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Tech Robot: Google IO, Skype, PSN Online

Posted by on May 10, 2011 at 11:17 AM EST

google io 2011Google prepares for its Google IO 2011 conference, Skype is acquired by Microsoft and PSN should be online at the end of the week.

Looking for tech news? Perhaps the biggest news of the day is the Google IO event being held in a little over an hour. What is in store for us this year? Overnight, Skype confirmed that Microsoft would be buying the company for a cool $8.5 million. Playstation owner should breathe a sigh of relief as PSN should be back online at the end of the week.

Today, Google will host their annual Google IO developer conference at Moscane Center in San Francisco, California. Look for some rather interesting announcements such as Google Music, Android 4.0, Chrome OS and YouTube’s video service to rival Netflix! It will be interesting to see what new and exciting technological advances Google has to offer. The best part about it, Google will live stream the entire event here. (Now only if Apple could learn to stream their events.)

Big news for Skype has been confirmed as Microsoft bough the company for $8.5 billion. This is perhaps one of the biggest tech deals we have seen in recent years and is quite an extraordinary acquisition for MS. Be prepared for Skype integration on Xbox Live and Kinect as Microsoft attempts to battle both Google and Apple in the voice chat department.

Last but certainly not least is news for all of you Playstation owners out there. PSN is still not back online as a result of the recent breach in security. Sources do report good news as the service SHOULD be fully functional and back online by May 31. Whether or not that actually happens will depend on the new security task force Sony hired to beef up its resistance to hackers. Here’s to hoping you all get back online sooner rather than later. [Read full story here]

UPDATE: Google 2011 IO Live Stream:



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