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American Idol 2011 – Lauren Alaina Elimination Predictions

Posted by on May 12, 2011 at 7:37 PM EST

idol lauren alainaWill Lauren Alaina be voted off of American Idol tonight? (May 12, 2011)

Tonight’s American Idol results show will either be the final culmination of writing that has been on the wall for some time or it will be a shocker (Lauren Alaina). I predict that it will be a shocker.

Conventional wisdom says that tonight is Haley Reinhart’s night to be voted off. She has been in the bottom three multiple times. She has had weeks where here performances were uneven and last night she clashed with the judges and was clearly upset with them. She was right to clash with them and if she thinks they are singling her out, well, she is right about that too. Had any of the other three done that song the same way she did the judges would have likely praised them or been very mild in their criticisms, but it seems like Haley rubs them the wrong way. So logic would tell you that her clash with the judges, her first song not going to great last night and her past of being in the bottom will spell Haley’s doom tonight.

I don’t think it will go that way. I think we are in for a bit of a shock. When Haley is on, she is fantastic and each of the last two weeks she has left us with a song that was perfectly done and amazing.  Her second songs have been so good you almost forget about the first. Add in that it was Lauren Alaina not Haley who was in the bottom two last week and we see a potential sea change happening. Lauren was very good this week, but I have this feeling that Haley is gaining momentum while Lauren is treading water. My prediction is that tonight’s American Idol results show will rock the judged and shock America when the bottom two are Haley and Lauren and Lauren Alaina is sent home.

You read it here first. Lauren Alaina will be voted out of American Idol tonight. Tune in tonight at 8PM on Fox to catch the American Idol results show and see if I have it right, or if someone slipped something into my coffee and I don’t know what I am talking about.



(9) Readers Comments

  1. The author of this article isn’t a very good clairvoyant..

  2. I believe Lauren still has a chance!…at least I’m praying for her!

  3. ii hope she gets voted off we do not need another country siinger
    she iis sooo boriing and she nothiing but whiite trash
    ii do giive her props 4 losiing weiight…..but there iis nothiing speciial about her she sound liike a lot of siingers out there

    • Who in the world do you think you are! That is a complete lie. She is not white trash! You may not like country, but build a bridge and get over it. BECAUSE her and scotty are great!
      And haley might not sound like other singers, But she is not good! lauren is great, so is scotty, pia and james! so get over it! she doesnt sound like every country singer. everyone has there own style! so keep your nasty ass comments like that to yourself!

  4. Listen It’s done and over with, Scotty won and every one needs to get over it!! Haley was NOT bad she just had her own way of singing and Lauren was good too! If they wernt good they would have been voted off a long time ago, but NO they stayed cause they are both unique with their singing… So stop saying either one sucks!! I dont care if you think Haley sucks or Scotty or Lauren, Scotty won and not to mention he’s HOT too!!

  5. Yea. but alot of people didnt like haley. Because of that stupid growl in her voice. Somebody else said this, Not me, But it was like a cat screaching when she sang. And pia, james, lauren and scotty deserved too go farther then her. She was unsupportive. And had a bad attitude not only towards them. But the judges.
    She even said before the show she didnt use the growl. She should have kept it that way.

  6. Well that growl was good I liked it and so did a lot off people haha 🙂

  7. Not really. The growl wasn’t good. It sounded horrible. and other people needed too be there instead of her 🙂 Like james. and pia! And Lauren Is Really Good. Actually GREAT! Especially for a young person. And scotty is good too. Their votes were only off by .4… 49.8=lauren. And 50.2=Scotty. He barely one. Not to mention They should date!(:

  8. Not trying to be rude towrads you, cause i know who you are. or any of the contestants.

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