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Dancing With The Stars 2011: Ralph Macchio Injured, Hines Ward Wins

Posted by on May 9, 2011 at 7:37 PM EST

hines ward dwts 2011Will Hines Ward dominate the dance floor tonight and will Ralph Macchio even dance?

Hines Ward and Ralph Macchio just may find themselves facing off in the finals of Season 12 of Dancing with the Stars. Hines has been the model of consistency and he seems to be getting better and better with each passing week. Ralph has had his ups and downs, but when he is good, he is really good and he seems to have a lot of desire to win this competition.

Hines Ward seems to be getting more and more comfortable as the weeks on DWTS go by. At first he had some issues with some of the faster dances and with his foot work and hip action, but in the last few weeks he has tackled the rumba and the paso doble and came out shining. His rumba score put him at the top of the leaderboard for that week and his paso doble score had him tied for second. I think it is fair to say that if Hines Ward had a weakness with the faster dances, it is now gone.  With his strong work ethic and physical fitness I see no reason why he can’t make it to the finals.

Ralph Macchio has been a lot like his character in The Karate Kid. He will do great, then get knocked down and have a bad week only to pick himself up and come back out with another great week. His body is hurting, he has a bad knee and at 50 years old he is the second oldest person left in the competition. But as they say, it isn’t size of the dog in the fight, it is the size of the fight in the dog and it looks like Ralph has plenty of fight left in him. If he can string together a couple of great weeks like he had last week, he could find himself in the Dancing With The Stars finals. This week will be a big a test for him as he faces the task of learning two very different dances. His first dance will be the Viennese Waltz followed by the cha cha cha. I have a feeling Ralph Macchio will pull it all together this week and give a couple of great performances.

If these two make the DWTS finals it will be the classic matchup of actor verses athlete. Tune in tonight at 8PM on ABC to see if both Ralph Macchio can still hang with Hines Ward or if he runs out of gas.



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  1. If brooke asks “how does that feel” one more time I will scream. She needs to go!!!!!

    • I am so happy I’m not the only one. She is by far the worst host I’ve ever seen, I feel like she has no idea what in the hell is going on.

    • and i hate it when she says “when i was doing the dances…..” whooooo cares!!!!

  2. I agree. When they get a low score she asks how does that make u feel. How do u think broke. Maybe we should smack her and ask her how that feels

  3. Idc what goes on or what’s happening, I just love Ralph Macchio. ;P

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