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Ashton Kutcher – Death of a Hit Series

Posted by on May 13, 2011 at 12:21 PM EST

ashton kutcher charlie sheenCharlie Sheen, we need you now more than ever as the show you made a hit is near death.

Are we being Punk’d? I must be dreaming because as I read the headlines, I am seeing Ashton Kutcher everywhere. Did he and Demi Moore break up or something? Clearly this whole idea that Kutcher will replace Charlie Sheen is a joke, right? I’m not sure what CBS is thinking but, Ashton Kutcher!?

Being a fan of Two and a Half Men since its inception, I’d rather see it die than have Ashton Kutcher replace Charlie Sheen. I have nothing against Kutcher as an actor but he certainly is no Sheen. Charlie’s dry, witty humor brought life to the hit show and Kutcher’s goofiness will more than likely bring awfulness. It’s possible that Demi Moore wants Ashton Kutcher out of the house but replacing Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men is not the way to go.

Now that I have voiced my opinion, I want to know what you all think. Comment below on whether or not Ashton Kutcher can be successful on Two and a Half Men. Without Charlie Sheen, should the show even continue to air? Let’s hear your thoughts on this debacle!



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  1. Kutcher = LOSING, duh

  2. I can’t wait to see Chuck Lorre’s hit show go down in flames because of this ridiculous move!! Ashton Kutcher is a talentless, fake, unfunny, pathetic excuse for an actor. CBS/Warner Bros. should have shut their mouthes and hired Charlie back and made the PEOPLE happy!! Don’t they care about what we want ???? Apparently not! I will watch the first episode with Kutcher just for a laugh at how unfunny the show becomes.

  3. Two and a Half Men will not be worth watching without Charlie. Charlie made Two and a Half Men a “WINNING” show. I liked Ashton in the 70’s Show and some of his films, but I do not believe he is the one for 2.5 Men. Sheen should never have been fired in the first place. A persons private life is just that, PRIVATE. Nothing to do with work. The man was never late and always showed up on time. From what I understand this whole thing started with Chuck Lorre’s vanity cards. Just because you dont like some one does not give you the right to make public personal attacks. I dont blame Charlie for getting pissed off.
    No, the show should not go on with out Charlie Sheen.

  4. I agree I think Charlie is the only one that can play that part heck he is the part Ashton doesn’t have what it takes to bring 2.5 men back, CBS should od hitter Charlie back and gave the fans what we wanted I loved that show know I won’t even care to watch it I’m very disappointed in the decision the producers made

  5. Yes Charlie is acting erratic in his personal life but his work ethic on the set seemed to never be in question. Chuck Lorre should worry about the business side of things and leave Charlies personal life out of the equation. Until he messes up on the set they should be shooting 2-1/2 men with Charlie. As far as Kutcher goes I’ve always thought he is a goofy, immature, no-talent that should stay on that hapless show Punk’d!!!!

  6. they are both idiots sheen the drug addict out of control who seems to be his own worst enemy and ashton very poor actor the show will be a looser

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