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Amazing Race 18 Live Stream (May 8, 2011)

Posted by on May 8, 2011 at 7:47 PM EST

amazing race live streamWatch The Amazing Race 18 season finale tonight, live on CBS.

Looking for an Amazing Race 18 live stream? Tonight Phil Keoghan will be standing at the finish line in Miami as four teams finish their race across the world. Who will walk away as the winner of $1 million? I already predicted Gary and Mallory would win but you never know what is going to happen tonight on CBS. The Amazing Race 18 live stream will let you follow the results in real time as the 2-hour season finale gets underway at 8|7c.

Who do you all think will win? While we want the Amazing Race 18 live stream, feel free to comment below with your winner predictions. I have a feeling it will come down to The Globetrotters and Gary/Mallory. I can’t wait as it will surely be an action packed 2-hours of television. Can Jen and Kisha pull out a suprise win? Will Zev and Justin get one million bucks for a slick new bachelor pad? Tune in tonight as the season finale of The Amazing Race 18: Unfinished Business gets underway at 8|7c on CBS.

Amazing Race 18 live stream: (if the stream goes out, I will update this post with the winner at the end)

UPDATE: *SPOILER ALERT* DO Not Click If You Don’t Want To Know Winners.

The Amazing Race 18 has ended and the winners are



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