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American Idol Elimination Poll (May 12, 2011)

Posted by on May 12, 2011 at 10:09 AM EST

haley reinhart idolWho will be voted off of American Idol tonight? (May 12, 2011)

Which American Idol contestant will be eliminated tonight? For those of us that watched last night’s top 4 performances, the answer is definitely up in the air. While I don’t want to say it, Haley Reinhart may be voted off American Idol tonight. Haley delivered a pretty lackluster first performance and the judges were pretty harsh. That being said, she delivered an amazing second performance. Was it good enough? Who did America vote for?

Once again, I have created a little American Idol poll to see if we can predict tonight’s elimination results. As I’ve said before, this is just for fun; do not get angry if your favorite Idol is leading the poll. Predictions this week are really tough as were down to the American Idol final four. I am guessing Haley Reinhart or Lauren Alaina will be going home. Will there be a shocking elimination such as James Durbin? You never know what is going to happen on the live Idol results show!

Tune in tonight at 8|7c on FOX to see which American Idol 2011 contestant has been eliminated and who will be headed to their hometown next week as an Idol Top 3 finalist.

Vote on the poll below and be sure to check out the Robot Celeb Facebook Page poll too!

Who Will Be Voted Off American Idol Tonight? (May 12, 2011)

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  1. i have to-whole heartily, disagree with what the judges said about hailey. she was the only one who sang her inspriational song with passion…james came close. while scotty did sing his song nicely, it did not showcase what he was capable of-other than selecting a song that would inspire patriotism. hailey knocked the ball out of the ball park-on both songs. i dont know why the judges are so harsh on her. she is the most talent that stage has seen since carry underwood. i completely understand why she was pissed off last night. i was pissed off too. hailey-you are the best!

    • I disagree…she yells and screeches too much…I dont like her at all

      • I dont like Hailey, she is beside her self. She does not seem to be appreciative with where she has been and i noticed that when pia got booted of, she was laughing, they caught that at the last minute, then she pretends to feel bad. I know the boys dont like her. I think some one who can play an instrument should win. So you can sing, so cant I, but if you can sing and play an instrument, then there is talent right there. I dont like Jlo. She cant even pay her taxes. she is so frigging rich and she wont pay her taxes. whats up with that. I think James should win and Scotty come in second. Hailey should have been voted off long ago. Casy was cool, and with the Cello. Why he got booterd is beyond me.

        • I agree that Casey should be finalist, but I like Haley and her unique voice, as Casey said . By the way I watched the video, and there is no second she smiled, they were all with the mouth open.

    • i totally agree wif u haley will not be going home tonight!!! my name is hayley and i luvvvv haley i hope she wins <3

  2. James could drop his drawers and and spray fecal matter all over the stage…….and the judges would applause!! He really isn’t as good technically as the judges seem to think.

    Haley is the best talent in the competition by far. She’s going places. So is Scotty, and maybe Lauren will when she grows up a bit. But James??? Yuck…I don’t see it at all.

    • NBOMB: I totally agree with your evaluation. Haley is the only one who really could entertain an entire audience. She will continue getting better in her own style and talents. She is the only one who has a special quality to her voice and the guts to give new interpretations to an older song. But, her attractive looks might make other women get jealous! Haley knows more about music and its delivery than the other three contestants.
      The rest of the contestants just bore me … heard and seen those songs performed by the “originals” many times. Haley is different and a great young woman to watch on the stage. As a performer, Haley is the one who has the most potential to go far in a musical career. The pitch of her voice and the way she uses her “growliness and raspiness” to convey emotions are her special signature. Haley would attract huge audiences if she were to be given an opportunity to advance in a performing career.

      • I think I would get a headache at one of haleys concerts…I get irritated and leave the room when she sings

      • i would not go see Haily in a concert. She sucks.

  3. You’re very wrong. James is a very good singer which is unfortunate for the others but he makes all the RIGHT choices when it comes to his performances. When you look at background and adversity… he wins hands down. Does the 15 or 16 year old kids have to try to eeek out some kinda living for their family? No …mom and dad will take care of that… James is on his own..
    Yes the others are good singers… however.. look at the people… look at their lives.. James will do great whether or not he wins.. becasue he has heart, drive and ambition.

    • I must say i have to agree with you 100% on this one.. He sings his heart and soul out and he is a amazing!! To keep going after what he has gone thru i truly believe he deserves to win this… The others are good and will be just fine.. But James deserves to win the AI crown for sure!!

    • So, you mean that because James has a family to support he should win? Just because the other 2 are teenagers and live under mommy and daddy’s roof doesn’t mean that aren’t deserving. I’m confused by that statement.

  4. James is awesome! For a young man who has had a very hard life and struggles with some health issues he stands up there and does not let that take him down.. he gives his al and that to me is a true winner after all!!!

    • James doese not have a clue, He is getting the sorry vote. He hase a great tool His disability helps that if you have taught any as-burger students. It doesn’t mean he should win

  5. Hailey has big time attitude!!! who wants that?

    • what is it with people not seeing that haley is the best in the competition! James is alright but his “scream” is usually off key and he never transitions into them smoothly. He is a watered down version of Lambert. If james wins that will be a major blow to lambert’s face.

      It’s not Haley’s attitude that you’re seeing its her frustration. I’m sure you would be angered by the negative comments randy gives her. They are just trying to push her over the edge until she cracks. but that wont work! Haley is a true competitor. Two weeks now: the Judges are hard on her and her second performance proves them wrong and she gets a standon ovation. TWO WEEKS. (technically being her 3rd standing ovation; she also got one for her duet with Casey)

      If Haley goes home tonight, then America will truly see how RIGGED American Idol is.

