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American Idol Results – Lady Gaga, Steven Tyler Solo Madness!

Posted by on May 12, 2011 at 12:27 PM EST

steven tylerLady Gaga and Steven Tyler are set to be the performances on tonight’s American Idol results show.

Who will be voted off American Idol? The top 4 performed last night and I have to say, it doesn’t look good for Haley Reinhart. Prior to Ryan Seacrest announcing the American Idol results tonight (May 12, 2011) we will be entertained by both Lady Gaga and Steven Tyler. Do you look forward to seeing Gaga perform live? Who will make it into the Top 3?

Before we get into the depressing American Idol 2011 results tonight, Lady Gaga is set to perform live. What song do you want to see her sing? (“Born This Way,” “Judas” or “Edge of Glory”) After Gaga takes the stage, Steven Tyler is set to debut the music video for his brand new solo track “(It) Feels So Good” which should be quite interesting.

Make sure you tune in tonight to find out when the American Idol results show comes at us live at 8|7c on FOX. Are we in for a shocker such as James Durbin being voted off? At this point in the competition it’s really hard to tell. Comment below with your elimination predictions, what song you want to see Lady Gaga sing and your thoughts on Steven Tyler’s new solo track.

Steven Tyler – (It) Feels So Good



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  1. What was America thinking? James was the most talented. He could sing anything and was an inspiration to all.

  2. What was America thinking? James was the most talented…he could sing anything. He is an inspiration to all.

    • How could they keep Haley and send James home. I dont know who the heck is voting out there but last night was wrong….

  3. You are absolutely right! AI needs to seriously consider their voting process. I for one am finished with this show, it is NOT indicative of true talent! Some of the most talented musicians have been voted off the show.

  4. I agree, how could they keep Haley, who clearly has an attitude problem, and vote off James. He NEVER had a weak performance, always came out strong and is talented enough to sing anything!

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