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Dancing With The Stars Results: Lil Romeo Elimination Predictions

Posted by on May 10, 2011 at 8:39 PM EST

lil romeo dwtsTonight I predict Romeo will be voted off of Dancing With The Stars.

In my eyes there are three dancers who are in jeopardy of being sent home this week on Dancing with the Stars. Ralph Macchio is on the bottom of the scoreboard followed by Romeo then Kirstie Alley. I think Chelsea Kane and Hines Ward are both safe. If either of them goes home tonight it would be a monumental shock. Here is my prediction of how it will all go down.

I have a feeling that the viewers were impressed with Ralph Macchio last night. He showed a lot of guts as he went out there and danced even with a knee that was in such bad shape it caused him to miss almost all of his rehearsal time. He got the lowest score of the week, but it was mostly because of his physical inability to do it, not because of lack of technique.

That leaves it between Kirstie Alley and Romeo. Both of these DWTS dancers have flaws. Romeo is inconsistent at best. One week he is good, but the next he isn’t. This week we saw them both at the same time. His tango was actually pretty good and got him three 9’s, but his salsa left something to be desired and wasn’t that impressive. What was likely the worst part of his tango was not his fault. It was the music. The song was Britney Spear’s “Hold it Against Me” and it was terrible. Never in my life have I longed for Britney like I was during that dance. The vocals were not just off, but they were out of tune, off pitch and just bad and it really distracted from the dance. Romeo, of course, also had to plug his movie which annoys me.

Kirstie Alley took a few falls during rehearsals and seems like she is in her own time zone. Her dances are slow and she clearly is just not able to do what some of the other dancers can. I have said before that I thought she should have been voted off a few weeks ago, but the fans keep her around.

My prediction is that Romeo will be the one voted out tonight. Ralph Macchio will get some love for his guts and Kirstie Alley seems to have a lot of fans so she will survive another week. Tune in tonight at 8PM on ABC to watch the live results show and see if it is Romeo’s last week.



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