as the Russians invade Manhattan and the storyline ends with a final confrontation in Dubai.

Many characters from MW2 will be back in recurring roles and the storyline supposedly wraps up some unanswered questions including what happened to operatives named Frost and Sandman.

Among other Modern Warfare 3 spoilers it looks like there will be around 20 multiplayer maps and there will be campaign based and survival based special ops modes. Among the multiplayer maps are Brooklyn, New York, Paris and Mogadishu. There is also an audio clip that makes mention of Seal Team 6. It is unknown if this is just the game name-checking the team that is reportedly responsible for taking out Osama Bin Laden or if they actually play a role in the game.

Modern Warfare 3 is supposedly scheduled for a November release. Hopefully PlayStation will have their PSN back online and running by then.



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  1. this article is really biased looks like it was written by an xbox fanboy

    • This author is clearly misinformed or simply does not know what he is talking about. Every year CoD has been released in early November (between the 8th and 11th) so the release date can be assumed to be the same. The PSN finally had a deadline of May 31st posted about a week ago for when it should be up and running again. Even that date could change but not by 5 months.

  2. Nice try sony PR department

    • LOL! Supposedly PSN is scheduled to be back up and running by May 31…we shall see

    • psn will still have tens of millions more users still be free they dont hustle 50 a year out of u for high speed access u already pay for games will still look a lot better on ps3 like mass effect 2 and psn users will be overinsured unlike xbox oh and one more thing sony owns naughty dog uncharted 3 game of the year boooyyy

      • Despite your well thought out and clear response, I believe you sir, are a fool.
        Xbox Live may have a subscription but it is indeed alive, more than what can be said about PSN, SOE or their PR team. Sony have treated their fans worse than terrible and they’ll need to do a lot to correct that.

        • if sony treated their fans bad, then microsoft robbed their fans. who in the world charges 150 bucks for a 250gb hdd?

        • Forgetting the xbox Christmas fiasco much?

        • you see everyone is freaking out since it has been off for 3 weeks and the xbox users just think they have it all when this happens let me tell you something this is the first time ps3 has been hacked in 5 years and it didnt have a secure firewall so just STFU when you say ps3 and xbox rules when the xbox has been hacked numerous times and offline numeous times and you still have to pay for subscription and no welcome back gift see ps3 has been hacked 1 time and we are getting something that you will never get

  3. Flame war begin!

  4. Seriously. Does the author even own a ps3? I like how “gaming outlets” are reporting an increase in ps3 trade-ins. This is based off one report out of the UK. Hardly a representative sample or a trend across the US like the article implies. Please go back to playing your 360 and leave the journalism to professionals.

    • If you go back and read what I actually wrote I say: “There are some gaming retail outlets that have reported that PlayStation 3 trade-ins are up over 200 % in the last week ”

      Nowhere do I say that that this is a trend from across the US.

      • I stand by my statement. You sure as hell did imply that it is a common trend, no matter what you stated or did not state. A more accurate, responsible approach would be to say, “three game retail stores in the UK have noticed an increase in ps3 trade-ins” but then your story would lose merit. Personally, I’m even suspect of that original story. I saw no hard numbers showing a 200% increase. Seems to me some UK journalist talked to some sales people and reported what they said as fact. Shocking that internet journalism would report something without properly researching, dontcha think?

        • The original source that I got that number from is a story where the journalist talked to a few different outlets and different sources at those outlets. Again, I never represent my statement as anything more than a few stores claiming that their trade-ins were up as much as 200%. I never represent it as being a wide-spread trend. I never represent it as being hard number nor do I represent it as being industry wide event. To me it is a sign that some people are frustrated and are moving on, that is all.

          I think you might be reading too much into it. Or, possibly, you just don’t like me or my article and you are digging to find fault. That is cool with me, it’s a free country and you can believe what you want and you are free to say anything you would like here on this site. I just want you to know that my intention was never to project that number as a being some kind of a sign that there is a mass exodus taking place by PS owners, but just that some people are frustrated and are moving on.

      • Many articles have been reporting that despite the PSN being down the PS3 still outsold the 360 and Wii in the month of April. So you’re saying these people are buying new PS3’s and trading them in immediately? Good reporting…

  5. can someone please explain what 200% ps3 trade ins means?

    • say in a 2 week span the average amount of trade ins was 20,000, now in two weeks its 40,000

      • actually, it means, it went from 20,000, to 60,000. why? because 100% increase would mean its grown by that much the initial amount…

  6. Jeff Kane is an X-cocks 360 fagboy.

  7. You know whats excessive? trading in your ps3 after 3 weeks without black ops this either isn’t true or some people need to get a life/

  8. Trade ins are possibly up because of brink and mortal kombat coming out and places like EB Games giving wicked exhcange deals for those games… ever think of that? As for the simpletons who are taking the outages as some sort of sign of the apocalypse… Grow up. Psn is down, it was bound to happen sooner or later, if you are going to switch over to xbox, good for you, enjoy your inferior system, charged network, and all round waste of money. I am a ps3 fan, i am biased, i own both, i dont have live, so instead of waiting at home having a spaz, i went out and did something, it is possible, i do play psn alot, more than i probably should. But instead of demanding payment and bonus materials for something i dont pay for, and then when they are promised, complaining that they are not good enough, i got on with my life, hung out with friends, went for a run, kicked a soccer ball, shot some hoops, stuff we used to do before we allowed ourselves to be enveloped into a vicarious world of headshots and multikills.

