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American Idol Shocker! (May 12, 2011)

Posted by on May 12, 2011 at 9:03 PM EST

james durbin eliminatedHoly cow what a shocking results show of American Idol 2011.

An American Idol shocker just took place ladies and gentlemen. Many predicted that Haley Reinhart would be voted off tonight (May 12, 2011) but that was not the case. It all came down to Scotty McCreery and James Durbin as the bottom two. Who was eliminated?

James Durbin has been eliminated from American Idol 2011! Wow. A lot of people didn’t see this coming but you know what, the kid will surely have a future in the music industry. Farewell James!

Tune in next week as the American Idol top 3 head to their home towns!



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    • You dont know good music when you hear it.

  2. Not even interested anymore! James is a true entertainer; the whole package!!! I waited every week to see what he would do! He is not just a rocker ( heavy metal ) I will miss him; hope he goes far! So long American Idol for this year; you got it wrong again!!!!!!!!! SAD !!!!!

    • Jou you are absolutely right, the show will not be interesting anymore. James was the BEST and still remains the Best to me. IT WAS A SHOCKER TO ME. HORRIBLEEEEEEEEEEEEE

      • James for weeks has done well.He sings a variey of music and is a REAL entertainer,how could he be voted off…..I hope he makes it big in the music world,he is the best out of all and should have won.He hasnt had bad reports from the judges…One oif the girls should have been voted off,as they are not consistant with the songs they sing.I was soooooo shocked and not interested now who wins.James you are the best and good luck.AMERICA–your voting sucks and just because you like someone,doesnt mean you can sing…One disappointed canadian,who has been watching since day 1.

    • you are so right..The judges were even shocked..Jo was even crying,why they lost the BEST Idol….America listen with your heart not your eyes…..So SADDDDDDDDD

  3. It’s good to see that AI voters recognized the better SINGERS in the group, in lieu of the screechy, pyrotechnic, one-trick-pony rocker!

    • Maybe you are just Jealous of him.

  4. Like I said on another post. American Idol has clearly become a popularity contest rather than a show looking for true talent. Prime example: Stefano Langone made it farther than Pia Toscano!

  5. Vote Team Haley!

  6. Do not cry my friend.The sky is your limit.

  7. What a SHOCKER ,,,,,,,,,no way James should have been voited off. Should have been there till the end, they all r good and I think Scottiy wiil be big in country music, the girls have a lot of growing to do (can sing) James had it all.
    and he will be BIG!! AI needs to change the voiting like u said voting for who they like not for the talent.
    James will be miss on AL but not forgotten.He is my AL and I will buy his music. GO JAMES!!

    • Maybe its a good thing Durbin was voted off. First PIA now HIM and remember some of the past winners
      Taylor Hicks, Ruben Studdard,jordan Sparks, Fantasia, They have really had some loosers as winners.

  8. Oh I almost forgot Chris Allen over Adam Lambert. People, people you have got to be kidding? Cris allen sucks

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