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Brink Review: First Person Shooter Parkour Madness

Posted by on May 10, 2011 at 10:20 AM EST

brinkA quick review of the brand new game, Brink!

Splash Damage released Brink today to much anticipation as it mixes a classic First Person Shooter with Parkour moves like jumping off walls, sliding under bullets, and living at home with your parents. Welcome to the Ark, a place in which Brink pits security forces vs. people with tons of  scrap leather and cloth in a dystopian future where nobody is really sure why they are even fighting.

It should be no surprise that a game inspired by Parkour, a completely made up sport that looks kinda like interpretive dance mixed with a greater chance of falling off a building, would be muddled and almost schizophrenic at times. Brink takes you where no other shooter has before if no other shooter had maps which came down to one chokepoint offering up a heavy dose of machine gun bullet filled repetition. Splash Damage also took a page from the Borderlands textbook mixing heavy RPG elements in with a Mirrors Edge type SMART system which I guess is Parkour lingo for stand for (Stupid Mom Asked for Rent Today) err.. (Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain).

This hopping over barriers and running across walls like a kid who doesn’t pay his own medical insurance is limited to what class you pick in Brink. You have a choice between 4 classes which include the usual medic, engineer, soldier, and Team Fortress 2 spy type character. The heavier classes focus on using big guns while the lighter classes focus on trying to look cool while getting shot in the face and not holding down a full time job. Switching back and forth between them in the single player is a necessity seeing as how the stupid Brink bots running around with you won’t do any missions required to be successful.

This is where Brink kinda falls apart. The single player campaign is completely identical to the multiplayer campaign without even a heaping of Taylor Momsen inspired makeup to tell the two apart. The cut scenes in between missions narrate the ambiguous comings and goings of the Ark’s residents which range from cops to hobos who look like they have been taking fashion advice from Ke$ha. The levels all come down to a few chokepoints and look like they weren’t thoroughly play tested for things like fun and the ability not to feel like the same game over and over again.

That being said I will be playing the crap out of this game over the weekend because it’s new and there is nothing else really out there at the moment so if you fit that criteria then by all means go ahead and give Brink a run down the street. It is a game that should be loved despite it’s great vaults. Plus you can shoot people who make up “smack your head on the concrete” sports like Parkour and increase all of our insurance premiums.

Check out Brink now which is available on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC!



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  1. The author of the article is critical on many points of the game, but offers vague and generic detail. I’m aware the game was just released, but this isn’t thorough enough for me to even give your opinion any merit.
    That being said, parkour is a real activity (Whether or not I would call it a sport is debatable), many sports were “made up,” and over time accepted by the masses as forms of athletic competition. Examples being football, soccer, golf, et cetera.
    I happened to enjoy Mirrors Edge (despite its rough edges), and I was lucky enough to try the demo of this game not too long ago. There are certainly some things that need to be reworked to make online multiplayer a long term success, but the core game mechanics are there. Luckily, major game improvements to online play can be made through online updates.
    I’d give it time. I think the game will do just fine.

  2. Very poorly written review. It’s obvious this person is not a gamer and lacks the knowledge to properly review a game.

  3. Sorry dude, but parkour was not “completely made up” it wasn’t even party made up. Parkour is natural movement like walking and running. Free running is the same aspect but it is “made up” in the way that it is an activity that you do for the sake of doing it. Sport? Define sport. I define sport by it being 1) competitive 2) a game. That’s exactly what the justified side of the Free running and parkour community is trying to prevent.

  4. I feel like this review was completely biased, leaning towards the side of dislike. If you are going to make a review clearly identify the good and bad and give detailed reasoning. I think your brain and your ego restrict you from giving a legit review and I think you should keep your day job bud!

    ~ps, I do not take part in parkour, however I feel like it is a very creative activity. It does have some flaws, such as; increased risk of injury, completely improivsed structure and its high complexity. Though this maybe true it is pretty cool, as was Mirrors Edge and just as this game may be!

  5. It’s obvious from the content (or lack of) in the review, that the author hasn’t played five minutes of the game. Just a mash up of other reviews with a couple of one liners added.

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