    Yeah it sucks, we are down one thing to waste time on, but instead of complaining get a life.

    • You do pay for it. You’ve already paid for the console which advertises online play capabilities. Same goes for every game you bought which has PSN features. We deserve free shit because our credit card info was comprimised. I think Xbox is inferior by miles but if PS3 had no online gaming capabilities when I was choosing a console I would have went straight for an Xbox

    • I’m tired off fuck sticks like you telling people that love video games to get a life. I work out, go to work hang out with friends etc. If I want to sit at home and play games too thats my choice. Get your head out of your ass with your get a life crap. Live the way you want to and us video game players will live ours

      • Well said Sir, I agree!

      • he doesnt mean everyone necessarily, hes just talking about the people who DO only depend on video games as a source of entertainment and nothing else. and this is just my opinion, but somene who does just practically live off of video games, really needs to reevaluate their life

  9. This article is an joke

  10. “redefine first person shooter style games.” What exactly from the leak possibly led to this conclusion? Looks a lot like just more of the same and no details on anything that may bring anything remotely new to the genre.

  11. Cod games are alway shown around now. The question should be: what will happen first, modern warfare 3 release or this website actually does some research not just reading it off kotaku? ( pretty sure that’s Kotaku’s picture too)

  12. I agree with titreano this seems like modern warfare 2.5

    • its to early to tell

  13. Go back to Writing articles about what shoes Justin biebers wearing today, and stop gloating about the fact a companies reputation has been ruined and 77 million people losing their personal details.

  14. LOL Article is written by a troll.

  15. Comments like yours jonnyrotten are funny,you tell people to go out and get lives but you yourself are in the chat section of a very poor article commenting.People are not trading in there ps3’s because they want to play black ops,they are trading them in because over the past 3 weeks sony has allowed our personal and financial details to be stolen,waited 6 days before alerting us then giving no real updates at all,the only updates or estimates for a relaunch time have been lies.Im not going to trade my ps3 but i can understand why people are,its not because of black ops they just don’t trust sony anymore

    • Black Ops sucks ass anyway

  16. LOL the person who wrote this must hate sony because he actually says which will come out 1st psn out or mw3 WTF man november is in 6 months … & i know psn is taking ages but seriously if it took like 3 months the sales will completely go down so people will mainly get it for xbox & WTF what gonna be crazy to actually think sony will take that long

  17. I’ve loved the Playstation ever since I was 5. I remember playing GTA when I was 8. But now, i’m thinking of trading to an XBOX

  18. LOL the person who wrote this must hate sony because he actually says which will come out 1st psn coming back or mw3 WTF man november is in 6 months … & i know psn is taking ages but seriously if it took like 3 months the sales will completely stay the same so people will mainly get it for xbox & WTF u gotta be crazy to actually think sony will take that long… of course its an xbox fan

  19. Now now children let’s all get along. For all of you PSN users, here is information on how Sony plans to compensate the downtime:


    They will be giving away tons of fake currency for free! Yay!

    • Old news.

    • Thats SOE they run servers for mmo SCE runs the psn so that thread is useless for psn subscribers

  20. Just to clear up a few things. First. I am not a Sony PR plant nor am I an Xbox fanboy. I own neither. The article is somewhat meant as a satire. When you are waiting for something to be fixed even a short period of time can feel like forever. A friend of mine as a PlayStation and plays on PSN all the time. He is angry with Sony over all of this and is annoyed by the down time. So I made a joke as to which will come first, the release of MW3 or the PSN getting fixed.

    While I may not be a PSN badass nor an Xbox expert and there is no doubt that everyone in this thread is not only cooler than me, but could kick my ass at any first person shooter. . . don’t mess with me on Space Invaders because I will take you down. Unlike you fair-weather fans I chose a gaming console in the mid 80’s called Atari and I remained loyal and stick with it today. 🙂

    • I accept your challenge!

  21. And from the news stories I read about the trade ins, EDGE asked ONE video game store manager who said that one store had seen a 200% increase, For all we know, that means instead of recieving 3 PS3 trade ins for the week, they recieved 6. But the media made it out to be a lot worse than what it was.

    • Well if that’s the case then that means the increase would be 100%, where did you learn maths

  22. this is possibly the worst article i have ever read. Pull your head out of your ass and learn to write properly, and stop this sensationalism nonsense

  23. I really hope this person didn’t get any money for this. Is this a MW3 preview or a piece of news about the Playstation Network? I’ll answer. It’s neither. This is the most pointless piece of writing I have ever had the time to waste on. Cheers.

  24. Oh hang on. Just read his comment. Good job they’ve got someone who knows what they’re talking about then as this person plays neither Xbox 360 nor PS3. Brilliant.

    That article is not satirical.

