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American Idol Kills Steven Tyler?

Posted by on May 12, 2011 at 7:45 PM EST

steven tyler american idolSteven Tyler will use his position as a judge on American Idol to debut his brand new music video.

Has American Idol killed Steven Tyler? I’m not the kind of guy who normally just jumps out and accuses someone of murder, but I just listened to the song that Steven Tyler will debut on tonight’s American Idol results show and let’s just say that it is not what you would call an “instant classic.”

Part of being a judge on American Idol is that every week you have millions of people watching you. The show has such power that people with movies and TV shows that they want to promote show up in the audience (you didn’t think Anthony Hopkins just happened to call in and ask for tickets to be in the audience did you? I’m sure it was not coincidence that he was there just before his new movie Thor opened nationwide). Last week Ryan Seacrest gave Steven Tyler’s book a plug. The book could be well worth reading if it is honest and tells his real life story. Last week we also got to see JLO lip-synch live (allegedly). At least if Tyler takes the stage to sing he will likely actually sing because, well, he can sing.

But it seems like American Idol might have started to suck the soul out of one of the great American rock icons. Tyler’s new song “(It) Feels So Good” and the video for it will debut tonight. After hearing the song I find myself wonder: Is this the same guy that wrote and sang “Sweet Emotion?” Is this the same rock god that brought us “Walk This Way,” “Love in an Elevator” “Janie’s Got a Gun” and the beloved “Dream On?” It isn’t that the song is terrible it is just that it is a . . . pop song. It is a song I would expect the winner of American Idol to put out, not one of the greatest singers in rock history.

I have no idea how much money Steven Tyler has. He has allegedly and in some ways by his own admission blown millions on drugs and partying, but I would still think the publishing alone from Aerosmith makes him a lot of money. Maybe he doesn’t plan to come back next year or he is just seeing this as a way to cash in on a career filled with ups and downs. Regardless of why, it appears that Steven Tyler has latched firmly on to the American Idol teat and he isn’t going to let go just yet.

I guess we can look at the bright side. His video and song can’t be any worse than JLo’s. Tune in tonight at 8PM on Fox to see the American Idol results show and watch the debut of Steven Tyler’s new song and video.



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  1. I thought exactly the same thing last night as I watched and listened in horror! I couldn’t believe this was Steven Tyler….the great Steven Tyler from the even greater Aerosmith…….I was embarrased for him.

  2. Oh Steven, You are so over. That video last night was beyond pathetic. So carefully edited not to show your aging face and body.

    Also I have had enough of JLO shes 41 years old for God’s sake trying to be 21 again. Those Videos of hers all noise with 12 male dancers jumping all around her. If she performed standing by herself you would realize she has no talent

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