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Bristol Palin and Sarah Palin Tighten Up Security For 2010 Dancing With The Stars Season 11

Posted by on September 20, 2010 at 7:20 PM EST

dancing-with-the-stars-sarah-bristol-palinNot so fast Bristol, you haven’t escaped your mom, Sarah Palin’s shadow just yet.

It is normal for any kid to eventually want a life of their own, separate from their family and out of their parent’s shadows. Achieving that goal can be much harder for children of celebrities and it seems that Bristol Palin, whose mom is Sarah Palin, is learning that lesson once again with tonight’s premiere of Dancing With the Stars Season 11.

Bristol Palin was thrust into the spotlight when her mom (Sarah Palin), then governor of Alaska, was selected as John McCain’s running mate in the 2008 presidential election. For any kid, being pulled into that kind of circus would be challenging. When you are 17 and pregnant it is ten times worse. While most 17 year old kids are deciding who to go to prom with, what college to attend or even just what to do with their friends on a Friday night, Bristol Palin was in front of crowds and on the campaign trail. She inadvertently had become the poster child for the Pro-Life movement. She was 17, got pregnant and decided to keep her baby and those on the far right – her mom’s base constituency – loved her for it. While the far right loved her, the far left used her as spectacle of exactly what happens when you don’t properly educate your children about birth control. When the campaign finally ended Bristol was allowed to return to a somewhat normal life, but she was still locked in mom’s shadow.

During the campaign she and her child’s father Levi Johnston were working on their relationship. They said they wanted to get married and raise their child together. Not long after the campaign was over they broke up. Levi spoke out about the Palin family, telling the world that Sarah ran the family as matriarch who ruled over the family with an iron fist. The family denied the claims and played them down, but Levi wasn’t the only one saying these things. Over the next year Levi and Bristol got back together, got engaged then broke up again. Eventually, they agreed a relationship could never work. Levi puts the blame for the failed relationship squarely on Sarah Palin’s shoulders.

Even while her mom was heavily influencing whom she would have a relationship with, Bristol struck out on her own. She got a place to live, started working and planning to go to school. During an interview with FOX she said that, “abstinence is not realistic at all.” This was clear a strike against her mom who’s only teaching of birth control to her family was to tell them to remain abstinent until they are married. Bristol was a shining example that such a policy doesn’t work and she was finally saying so, speaking for herself. A few weeks later, after some public comment by her mom Bristol retracted the statement and said it was taken out of context. Right after that her mom helped her get a very lucrative job as a teen abstinence spokesperson for the Candies Foundation. The message to Bristol was clear. Tow the company line or life will be difficult.

With her appearance on Dancing With the Stars, Bristol Palin finally seemed poised to be able to step out of her mom’s shadow. This was her show and she was one of the stars. She held her fate in her own hands. Then her mom announced that she would be attending the first live show and once again all eyes were off of Bristol Palin and onto Sarah Palin. Security on the lot for tonight’s premiere episode of Dancing With The Stars has never been higher. All audience members will be forced to walk through a metal detector and be subject to a bag search. Selected cars will be searched as they enter the lot and the studio’s own security team has been told that should their be a beach of security, Sarah is their number one priority, not Bristol Palin (or any other contestant for that matter). With rumors of her mom stumping for votes for Bristol swirling and the over-the-top security, Sarah has once again overshadowed Bristol. It is now up to Bristol to hit the dance floor and prove that she can perform and do something without her mom’s help or influence. He mom can influence a lot of people and can cast a hell of a shadow, but Bristol Palin can prove to the world that she is her own person by going out there and giving one hell of a performance.

Catch Sarah Palin cheering on her daughter, Bristol Palin on the Dancing With The Stars Season 11 premiere tonight at 8|7c on ABC.



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