  25. Does the author have any idea the amount of work that is needed to physically MOVE, rebuild and restart the servers that operate even just a portion of PSN?? Do you think that Sony a week before releasing the PS3 decided to put PSN together and flick on a switch? Really? If they get it up and running FULLY by the 31st, I will be nothing short of stunned…. IFFFF they do it, then that truly were working around the clock with a very large and smart work force… From what I have put together from personal experience and from friends is that it would take a DESCENT company about 3- 4 months to pull of this feat…

    So really…… GET A LIFE

    • Sony clearly thought they could as they keep asking for “a few more days”. Honestly if it was going to take a month or two they should of just said so and we’d of been a little more understanding but no they continue to lie to us, wasting our time and filling us with false hope.

      Oh and your comment about a decent company taking months is laughable. A decent company would of had better security. Hell any company should have better security.

      • You seem to be one of the few people who actually got my point. No, I don’t think the PSN will still be down in November. Nor do I really think that WM3 will out before the PSN is back up. I was actually making fun of Sony because, to me, they have handled this whole situation pretty poorly and were only up front with their customers when that was their last resort.

        The story is supposed to be a tongue in cheek piece that jokingly suggests that at the current pace MW3 will be out before the PSN is back up. You seem to have gotten that while everyone else seems to be raging for some reason. Either I failed at making the joke clear or most people had to trade their sense of humor in when they bought the PS3

  26. LOL, This has definitely been written by a X-Box fan boy, the PSN went down in April, Cod MW3 comes out in NOVEMBER, which is like.. 7 months away (it’s May now).
    So obviously the PSN will be up and ready by then.. 😀

  27. LAME dont say shit like that m8 ur fcuking getting me worried i need to get bk on demons souls n give weapons to those who want platinum lol OH YEAH TO THE WEB PAGE CREATER THINGY MA JIGGY do think this may be ur last public announcement THINGY MA JIGGY lol atari was sweet so to was commador 64 spectrum n amiga BUT PLEASE PLEASE dontunderestimate the power of the playstation n its followers peace

    • Wow! It looks like you have a grasp of the english laguage. It might help you to pick up a dictionary once in a while

  28. its been three weeks and everyone is freaking out about it, you all need to chill. the whole world knows ps3 is way better than xbox. if ps3 wants to make the online experience, then let them, it will come back online in due time

  29. Clearly the psn will be back up. November is pretty far away. I think MW3 is the least of everyone’s worries.

  30. who cares i got an xbox too

  31. This is another presentation from someone who knows ****all,
    Stick to the Frogger forums Mr Kane

  32. this article blows.

  33. is this a cave ? cuz its fool of f*cking trolls… pissy that they cant get their fix of online even tho u all f*cking suck… dont you get it? sony hates you , sony wants nothing more thn to see u and ur frends suffer. cuz ull bitch and whine but in end ull be back sucking sonys c*ck. sony is shitting on your faces and your eating it. XBOX sux my left night and PS3 sucks my right nut.

    • Nice! What is that language your speaking? Sounds like your illiterate to me. Quit butchering the english language dumb ass!

  34. Mann y’all guys are assholes it actually not a bad article. Stop being pussys and grow up

  35. so you are seriously suggesting that PSN will still be down in 6 months? how stupid do you get? it will probably be up in 6 days, not 6 months.

  36. W O W ! ! !

    Sounds like this Call of Duty will BE NOTHING like all of the previous Call of Duties. You really accurately described a game worthy of being stated that it will; “reshape the Call of Duty franchise and redefine first person shooter style games.” Mind-blowing journalism.

    Also, dude, the game comes out in November. How ridiculous is this article? Duuuhhhh, I wonder if i’ll be able to play online by then. Deeeeeeerrrr, I hope the whole internets doesn’t go away on me, I’d be sooooo sad. I’d have to go back to playing my Syphon Filter games single-player (awwwwwwwwww) in my bedroom with no online friends. Cut yourself.

  37. Xbox is worse then nintendo 1

  38. I CANT WAIT!!! I was pretty dissapointed in both the expansion pack for MW2 and in COD: BO(it stunk IMHO). The problem is the lack of ‘mapping’ in an area. There are all these things that ‘perspective’ wise should be attainable but are not. For example, placing a claymore in a small puddle of water in Black Ops is a joke, nor can you lay ANYWHERE near a puddle…WTF?!?

    Also, without being a FULL TIME camper, I would love more bushes and shrubbery to be available for ‘squatting’ in. TreyArch really did SOG a disservice in this respect …its almost like all Black Ops agents have uncontrollable allergies so thats why no flower beds and such…WTF?!!

    All in all, a great shooter franchise but lets take advatage of the systems and technology today and have HIGHLY MAPPED ZONES!!!


  39. HAHA Fucktards! My psn just came back 20 minutes ago!

  40. This article needs to rot in Hell…in Satan’s asshole.

  41. Can’t we all get along the psn is back up in the usa

  42. Please stop saying the word “FANBOY”. That is the most homosexual word I’ve ever heard. I’m getting sooooooo sick of people using that word; JUST SAY FAN! Whoever came up with that word should be summarily executed. JUST STOP!

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