      • Haley has an attitude. She is good but she knows it, Her personality is too over the top and phony. I hope she gets volted off next.

        Personally, I voted for Scotty, he is everything that a “American Idol” should be.

  6. Im sorry Haley Reinhart but you have the worst attitude and u think ur so much better then everyone! look in the mirror woman why wld u argue with a judge? they know best and the best is not you!!!! Go home already!!!!



  9. James is not the answer,any of the other 3 will sell cds,James i dont think has the right voice for recording from what i have heard from him

  10. scotty omg he ugly he thinks he all that but he not i cant stand when he sings he is so boring

  11. I think James should go home. Just because he has a sad story doesn’t mean hes the best singer. This show is about who has the best voice not the best story or personality. James is an Adam Lambert wanna-be and hes not as close to as good as him… I Think Haley or Lauren should win because they have the best voices.

  12. he just sounds the same come on people are you deaf and blind you guys should just open your fucking ears

    • i agree. I haven’t watched all of american idol, so i don’t know what could possibly be HIS ‘sad’ story.
      he sure doesn’t deserve that, though. if he wins, i’m
      COMPLETELY off the show. that Lee guy from last year? Yeah, he’s okay, but he is shy and stuff. that…crystal bowersox should have won.

  13. Jams should be the winner and scotty coming in second. that’s it.

  14. Hailey sucks, she is unappreciative. she needs to go tonite. at least the others, like jams and Scotty can play an instrument. the others just sing. I can sing. but if you can sing and play instruments, that is some talent there.

  15. I hope the poll is correct because to see Haley hit the door on the way out would not be a day too soon for me. She has lucked-out in the past and floated by several contestants that she shouldn’t have. Also, she has a major attitude problem–she cannot accept any type of constructive criticism and her “pissiness” is wearing thin on my nerves. Randy was correct–Haley WAS yelling at the end of her first song. It did not sound good. I think the judges were actually too easy on her critique. She comes across as a spoiled brat who has the very highest opinion of herself and everyone seems to cater to her. We already have enough good, talented divas…we don’t need Haley!!! Bye-bye!

  16. Haley was extremely rude and disrespectful and has always been. I can’t stand her. I think her voice is good, but unfortunately her attitude is terrible. I hope she goes tonight. Better late than never!

    • That is so not true! She is amazing and has been hit, week after week by the judges! She is BY FAR the best one out there

  17. she’s cute

  18. OMG DUDE! First of all that is soo not relevant. Second of all, she is not hot whats so ever!!!!!!!!!

  19. Almost show time, time to see if you all were correct with the poll!!

  20. It’s not that i don’t show any favour of Haley, however i don’t think she is the best singer in this season. 100% she will be heading home tonight. Reaching top 4 indeed a very good result.

  21. Lauren and Haley are safe!!!


  23. I’m not sure where people get off suggesting that Hailey has too much attitude or is in any way unappreciative. She’s incredibly talented and always interesting to listen to. Though there is nothing wrong with criticism, I find that the judges are borderline mean to her. She seriously cannot win with them as their comments are not at all constructive or helpful. It’s aggravating to listen to their over the top critique of her performances when I find that the others are not necessarily doing any better.
    I don’t think that James deserved to go yet….Lauren is talented (as are they all) but not yet mature enough to take her performances to the next level. I find Scotty boring (and I love country music) and overly stylized, but he’ll do well none the less as he appeals to a broad conservative audience. James would and will put on great concerts. He’s talented but falters badly when emotion gets in the way. Hailey is, as I said before, cool to listen to. She has great vocal control and makes a song sound interesting.
    I love Lauren’s voice….but she should have been the one to go this week.

    • 100% agree with everything Shannon just said.

  24. Personally, I believe that being in the top four proves that you are talented, but when Haley did not appreciate the judges constructive criticism who were just trying to help that was the last straw for me, personally. She has a good voice but is the least talented. I also believe her wardrobe in inappropriate for young viewers. James was not a pity vote he is talented. He will go far and I am hoping that Scotty or Lauren will take the title because they are excellent singers and great role models.

  25. Haley is by far the contestant with the most raw talent, and she is only 20 years old! Lauren will continue to develop as evidenced by giving what I thought was her best performance. It must be tough to be singled out under the guise of constructive criticism as Haley often is. And yet she fights on, standing up for herself, and still outperforms everyone! Everyone has flaws, but Haley’s voice does not. 70+ million votes, and she is still standing. I like Scotty but I would only listen to him or James from time to time. I could listen to Haley sing and not get tired of her voice.

    • John, well said! I now have a whole album of Haley songs downloaded from itunes. I hit shuffle and love the adventure of hearing different songs/genre/styles of singing, but still that unmistakeable beautiful voice of Haley. I can listen to her all day. That was my indicator how Haley was doing, checking itunes for number of ratings by people buying her songs and the number of pages for the comments…clearly she is leading those numbers on a consistent basis since Bennie & The Jets. The 72 million votes tonight also made me think there were a lot of people who love her and wanted to overcome the RanLo bias. The ultimate justice for Haley, she was consistently taunted by RanLo that James & Scotty have set the bar with their performances, so she better think about that when she picks her songs…can you say Final 3 baby!

  26. yea haley is not the best singer. but they were all good this season.
    Especially lauren and scotty and james(:

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