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James Durbin – Friday the 13th Idol Nightmare

Posted by on May 13, 2011 at 10:59 AM EST

james durbin friday the 13thJames Durbin experienced Friday the 13th a day early as he was booted off American Idol last night.

Friday the 13th might be today but James Durbin experienced the nightmarish day a little premature. Last night, on a shocking results show, Durbin was voted off of American Idol. For those who believe in the superstitious day that is Friday the 13th, do you think it had anything to do with Durbin’s Idol elimination? I mean, it caught everyone off guard so it’s possible it snuck in early for James Durbin.

I personally don’t believe in the whole Friday the 13th superstition mumbo jumbo but I know there are some people that do. I ‘d like to hear whether or not you think it’s the reason James Durbin was voted off American Idol. Did Durbin wake up today and think that he just had a terrible nightmare, only to realize it actually happened and his journey on Idol had ended?

While I many not have been a James Durbin fan on American Idol, I have to wish the kid good luck with his future. I am sure that he will have a successful career in the music industry and will go on to be one hell of a performer.

Comment below with your thoughts on Friday the 13th and James Durbin’s future as an artist.



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