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2010 DTWS Season 11: Cast Profile for Margaret Cho

Posted by on September 20, 2010 at 7:12 PM EST

dancing with the stars margaret cho Margaret Cho info before she steps foot on Dancing With The Stars Season 11 on ABC tonight.

Margaret Cho joins the cast of Dancing With The Stars Season 11 tonight on ABC. Get to know a little about Margaret Cho before he hits the dance floor in the 2010 premiere of Dancing With The Stars.

Margaret Cho is mostly known as a stand up comic who as undergone a major life transformation in the public eye. Her early career saw her focusing on her stand up routine, which started getting her more and more attention. She was one of only a few Asian females doing stand up and her act, filled with sexuality and jokes about her family, resonated with audiences. Her act got her noticed by executives at ABC who developed a sitcom about her show. The show, American Girl, only lasted one season and left Cho with a bitter taste in her mouth.

After being criticized by studio executives for having a face they thought was “too round” Margaret Cho went on a crash diet to slim down and modify her appearance in time to shoot the pilot. The results of that rapid weight loss left her with serious kidney failure. Critics and Asian rights groups as being too stereotypical panned the show. Cho was even considered by ABC executives to not be “Asian enough.”

After the show was canceled Cho wrestled with her demons including difficulties dealing with her weight and ethnicity. Most of these issues were fueled by her drug and alcohol abuse.  Cho eventually got clean and refocused on her work. She came out as a bisexual and began getting tattoos. She estimates that about 15% f her body is now covered with tattoos and she plans to get more.

As she enters Dancing With the Stars, Margaret Cho still does stand up, has published books and released records. She has appeared in movies and TV shows and has started a fashion line. She has been married to Al Ridenour since 2003.

Only Florence Henderson has worse odds to win Dancing With the Stars than Margaret Cho. For all she has accomplished she is still relatively unknown to much of the TV audience. She also has no real dance background and it remains to be seen if she will take it seriously, or if she will try to be funny. While I like Margaret and think she is a very talented person, I don’t think she will make it that far in the competition.

Catch Margaret Cho on the Dancing With The Stars Season 11 premiere tonight at 8|7c on ABC.



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