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The Amazing Race 18: Odds, ‘Amazing Race’ Winner Predictions

Posted by on May 8, 2011 at 5:58 PM EST

the amazing race 18The Amazing Race 18 will air its 2-hour season finale tonight (May 8, 2011) on CBS.

Who will be crowned as Amazing Race 18 winner? Tonight Phil Keoghan will join the eliminated teams of Amazing Race 18 live from Miami as the final four races from Switzerland to sunny South Florida. Who will cross the finish line first and walk away with the $1million dollar prize? I predict Gary and Mallory will win! Who do you pick as the winner?

With the strange goth team of Kent and Vyxsin out of the way, The Amazing Race 18 is really anyone’s ballgame. Every one of the final four teams is strong but surely for a couple of them the odds are in their favor. The Harlem Globetrotters (Flight Time & Big Easy) will be departing first and they are clearly the most physically fit team remaining. Jen & Kisha are equally as fit as the globetrotters but will their sisterly bickering get in the way? My prediction is that Gary and Mallory will be the Amazing Race 19 winners. I really like them as a team and hope that the father/daughter duo can walk away with $1million. As far as Zev and Justin are concerned, I honestly don’t know how they made it to the final four of Amazing Race 18; going into tonight’s finale, they are clearly the underdog.

With the predictions out of the way, tonight’s Amazing Race 18 finale will surely be 2 hours of intense action. The final four will head from Switzerland to Rio and then end up in Miami where Phil Keoghan will be at the finish line. Who will win?

Tune in tonight at 8|7c on CBS to watch the 2-hour season finale of The Amazing Race 18. Comment below with your winner predictions!

UPDATE: *SPOILER ALERT* DO Not Click If You Don’t Want To Know Winners.

The Amazing Race 18 has ended and the winners are



(10) Readers Comments

  1. I’m sorry but how are Justin and Zev the underdogs? When they have made first a lot. Jen/Kisha have never came in first and the Glotetrotters rarely have either. I think Gary/Mallory may win but let’s see.

    • Point taken…I think its going to boil down to The Globetrotters and Gary and Mallory…but we will just have to wait and see. The whole Brazilian wax ordeal looks painful!

  2. i really hope it’s gary and mallory! i love them as a team. if not them, probably kisha and jen.

  3. Please keep us updated. We r traveling and cannot watch

    • Kisha and Jen just crossed the finish line… FIRST! The two sisters are the winners.

  4. I hope Gary and Mallory win,Kisha and Jen second and Flight Time and Big easy will be third…

  5. Final Four Results:
    1st:Gary and Mallory
    2nd:Kisha and Jen
    3rd:Flight Time and Big Easy
    Eliminated:Zev and Justin

    This is TRUE!!!

  6. Final Three:
    Winner: Kisha and Jen

    Runner-Up: Flight Time and Big Easy

    Third Place: Gary and Mallory

    • Yep! Those are the accurate results. Can’t believe Kisha and Jen won! Congratulations go out to them.

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