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American Idol 2011 – Girls Conquer Top 3!

Posted by on May 12, 2011 at 9:33 PM EST

american idol top 3The two remaining ladies on American Idol are moving on to the top 3.

Girls conquered American Idol tonight as the results were revealed and both Lauren Alaina and Haley Reinhart made it into the top 3. Next week Lauren and Haley will join… Scotty McCreery as they head to their home towns to perform. Wait a second! That means that James Durbin was voted off. Holy crap!

Yeah, tonight’s American Idol results show was definitely a shocker for most people. I’ve said from the get go that Adam Lambert James Durbin screams too much when he performs and it looks like it finally caught up with him. It was an emotional swan song for James as he said goodbye to his American Idol dreams tonight. Do you think the right person was eliminated?

Many people are going to disagree with James Durbin being voted off but what’s done is done. Your official American Idol Top 3 is Haley Reinhart, Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery. Who is going to be crowned the winner? Comment below!



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  1. Haley growled way more than James “screamed”. And her songs were boring. Her attitude is arrogant. And she will be forgotten. James will pick up a contract, and keep a lot of fans. Haley will be forgotten by next year. I like all kinds of music, rock, blues, showtunes, classical, country, r and b. I loved the variety. The only singer I didn’t like was Haley. I am a trained vocalist. I know what a good voice is. My other friends, who are also trained singers and performers, agree, James was by far the best!

    James had the best control in his voice, the best stage presence, connection with the audience, and made me smile every time. I have no reason to smile any more. Lauren has no confidence, nor can she complete a musical phrase without sneaking breaths in at the wrong times. Scotty is fun about every 5th song. And I am bored with him the rest of the time. And I simply can not stand Haley.

    • I loved James, and I´m sure he will have a great career, because he had charisma, tons of it!!. But being honest, I compared him to Adam Lambert, but Adam has this drama that James doesn’t have, and no like Adam, James will take longer to get the Grammy nomination for best vocal… actually Haley will get it sooner than James for sure!, she has this unique tone playful and unexpected , with James I always knew hell get the high note at the end… and what else?. I don´t say anything about Lauren because she has an amassing tone but similar to previous contestants, and sure has the empathy of all teenagers, they even had to bring Miley to meet her and bound with previously hurt Miley fans, because that´s the people who will vote for her. Scotty will have all Country fans votes for sure, but what he brings even if he is one of the few country singers ever on Idol, is a voice of good country singer who can be confuse with the other country singers. I wish Haley wins, but anyway I´m sure she will get a contract and hopefully a nomination some time soon.

  2. Tonight’s results were a travesty…It is clear that people like boring and not true creative talent. James was a star from the beginning and gave 200% every week. It was exciting to imagine what he would do to top his last performanceand he never disappointed. To think that the public would rather listen to the boring selections presented by Haley and Scottie is beyond belief. I feel Lauren deserves to be where she is and truly believed that the final two would be James and Lauren. I will not watch the rest of the season as it is a JOKE now. I so agree with c2sky.

    • and I agree with you.

      Did you notice how Haley looked so smug? Lauren and Scotty are at least likeable people. But Haley? Oh my gosh. I was going to purchase tickets to the tour. I figured Haley wouldn’t be singing too much, and I could sit through a few of her songs, but now she could possibly win? Ugh, I really don’t know what to do because I liked a lot of the variety in the top 11. But I figured James would win it, and that the tour would feature mostly him. Now I’m really bummed……….

    • I think the same that you, not james the show does not make sense. To look at him now?

  3. I think the same that you, not james the show does not make sense. To look at him now? voted so that there in USA.? I wish they would let us vote for the American, James would win. My 16 year old son and I (45 year) we will watch the first disc and all discs james, because we love when he sings. For me he should win. chao american idol, and not see him more. Why waste 1 hour of my day in something that attracts me most to watch?

  4. Yeah, I thought James would win it all as well, although I was rooting for Haley. I figure James and
    Scotty will get record contracts regardless of whether they take home the big prize, but the girls, not so much. I think Haley has star quality and Lauren is just too young and immature though she can sing. Lots of people can sing as well as her but can she bring it? NO.
    Scotty has an iconic country voice but the eyebrow raising is really getting on my nerves. And country music all day… come on!
    At this point, I too am disgusted with the show and the judges. I can’t wait for the Simon and Paula reunion.
    The voting should be limited to one vote per person period. That would eliminate all the teeny boppers who don’t know good music from granola.

  5. yea james should have won. But Oh well. Country singers, there is nothing wrong with that.
    It still music and LAUREN rocked it! shes a great country singer(: so is scotty! haley wasnt very good. she had that stupid growl. and it doesnt matter if it was harder songs. Atleast james did them well. Haley didnt. Haley wouldnt be as good of a country singer as lauren either. or any of them! pia was also better then haley. Oh well though. the tour should be good. (:

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