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Celebrity Apprentice Recap – Two Fired, One Quitter

Posted by on May 9, 2011 at 10:53 AM EST

celebrity apprentice 2011Last night’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice 2011 was a whirlwind of disaster.

Two people were fired and one person quit in an action packed episode of Celebrity Apprentice 2011 last night (May 8, 2011). The episode started out with Donald Trump pulling the group together and asking Nene Leakes and Star Jones if they could work together going forward. Nene said she could, Star felt she couldn’t work with Nene. Trump then switches things up. He took Meat Loaf off of team Backbone and put him on ASAP then put Nene on Backbone so she and Star were separated. Trump then assigned them their next project. They would put on a comedy show and would sell tickets for as much as they wanted. The team that raises the most money wins. LaToya Jackson will be the project manager for Backbone. Meat Loaf for ASAP.

The next morning the teams start calling everyone they know and asking for donations. Nene Leakes fails to show up and is not answering her phone. Team Backbone moves forward with their calls and just hopes she will show. Both teams are stressing because they have exhausted many of their contacts and are having trouble getting money raised. John Rich continues to plug away and gets some good donations and even gets Jimmy Fallon to do a song at their event.

Nene gets a call from Trump and she tells him that he sided with Star and that she couldn’t take that so she was quitting the show. Trump tries to talk her out of it, but she was having none of it.

Both teams stress over what seems to be lagging ticket sales. Meat Loaf calls in some favors and gets some big donations, but immediately starts having regrets. The people who donated to him really only would want to donate to his charity Painted Turtle. If he loses that money would go to LaToya’s charity and the stress of gambling like that makes him an emotional wreck. After a call to Trump he gets focused, but still has a hard time with it.

Both Celebrity Apprentice 2011 shows go off without a hitch and the crowds like them. In the boardroom Meat Loaf explains why he was so emotional about all this. John Rich tells Meat Loaf that if Backbone wins, John will match the donations Meat Loaf got out of his own pocket so that his charity doesn’t lose anything. Meat Loaf is moved beyond words at the offer. That isn’t needed thought because ASAP wins big outraising Backbone by about $15,000.

In the boardroom it is pretty obvious who is going. LaToya Jackson raised the least money and can’t hang with John Rich and Lil Jon. She is the first person ever to be fired twice from Celebrity Apprentice.

As the second task of the teams must make a commercial for On Star that shows their new product that can be put into any car no matter the age or model. The teams have to make a commercial for this new product. John Rich takes the lead for Backbone and Marlee Matlin for ASAP.

John Rich is suffering from a sinus infection so he works mostly on the script while Lil Jon handles all of the camera stuff and shooting the commercial. Lil Jon really knows his stuff and has things rolling along with some great ideas. On team ASAP Meat Loaf has an ambitious idea and Marlee lets him run with it. Both teams struggle to finish on time with ASAP once again getting caught in traffic and having to walk back to the studio to do their editing.

In the end On Star liked both, but felt the branding in team ASAP’s was not strong enough so they chose team Backbone as the winner. John Rich banks another $40,000 for his charity.

In the Celebrity Apprentice boardroom both women attack Meat Loaf about his work style. They say he didn’t use a script and ran the show. He fights back and points out that Star was in charge of branding and she fell flat because a lack of branding is what the On Star people noticed most. Both women tell Trump that Meat Loaf should be fired. Meat says it should be Star Jones. When Trump dismisses them all so he can make his decision Star and Meat Loaf take their argument to the lobby. Star has been able to run over everyone so far this season, but not Meat Loaf. He stands toe to toe with her and she finally just stops debating him and sits in a chair.

When they are brought back in Meat Loaf goes on the attack and calls Star Jones out on her lack of branding in the commercial. He also points out that Marlee could have overruled him on anything and in a few cases she did and he was receptive to it. Star fights like a cornered tigress, but finally she runs out of arguments and Trump fires her. Marlee is shocked and Meat Loaf is relieved. It seems like Meat and Star make up before she leaves and all is good.

Star Jones and Latoya Jackson were fired and Nene Leakes quit, last night on Celebrity Apprentice 2011. And then there were four!



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