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Marg Helgenberger: Public Enemy Number One

Posted by on May 9, 2011 at 6:05 PM EST

marg helgenbergerMarg Helgenberger’s Bieber comments will surely cause an uproar with the Belieber cult following.

Marg Helgenberger has officially opened Pandora’s Bieber’s Box. Marg publicly dissed Justin Bieber recently and I have a feeling she is about to feel the wrath of millions of Beliebers. If Marg was unaware of what “Bieber Fever” was, she knows now. We all know Bieber’s little cult can be vicious as we saw the ridiculous threats Selena Gomez received when she was spotted out with the Canadian boy wonder.

Should Marg Helgenberger take back her comments, saying Justin Bieber is a brat? Absolutely not, I mean the kid was a visitor on the CSI set; it’s not his show, even though he acted like he ran the joint. [Locking a producer in a closet? Come on Bieber, you’re not 8 years old anymore!] Hopefully Bieber’s bratty ways will end sooner rather than later. I do have to warn Marg though, I have a feeling the wrath of the Bieber Fever cult following (Beliebers) is about to rain down upon her.

My advice for Marg Helgenberger is to run before the angry Justin Bieber fans get a hold of you!



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  1. Fuck off, you stupid losers. This is an old story. Justin himself tweeted that he locked the producer in the closet. The whole crew was in on the joke and they all laughed about it. The producer thought it was a funny prank. Christ, if this was George Clooney who did this you bunch of suckholes would say that George was such a funny and hilarious guy but because of your obvious anti-Bieber bias, you slam a kid. I’d say that Marg was an over-the-hill, too much plastic surgery, attention-whore looking to get a bit of press because that’s the only she could get anyone to pay notice to her.

  2. Wow Marge, I though you had more class than this. To be gossipping like a little school-girl about a teenager who has said nothing but GREAT things about you and the people on your show? That is beneath a woman of your advanced age….

    JB is a prankster, we all know that, but he means no harm,and didn’t deserve to be thrown under the bus like this. How’d Marge like it if an adult spoke publicly and negatively of HER kids behavior? Marge said JB was nice to her..so she IS lame to insult him.

  3. JUSTIN, You showed REAL maturity and class in your response to this UNWARRANTED attack from this immature woman. Because you are so young and successful and have accomplished more than most will in a lifetime, you are an easy target for those who are insecure about their own career and future potential in life…

    Keep being the talented, fun, smart, lovable, generous, inspiring young man you are……and this is coming from an ADULT, not a teen. YOU ARE AWESOME! KEEP YOUR HEAD UP! The people criticizing you have most likely done worse things at your age, and based on their present behavior, THEY never became a better person for it….so you are ahead of them in terms of growth as a human being. WE LOVE AND SUPPORT YOU. GOD BLESS!

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