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American Idol 2011 – Lauren Alaina, Haley Reinhart Cat Fight

Posted by on May 11, 2011 at 7:43 PM EST

lauren alaina top 4Can either of the two remaining ladies on American Idol be the winner?

Early on in this season of American Idol it looked like it might be open season on the girls. Once the Top 13 were announced one girl after another was voted out. It was starting to look like being female on this season of American Idol was like being an endangered species. But don’t tell that to Haley Reinhart and Laure Alaina. They are the last two girls standing and they make up 50% of the final four.

Haley Reinhart has been the model of persistence. Early on it looked like her days were numbered. Four times in the first seven weeks she was in the bottom three. It seemed like it was just a matter of time and she would be out. But all that did was light a fire in her. She continued to work hard and develop her sound. In the last three weeks she has really come into her own. Last week Jennifer Lopez said she had the performance of the night with her powerhouse version of “The House of the Rising Sun.” That last note she hit in the song blew the doors off the place.  With that song she announced to the world that she will not be going down without a fight.

Lauren Alaina has had essentially the polar opposite experience from Haley’s. She has rolled along in the competition and until this last week she had never found herself in the bottom three (this last week she and Jacob made up the bottom two). Mentor Jimmy Iovine had played some head games with her during the whole Miley Cyrus thing, but she handled it well and kept doing her thing. She has such a strong voice and great poise that it is hard to remember she is just 16 years old. For me the question remains: was last week’s trip to the bottom two evidence that she is slipping? Perhaps she might not have enough popularity among viewers or enough vocal ability to pull off that one big moment that catapults her forward. At this point in the competition there seem to be two kinds of fans left. Those who will vote for their favorite no matter what and those who will vote for who does best that week. If Lauren can’t separate herself from the pack she might not get those votes will she will need if she wants to make it much further.

Tune in tonight at 8PM on Fox to see Lauren Alania and Haley Reinhart take the stage and find out who does enough to move on to the final three.



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  1. Wednesday, 3/11/11, when I was calling to vote for Haley #2, when I dialed 866-436-5702, the recorded man that says “thanks,” thanked me for voting for contestant 03. This happened 5 times and I was using redial on my cell phone. Therefore, I don’t think that the vote count for Thursday 3/12/11 is going to be right or should count as how many other people who called to vote for their favorite contestant ended up voting for some other contestant due to this phone error!

    • They have assigned 2 numbers to every contestant and linked the 2 numbers together. Your vote was counted properly.

      • Yeah you are correct on that but when u call 02 and 06 it would still say thanks for voting for contestant #2. I think what shes saying is that she called for 02 and it said thanks for voting for contestant #3

    • Really? I’ll investigate that issue as my girl Haley better not get voted off due to a tech. error. Ill be pissed. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. James…..you did it!!!!!! You’re the one man!

  3. Some can think: What is the problem with JLo and Randy? Why are they so mean with Haley and so irrational with the others? You don’t get it? Here is why: Haley is a real talent judged by 2 out of 3 people who have no talent. Her star is shinning too much. Get her out of my sight says JLo and the idiot abond. Simon come back! We need help here.

    • i totally agree!!!! haley is better than anyone thats been on… the judges are so off when they criticize her.. SHE IS AMAZING

  4. Lauren asnd scotty, way better. haley is too shaky, and if she were a better singer, her attitude still ruins it for her. Lauren and scotty deserved to be in the finale AND they were, ANd did great(: and have a great career coming up for them,
    Im also excited to listen to LAUREN SCOTTY PIA AND JAMES at the tour, but not excited too listen too haley. She Has too much of an attitude and i didnt like her singing.

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